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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BuddyPress Moderation

Adds links/buttons to flag inappropriate content and gives a convenient way to moderators to view reports and take actions.

Moderator panel

You can access the backend panel from the "BP Moderation" link in your Wordpress admin menu.

There are three tabs on the top: "contents", "users", "settings".

Contents view

In this view you can see the reported contents.

Use the custom query filter/order contents.

The contents table has three columns:

  1. info on the content author
  2. info on the content itself ( and link to take actions on it on mouseover )
  3. info on the flags on this content

Users view

In this view you can see users that reported a content or users whom contents have been reported.

Use the custom query filter/order contents.

The contents table has three columns:

  1. info on the user itself
  2. info on the contents generated by the user and flagged by others
  3. info on the contents generated by others and flagged by the user


You can enable and disable hotkeys with the link displayed under contents and users tables.

I tried to make hotkeys similar wordpress comments table hotkeys, if you never used them, give a look to this codex page.

When a row is selected with hotkeys the possible keys will be shown next to the actions links.

Hotkeys in both tables:

  • j/k: moves down/up
  • x: check current row for bulk actions
  • shift+x: invert row selection
  • c: direct contact selected user (or selected content author)
  • s/u: mark as spammer selected user (or selected content author) / unmark him

Only in contents table:

  • v: view content
  • a: approve (ignore)
  • e: edit
  • m: mark as moderated
  • d: delete

Only in user table:

  • b: see the contents generated by the selected user and flagged by others in the content view
  • g: see the contents generated by others and flagged by the selected user in the content view

Bulk hotkeys:

Some keys can be triggered on all selected rows if pressed with shift. Those keys are s,u,a,m,d.

Integration guide


This guide aims to explain how integrate bp-moderation with custom content types, wp/bp core content types are already covered by the plugin, but you can write your own custom content type definitions also for them.

It's important to understand how bp-moderation differentiate/recognize contents: each content have to be identified by an internal content type slug (you choose it in your custom content type definition) and one or two bigint ids.

Decide a convention with 2 ids for your content type, is not something you can change later. You have to call bp-moderation methods using always the same convention and bp-moderation will use the same one when referring to your contents. If your contents are tied with the activity stream you already have chosen a convention for primary and secondary ids, using the same convention you use with activities will make things easier. If you only have one id use 0 for the secondary id.

Register a content type

The main entry point in bp-moderation is bpModeration::register_content_type(), it allows you to register a content type and has to be called at every page load.

You'll need to provide:

  • a slug: used to differentiate between content types (alfanumeric and underscore only)
  • a label: human readable name of the content type (used in backend)
  • some callbacks: called by bp-moderation to request information/operations on your contents
  • activity types: the activity types that your content are posted on the activity stream with (if any)

Code sample


is a code sample that shows how to integrate content types with bp-moderation taking blog posts as an example, you can also modify and adapt it to your content type.

Other informations are in the doc of bpModeration::register_content_type() and


, those are most likely the only two bp-moderation methods you need to use.

All core content types are in bpModDefaultContentTypes.php, but they are hardcoded for speed reasons, so don't use them as an example.

Advanced integration with activities

If you use the same primary and secondary id convention for activities and bp-moderation you only have to tell the activity types of your content when registering, bp-moderation is already hooked in the activity loop and will print the links for your contents too.

Instead if some reason you cat use the same convention or you want to customize the activity loop flag button, you can use the filter

bp_moderation_activity_loop_link_args_{the activity type}

where {the activity type} is the activity type you'd like to filter. Look in bpModFrontend::activity_loop_link() to see what to filter.

Contents generated by non members

It's possible to have contents generated by not members (e.g. blog comments). If you have to provide a user id to bp-moderation give 0 for it, but you'll also need to filter author information for displaying them in backend table. Use the filter

bp_moderation_author_details_for_{slug used in content type registration}

to add missing info, look in bpModBackend::author_details() to see info needed.

OK I coded my custom content type, and now?

If you have coded a custom content type and you think that could be widely useful, contact me and it could easily get included in the bp-moderation plugin.

If you integrated your plugin and you prefer to keep the custom content type in your plugin it's fine, I guess is more convenient and you can update it together with your plugin. Remember to check if bp-moderation is active before including unnecessary code or calling non-existing functions: safest way is to use the action bp_moderation_init for including/registering it.

If none of the above this is the easier way to get a custom content type loaded:

  • place your custom content type php file in wp-content/plugins/bp-moderation-content-types/
  • copy this line in wp-config.php define('BPMOD_LOAD_CUSTOM_CONTENT_TYPES', true);

Possible future content type system features

  • differentiate between trash, untrash and delete, or maybe custom actions on content
  • methods to be called when a content is edited/trashed/untrashed/deleted so bp-moderation can display also what happen outside of it

Requires: WP 3.5, BP 1.7, PHP 5.3 or higher
Compatible up to: WP 3.5.3, BP 1.8.0
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


1.5 out of 5 stars


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