Brightcove Video Connect


Are you looking to handle your Brightcove Video and Playlist library natively from within WordPress?

With this plugin, developed by, you have the power to handle multiple accounts and video libraries, upload videos and add them to playlists, render shortcodes with your videos and all from within the WordPress admin interface.

Support Notice

Birghtcove Video Connect for WordPress is an open source plugin. Because customer implementations of WordPress and their environments vary, Brightcove can not fully support the plugin. However we love our customers and will do our best to help you resolve your issues.

Brightcove customers experiencing issues with Video Connect for WordPress may submit a ticket to the Support team.


Refer to screenshots for a walkthrough of the usage of the plugin.

I want to put a new video into a post

As a writer for my WordPress-powered publication, I would like to upload a video to Brightcove and render it in an article I am writing.

The process is pretty straightforward.

During a typical editorial process, an article is created in the WordPress post (or page, or any other custom post type) edit screen. As core functionality, above the editor, but below the title, there is an “Add Media” Button. With Brightcove Video Connect active, there is also a “Brightcove Media” button available.

Screenshot 10

By clicking on this button, a media modal, very similar to WordPress core, appears.

In this modal, there are three tabs — Upload Files, Videos, and Playlists. By clicking on the “Upload Files” tab, you have access to two methods of uploading media. You can choose the “Select Files” button and browse to it using the Finder or Windows Explorer or, more simply, you can drag and drop to the browser window which doubles as a “drop zone”, not unlike core media uploading.

Screenshot 6

You may select multiple files to upload at a single time.

In WordPress core media upload support, media immediately uploads without prompt, however due to the nature of the plugins’ ability to support multiple Brightcove Accounts, the next step does not include an automatic upload.

Once the files have been queued for upload, you may edit the details of the video before it is sent to Brightcove. The ingestion.upload does not begin until you hit the “Start Upload” button. Note that, at any time, video data can be edited by selecting the queued upload and editing details in the right sidebar.

Screenshot 8

Once the “Start Upload” button has been clicked, the queued media will be sent to Brightcove for ingestion. There is a progress bar that indicates the progress of the upload and an error or success message will appear below the queue upon
queue to indicate the result of the request.

Assuming a successful upload, at this point the video is not on Brightcove and is unable to be used until Brightcove transcodes the video into the formats they support. When that transcoding process completes, Brightcove will notify WordPress of the success of the transcoding and your video is ready for use in WordPress.

In WordPress itself, the video is available for insertion, however, due to transcoding incompletion, it cannot be rendered, even if it can be inserted into the post.

Back in the modal, switching to the “Videos” tab displays a list of filterable videos available to WordPress. Find the video in the list, and select it.

Screenshot 4

By selecting the video, the video details show up in the right sidebar. At this point, if you’d like to see how the video looks in a Brightcove player, you can choose the “Preview” button to see an interactive view of the video prior to insertion.

If you feel the need to modify the details of the video — title, description, tags — click on the “Edit” button for a view to do that.

Once you have found your video, and made any necessary changes to it, click on the “Insert into Post” button. WordPress will send a shortcode to the editor containing the necessary parameters needed for WordPress to render the video.

While the editor is in text mode, the shortcode will display in plain text.

Screenshot 11

While in Visual mode, the video is rendered in the editor.


I want to put a playlist into a post

Open Edit Post Page > Brightcove Media button > Playlists Tab.
Select the playlist which you want to insert into post.
Click “Insert Into Post” button on the right bottom.
In order to create a new playlist you need to login to

I want to edit a video

From your WordPress dashboard, click the Brightcove widget from the dashboard menu. You will see the Brightcove dashboard with a list of recent videos.
Click on a video thumbnail from the videos list. You will see more information and actions for this video.
Click the Edit button. You will be taken to a page where you may edit the name, description, long description, and any tags for the video.
In the actions section, you may also click the Delete link if you wish to delete the video. This will immediately delete the video and there will not be a confirmation beforehand.
Once finished, click the Save and Sync Changes button. The video will be updated immediately.
To leave the edit screen, click the Back button. You will be returned to the Brightcove dashboard with a list of recent videos.

I want to edit a playlist

N.B. If you want to create or delete a playlist, that can only be performed via the studio:

Open Brightcove Menu > Playlists or
Edit Post Page > Brightcove Media Button > Playlists Tab
Select the Playlist you wish to edit from the grid view. You can use the filters to search for it.
With the playlist details visible, press the Edit Button to open the Edit View. – screenshot-16
Videos in the playlist are on the left, videos available to be added to the playlist are on the right.
Add a video to the playlist with Add to Playlist Button
Change the order of the playlist by pressing the Move Up / Move Down buttons next to each video.
Remove videos by pressing the remove video button.
Playlist Name can be changed via the text field at the top.
No need to save anything as all changes are synchronized to Brightcove automatically.

