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BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

Allows group members to receive email notifications for group activity and forum posts instantly or as daily digest or weekly summary.


  • Adds a filter to control whether a specific user should receive immediate email notification of a given item.


  • Adds a filter to control whether a specific user should receive immediate email notification of a given item.
  • Fixes bug that prevented users from saving the "No email" setting in some cases.
  • Reorders the way the group extension is bootstrapped.
  • Removes hardcoded reference to default group setting, in case this value is filtered by a plugin.
  • Fix incorrect group link in digest emails.


  • Localization improvements
  • Fixes bug that could cause fatal error in some bbPress configurations
  • Fixes bug that caused incorrect links in some digest emails
  • Fixes bug that caused some email subscription settings not to be saved in some cases


  • Fixes bug so that user no longer gets an email for their own group activity update
  • Improved email content parsing, so that the URLs contained in links are not completed removed from the email
  • Improved JavaScript and CSS asset loading, for better cache busting
  • Fixed bug that caused email footer to be repeated multiple times in certain cases
  • Better support for plugin whitelabeling/changed directory names
  • Improved compatibility with the WP Better Emails plugin
  • Update JS not to use deprecated jQuery.live()
  • Improved compatibility with BuddyPress 2.2
  • Better filters for customizing the format of digest emails, nav item visibility, and redirect URLs


  • Reinstate bbPress "Subscribe" option in forum threads for group members not subscribed to "All Mail"
  • Performance improvements in daily and weekly digests
  • Add support to manage each group member's subscription in the WP admin dashboard's "Groups" backend interface (only in BP 1.8+)
  • Improves redirect behavior for group notification links
  • Use native BP user meta functions for better multi-network compatibility
  • Fixes bug where users may have received other user's digests
  • Fixes bug where group creator was not subscribed to the email setting selected during group creation
  • Fixes bug where self-notifications may not have worked in some instances
  • Fixes bug with quotes and apostrophes not being stripped from admin notices and welcome emails


  • Updated nl_NL translation


  • Updated nl_NL translation
  • Updated de_DE translation
  • Fixed some textdomains


  • Fixes a bug that caused duplicate bbPress 2.x digest notifications
  • Improved compatibility with PHP 5.4 and WP 3.5


  • Better support for bbPress 2.x group forums
  • Fixes Weekly Summary emails
  • Improves redirect behavior in View links related to forum topics in private/hidden groups
  • Added filters to digest content for improved customizability
  • Improved behavior with BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG mode


  • Fixes lame duplicate bug reintroduced in 3.2.2
  • Updates Danish translation


  • Fixes main site link in digest emails
  • Breaks up email content cleanup for better control by plugins
  • Abstracts activity_type checking into a separate function, for greater control by plugins and themes
  • Disables topic subscription in bbPress 2.x when inside of a group, to avoid duplicate messages


  • Fixes bug in the implementation of forum post digests
  • Fixes backward compatibility issue with filters in forum reply and topic functions


  • Rewrote digest emailer to use wp_mail(), for better compatibility with WP SMTP plugins
  • Better compatibility with BP 1.5+ native functions
  • Refactored forum notification function, to work around bugs related to double posts. Many thanks to r-a-y for his work on this


  • Corrected a bug in the way digest links are constructed
  • Added Lithuanian translation


  • Improved styling of subscription settings popup on My Groups pages
  • More attempts at improving the loading of JS and CSS across BP versions


  • Added the ability to unsubscribe from single group notifications directly from the email without needing to be logged in. This is on by default. * Also added the ability to unsubscribe from all group email notifications. This feature needs to be enabled in the plugin admin page.
  • Added a new group welcome email that gets sent out the moment someone joins a group - regardless of the email subscription setting. Edit this in the group admin -> email options.


  • Fixes bug that may have caused deleted activity items to appear in digests in some cases
  • Fixes some notices


  • Adds filter for email digest CSS
  • Rewrites digest logic for fewer bugs and greater efficiency


  • Added Danish translation, new subject filters


  • Fixes bug that prevented admin/manage-members/ action links from working


  • More fixes for 1.5+ compatibility. Props king76


  • Fixed a number of PHP notices
  • Fixed the admin Send To Group functionality in BP 1.5+


  • Added Farsi translation. Thanks, Vahid!


