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Form Builder & Front End Editor BuddyForms

A simple yet powerful Form Builder. Contact, Register and POST FORMS. Ideal for User Submitted Content. Get all Insights! Extendable with Addons!


  • Add some checks if is object to avoid notice
  • Changed from p tag to span in the generate title function to avoid line breaks
  • Smaller Changes

  • Add missing function buddyforms_get_form_field_by_slug. Was removed from merge conflict


  • Add new file user-meta.php to display user meta fields in the admin user views
  • There was an issue during registration. add_user_to_blog only works on multi site.
  • Add missing parameter to the buddyforms_activate_account_mail for the new_user_id
  • Rename_process_post to process_submissions
  • Remove old unneeded functions
  • Add new centralised sanitize function buddyforms_sanitize()
  • Move the number form element to the basic fields
  • Small jQuery fix. Make sure the correct fields get displayed for the field types


  • Full support for the Visual Composer
  • Add new loading overlay animation
  • We fixed creating mail notification triggers in the form wizard.
  • We fixed the submit button from stopped being working
  • If the redirect is enabled and the form is set to ajax, we make sure that the ‘after submission message’ gets displayed
  • Scroll to the top after submitting a successful form with ajax
  • Add some field type management. This will get improved soon. It’s a starting point
  • Add new options to generate content
  • Create a new function to replace form fields easily by slug and shortcode [field_slug]
  • Add a new option to the title to auto generate it from other form elements
  • Create a new option in the taxonomy form element to select a placeholder text
  • Add an ‘is_admin’ check to the post meta saving function, to avoid deleting meta while saving from the admin editing screen.
  • Get the page_on_front and exclude it from the query. This page should not be used for the endpoints
  • We removed visual composer elements from the BuddyForms editing screen
  • Add an extra check to make sure JavaScript validation is only running if at least one form exist.
  • Set the BuddyForms post type public to false. There is no need to access BuddyForms directly
  • Add the post id to the buddyforms_user_can_edit filter. If we need more attributes it’s time for a arguments array


  • Add Post Formats support
  • Tested WordPress Version 4.7.1
  • New Pro Feature: Create a new form element for the post formats


  • Fixed a issue in the mail notification. Array elements like checkboxes and taxonomies got displayed as 'Array'
  • Add a new function to display Checkboxes, eMails, Websites and Taxonomies in mail notifications.


  • Enable Advanced options for the contact form fields
  • Spelling correction
  • Add some isset checks to prevent nonce in the form select meta box
  • Add new parameter to the buddyforms_user_can_edit filter to enable limit user submissions by user role.
  • Add all error messages in filter to allow the overwrite from other plugins


  • Check if a mail notification exist to avoid php notice if debugger is enabled
  • Update the freemius SDK.


  • Fixed an issue with categories and tax. The form element was only working as taxonomy form element.
  • Fixed the admin header for WordPress 4.7
  • Update the welcome screen links and screenshots


  • Add a new function remove_admin_scripts to remove styles and scripts added by other plugins and themes
  • Add Kleo Theme Support
  • Fixed an issue with the dependencies management. If pro was activatedit still ask for the free. Fixed now with a new default BUDDYFORMS_PRO_VERSION in the core to check if the pro is active.
  • Make sure any css from other plugins is deregistered if the BuddyForms view is displayed
  • Add suffix "buddyforms to all js handle
  • remove_all_actions( 'admin_head', 10 ) if BuddyForms is viewed
  • To strict remove of all other plugin and theme relevant js and css is the only solution to avoid conflicts if the edit screen is used.
  • Fixed a missing attribute in the buddyforms_form_element_multiple function cursing the form element checkbox and select to break.


  • Fixed an issue in the form import function.
  • Add a new do action buddyforms_admin_js_footer to add custom extension js to the admin footer
  • Add a new filter buddyforms_form_builder_post_type to add new options into the post type select
  • Rebuild buddyforms_locate_template function to fix a issue loosing the variables if used locate_template
  • Rename buddyforms_add_form_element_to_select to buddyforms_add_form_element_select_option
  • Add Text Domain and Domain Path in the header
  • Remove indeed function parameter and variables
  • Add dynamic version to the welcome screen
  • Subject and message have not been unique
  • Clean up the code
  • Code smell fixes
  • Delete unneeded files
  • Update translations


  • Remove old select2 dependencies
  • Fixed a firefox admin ui css issue with the form type select box
  • Make sure the taxonomy form element only get saved during form processing if a taxonomy is selected in the form element
  • Separate starter and professional plans in the pro version. They have been accidentally the same.
  • New labels for the free starter professional and business plans
  • Rebuild the mail notifications. Its not needed to add any message text. BuddyForms will automatically use the subject and message form elements if they are available.
  • If no message text is available BuddyForms will add all form element valuers as table into the eMail.
  • Add new option to select the submitter as Sent to address
  • Create a new function buddyforms_mail_notification_form_elements_as_table to add a form elements table via tags or if no mail message content exists
  • Documentation for the new features
  • Fixed smaller issues and css fixes reported by users.


  • smaller submissions loop table css fixes
  • fixed an issue with the update form the 1.5.3 version


  • Freemius SDK update
  • smaller changes


  • First public version

Requires: 3.9 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 5 days ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


5 out of 5 stars


2 of 3 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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