I want to add an account

Create your API credentials via
Visit the settings page, Brightcove Menu > Settings.
Input a memorable name to differentiate your source from all other sources.
Input your API credentials and press the Check Credentials button.
We don’t recommend adding more than one source for a particular ID.


All videos used in our demo are freely downloadable at
These include:
The Things about dogs

The Village

Monkey Moon

TimeScapes: Rapture


Splice Holiday Video 2011

Sample Video


    1. List of all sources configured for Brightcove 2.Account ID for the source, 3 source's Client ID, 4. Add a new source button.
  • 1-4 Brightcove account settings from We only support accounts with full read/write permissions. 5. Whether this should be the default account that we upload videos to.
  • Confirmation of a valid account.
    1. Videos in grid view. 2. Select video to open details sidebar. 3. Divider. 4. Thumbnail of video. 5. Toggle edit video mode. 6. Toggle video preview mode. 7. Show videos of specific source. 8. Show videos uploaded in certain month. 9. Show videos of a specific tag. 10. Search. 11. Add a new video.
  • Modal Window, 1. Upload new files, 2. Current Tab, 3. Playlist Grid View. 4. Insert selected video as a shortcode into the post.
  • Uploader supporting select or drag and drop for multiple video uploads.
    1. Edit Source page, 1. Source name, 2. Account ID, 3. Make the source default
    1. Metadata changes are reflected in row. 2. Hide empty play lists. 3. Search playlist. 4. Thumbnail of playlist. 5. Selected playlist to edit.
  • Playlist in grid view. 1. Show playlist from all sources 2. Select video to open details sidebar. 3. Divider. 4. Thumbnail of video. 5. Toggle edit video mode. 6. Toggle video preview mode. 7. Show videos of specific source. 8. Show videos uploaded in certain month. 9. Show videos of a specific tag. 10. Search. 11. Add a new video.
  • Post edit view displaying 1. Brightcove Media modal button. 2. Video shortcode. 3. Playlist shortcode. 4. Toggle to visual mode where players are rendered.
  • Post edit view in visual mode. 1. Processed shortcode rendered by Brightcove. 2. Video Edit to launch modal.
  • Video preview from video grid modal.
  • Rendered post with videos inserted. What the user sees.
  • Playlist tab in modal and playlists page containing 1. Sources filter, 2. Whether we hide empty playlists. 3. Search bar. 4. Select a playlist to open the details tab. 5. Playlist video count. 6. Edit Playlist button.


Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire /brightcove-video-connect directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Brightcove Video Connect through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.


Installation Instructions

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire /brightcove-video-connect directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate Brightcove Video Connect through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
Can I run the plugin on a WordPress install that isn’t publicly accessible?

Yes, it will work whether it is public or not however features requiring a call-back to your site such as status updates, etc will be unavailable.

Are there any filters for plugin/theme developers?

brightcove_account_actions = [edit, delete]; // What actions are available when manipulating a Brightcove source.

Will this work on multisite?

Yes it will.

Can I use more than one Brightcove account?

Yes, you can add sources from many Brightcove accounts if you want.

How does sync work?

The plugin simply pulls information directly from the Brightcove API for display and does not sync videos locally.

How can I increase Maximum upload file size?

Maximum file size is determined by your webserver and PHP configuration. You need to set the value of upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in your php.ini. php_ini_loaded_file() can help you find where your PHP.ini is located.

How do I enable change tracking so I can see who updated a video and when they did it?

Create a custom field of type ‘text’ with an internal name of ‘_change_history’. Whenever a video is updated, the username and current time will be added to a list of changes recorded in this field.

For nginx: (client_max_body_size)
For apache: (LimitRequestBody)


Nice, but could use some more easy to integrate page features

It’s a great start to this plugin. Would be really great if you could control some of the features of the videos. Would love to see these features in the future:

• Ability to control alignment of the video once in the page – WP align tools to work with BC shortcode.
• Ability to add “Responsive” wrapper so we don’t have to write code to get it to do this
• Ability to remove all skinning of videos – basically a way to control what the players look like.

Right now this is all you get for a short code. EXAMPLE:

[bc_video video_id=”XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” account_id=”XXXXXXXXXX” player_id=”default” width=”500″ height=”250″]

It makes it hard to show our clients how to add videos to their page without them knowing a bit of code.

Any word on when some of these features might be available directly in the plugin?

Good plugin if Work

good idea BUT its not working.. whenever we try to upload any video the whole server run out of resources.. even a 4 mb video can crash the whole server. I am not sure what is the purpose of this plugin if a user can’t upload a video??

Read all 4 reviews



  • Fix: Fixed a minor issue with the API request.