  • Added additional filters to digest builder


  • Added updated Spanish translation


  • Fixed some syntax errors that may have caused problems with digest formatting


  • Fixed bug that may have caused scripts and styles not to be loaded on BP 1.2.x
  • Fixed some PHP notices
  • Fixed bug that might have caused BPGES javascript to load before jQuery in some cases


  • Full support for BuddyPress 1.5
  • Code cleanup and normalization


  • Tweaked email text so that contentless notifications don't get empty quotation marks


  • Added simple activity item caching to digests to reduce database queries at digest time
  • Fixed bug that caused hidden items not to be sent in digests


  • Added better brazilian portuguese translation, improved error checking to see if user has email before emailing them


  • Fixed bug introduced in latest BP version where when an group admin manually removes a group member in Group Admin -> Manage Members -> Remove from group, the user kept getting emails
  • Added translation strings for the javascript mute/follow
  • Minor code cleanup to how digest/sumaries are stored
  • Added Russian translation
  • Added filter to digest subject line
  • Fixed error where only site admins could send out instant emails and not group admins


  • Added German Translation


  • Fixed issue where activity updates had html in the email subject line


  • Fixes Dashboard panel to be compatible with WP 3.1/BP 1.2.8 multisite. Also adds a helpful "settings saved" message to dashboard panel.


  • Fixed issue when plugin was hiding new group activity update comments


  • Group activity replies are now registered in the plugin and emailed/digested accordingly
  • Users can now choose to get emails for posts they make (in their settings page)
  • Useful filters were added - you can now add a header or footer to the digest emails
  • Fixed a bug where group names were sometimes missing for private groups in the digest
  • Fixed minor bug where people on weekly digest who followed a single topic don't get any emails
  • Added swedish translation.


  • Now translated in japanese, spanish, french, portuguese, italian and dutch. no changes to the code on this update.


  • Internationalization bug finally fixed. Spanish and Italian now included. 'Email Options' is now translatable


  • Internationalization bug fixed.


  • The cron schedule is now fully fixed, thanks to gvvaughan. plus the plugin is now fully internationalized thanks to chestnut_jp.


  • The plugin is now fully internationalized thanks to chestnut_jp! Please send other language po and mo files to deryk@bluemandala.com and i'll include them.
  • load_plugin_textdomain is used also. NOTE: due to a bug in buddypress 1.2.6 users will not be able to see their notifications page (see here for a fix http://trac.buddypress.org/changeset/3375)


  • Fixed bug where hidden groups would not have names in digest, added link to view digest queue in back end (add ?sum=1 to your url to see queue)


  • Fixed bug causing wp_cron to misbehave


  • Fixed bug where digests were not fired - the next digest will combine all missed ones.
  • Fixed bug where edited topics were removed from digest, added note and link at end of users' notification settings pointing them to place they can edit their group subscriptions


  • Major re-write to the digest code, implemented caching and drastically sped up processing, other minor changes.
  • See (but not send) what is in the digest queue by visiting mydomain.com/sum=1


  • Added 'change email options' link under each group in digest


  • Rewrote the email sending so digest emails are read properly in Outlook.
  • Added a link at bottom of digests to go to my groups to edit notification settings.


  • Fixed sneaky bug where people who requested access to a private group were subscribed to default setting.


  • Improves wording of join pull down menu, fix bad follow/mute link.


  • Allow site admins to set the subscription level for all current users of a group (in manage members)


  • Put back text domain, added more translation hooks


  • Added css class names, fixed duplication in email display when sending New Topics email


  • Fixed class name


  • Fixed silly bug where "th" tag was not showing up in group forum directory to match the extra td tag for follow/mute. sorry for the delay.


  • Fixed a bug where digest emails were cumulative. fixed bug where editing an item would resend the notification email.
  • Added filter hooks to digest section


  • Improved the "Follow this topic" text in New Topic subscription emails so the user knows they won't get replies and gives them instructions if they do.


  • Added ability for group admins to change the subscription settings for users in their group. Added backend options to enable or disable this function.
  • Also added backend options to enable group admin override emails.


  • Fixed minor bug about leaving groups your not subscribed to


  • Made daily digests and weekly summaries HTML/Plain text multipart emails


  • Added quotes around topic name in emails and added setting status at bottom of emails


  • Javascript fix for subscribe options. removed beta notice.


  • Plugin finished and ready for public usage.


  • Plugin complete re-write finished.
  • Digest function added, plus too many features to list here.


  • Group admins can set default subscription level


  • Plugin totally re-written by Deryk Wenaus, with new structure and name


  • Added support for topic-by-topic settings for forum notifications


  • Tagged stable release.
  • Added Boone Gorges as an author.
  • Made "do a dance" installation step optional.


  • Fixed directory rename causing white screen of death.


  • Initial release. Please test and provide feedback. Not recommended for production sites.

Requires: 2.9.1 (BP 1.2) or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1 (BP 2.3.3)
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 7,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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