  • Enhancement: Added player support for videos and playlists
  • Enhancement: Updated playlist api to v2
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing issues when a playlist was edited


  • Enhancement: Add a target attribute to change shortcode placement
  • Enhancement: Improved performance of search
  • Fix: Fixed a bug that was causing an empty thumbnail to be displayed in search results


  • Enhancement: Show Brightcove button only in the main content editor
  • Enhancement: Increased the timeout used to call Brightcove API
  • Enhancement: Remove the ‘Processing…’ text from image thumbnails


  • Various bug fixes


  • Enhancement: Removed call to Brightcove status API


  • Fix: Fixed issues with “Insert into Post” button
  • Enhancement: Make all text translatable.
  • Enhancement: Enhancements to Add source screen
  • Enhancement: Fixed all PHP warnings


  • Fix: Issue where API calls could fail silently


  • Fix: Add strict parameter to use of in_array
  • Fix: Add .avi to list of accepted MIMEtypes
  • Fix: Issue where caption file types were deemed invalid if they had a query string attached
  • Fix: Add fallback to default player for playlist rendering
  • Fix: Issue where search would leave an empty screen


  • Enhancement: Add brightcove_video_html filter
  • Enhancement: Add support for the Heartbeat API
  • Fix: Issue where playlist shortcode was mistakenly inserted
  • Fix: Issue where spinners would not show on first load


  • Enhancement: Enable the presentation and control of custom fields on uploaded videos
  • Enhancement: Add support for custom video player selection during publication
  • Enhancement: Support ingestion of preroll (poster) images and video thumbnails
  • Enhancement: Support ingestion of closed captions
  • Enhancement: Track the name and date of any changes to a video


  • Fix: Tags should automatically populate drop down on videos page
  • Fix: Clear search results if user empties field or clicks search field x
  • Fix: Improve search handling
  • Fix: Improve logic for exit edit mode when closing modal
  • Fix: Ensure this bound properly in returned delete callback
  • Fix: Prevent body/background from scrolling when modal open
  • Fix: Fix a scroll overflow issue in the edit video modal
  • Fix: When re-opening modal, always switch back to video grid view
  • Fix: Activate the spinner only when opening modal, not in template
  • Fix: Ensure close button handler doesn’t interfere with other close requests
  • Fix: Fix back button disabled detection
  • Fix: Make the notices dismissable instead of fading
  • Fix: Disable closing modal during sync
  • Fix: Disable all buttons and hide delete link while syncing
  • Fix: Disable all buttons on the edit video screen while syncing
  • Fix: Correct scrollbar on Sync button click, adds some css padding
  • Fix: Start with the spinner active, until the initial ajax request completes
  • Fix: Set default account id for media manager
  • Fix: Correct setting of account on selection
  • Fix: Select default account for initial sync (as default)
  • Fix: Only localize playlist data, get the rest via ajax
  • Fix: Add selected to current account dropdown, remove All option
  • Fix: Various miscellaneous corrections for updated WordPress VIP submission


  • Fix: Remove extra files. This is a holdout from 1.1.1 to remove all the extra files from the repository.


  • Fixed: playlists and other data saving to Database
  • Fixed: incorrect close icon on media modal
  • Fixed: minimum version check
  • Enhancement: Removed callback subscriptions
  • Fixed videos not consistently deleting
  • Fixed caching issues
  • Fixed editing videos from upload screen
  • Fixed inconsistent player implementation
  • Added responsive playlists and videos
  • Removed GUI option for video width and height (more consistent to add manually)
  • Added ability to bypass cache entirely
  • Removed unnecessary code and other files throughout plugin and consolidated file structure
  • Fixed broken shortcode insertion after changing video size via GUI
  • Fixed inconsistent “Add new” button behavior on Video screen
  • Fixed minimum size for playlist display (no longer only shows video selector when width >= 800px)
  • Added notice upon playlist insertion if no compatible player is available – because you can never let people know enough
  • Numerous other small typo corrections, fixes and enhancements


  • Enhancement: Brightcove Video Connect will now warn users when a part of the Brightcove API system is down that might affect plugin or video behavior.
  • Enhancement: The playlist page will now display an error if no playlist compatible player exists
  • Fix: Date filters have been removed from playlists and videos as they were unusable
  • Fix: The Brightcove URL has been fixed to better support HTTP and HTTPS operations
  • Fix: Fix row-action issues in playlists introduced since WordPress 4.4
  • Miscellaneous minor fixes and corrections to copy throughout the plugin.


  • Fix: Fixed fatal error on uninstall
  • Fix: Fixed smart playlist display
  • Fix: Remove an error that could happen when adding an acount with empty playlists


  • Fix: Default sort for videos is now “newest first” for all screens listing videos.
  • Fix: Playlists now display properly


  • Fix: Fixed the edit button for playlists


  • Fix: JavaScript has been greatly cleaned up and should no longer conflict on the post editor or other screens.


  • Refactored and cleaned up to meet WordPress VIP guidelines.


  • Fix: Fixed a PHP Fatal error that could occur when the connection to the Brightcove API failed.


  • Enhancement: Added ability to specify display size on video and playlist shortcodes.


  • Increasing HTTP timeout to fix sporadic issues when adding sources


  • Cleanup of references from /brightcove_video_cloud to /brightcove_video_connect.
  • Fix: Plugin deactivation wasn’t working.


  • First release