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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BP Group Hierarchy

Allows BuddyPress groups to have subgroups.


  • NOTE: This will be the last release to support BuddyPress 1.6 and 1.7!
  • Added: preliminary support for BP 2.0 - contributed by r-a-y
  • Fixed: strict standards warnings - contributed by r-a-y
  • Fixed: when sorting by popularity, sort descending - contributed by trans1t


  • Added: Italian translation contributed by Stefano Colarelli
  • Added: Hooks for adding fields to the plugin settings page - contributed by Christian Wach


  • Fixed: Error in groups_hierarchy_create_group function - thanks, dcavins
  • Fixed: Pagination issue on the Member Groups page of a group - thanks, phlux303


  • Removed: Support for BuddyPress 1.5
  • Added: Support for BuddyPress 1.9
  • Added: Support for BP theme compatibility mode
  • Changed: Updated extension class to conform (better) to new BP_Group_Extension guidelines
  • Changed: Improved compatibility with multisite installs
  • Fixed: Weird HTML title when hiding the flat group list
  • Fixed: Wrong tab could be highlighted when loading the Groups list page under certain circumstances - thanks, Mike


  • NOTE: This will be the last release to support BuddyPress 1.5!
  • Added: Danish translation contributed by Mort3n
  • Added: French translation contributed by Mecanographik
  • Added: Brazilian Portugese translation contributed by stickFinger
  • Added: Dutch translation contributed by Zé Vandenhoeck
  • Added: bp_group_hierarchy_extension_tab_name filter for Member Groups tab name


  • Added: Russian translation contributed by Roman
  • Added: Slovak translation contributed by Branco, (WebHostingGeeks.com)
  • Changed: Return a 404 instead of redirecting non-existent group URLs to main group list
  • Fixed: Hide the main Create a Group button when the user cannot create any groups - thanks, investoreports
  • Fixed: Improved detection of bogus groups in permalink rewrite function


  • Fixed: Hiding the flat group list affected the My Groups view - thanks, Jay Collier
  • Fixed: one last $wpdb->prepare error - thanks, Prometheus Fire
  • Changed: improved support for BP 1.7


  • Added: support for BP 1.7, including the new Groups admin menu
  • Changed: separated admin pages from the extension.php file
  • Changed: brought component loader up to date with BP trunk
  • Fixed: stopped abusing $wpdb->prepare() ( no more errors in WP 3.5 )


  • Changed: Made Javascript loading multisite-compatible
  • Changed: devs - bp_group_hierarchy_route_requests action fires later; use bp_group_hierarchy_globals_loaded to access the original location
  • Fixed: bug prevented loading group forum topic pages for subgroups - thanks, idjack
  • Fixed: fatal error when viewing non-existent member profile (or possibly other 404 pages) - thanks, tangpage


  • Added: faster saving of parent selection when creating a group on BP 1.6+
  • Changed: slight speed-up filling in parent group dropdown with a large number of groups
  • Changed: parent groups are sorted alphabetically in dropdowns
  • Changed: plugin is no longer Network/Site Wide Only
  • Changed: deprecated BP_Groups_Hierarchy::get_active() compatibility function
  • Fixed: display bugs for anonymous users browsing group tree or member groups page - thanks, arialburnz


  • Added: a filter for adding or removing toplevel group-creation permissions separately
  • Changed: new method of loading templates for compatibility with privacy plugins - thanks, b1gft
  • Changed: slight speed-up loading group tabs if you do not have the subgroup count in the Member Groups name string
  • Changed: default behavior of 'anyone' permission: anonymous visitors will not see a Create Member Group button unless you enable it with the bpgh_extension_allow_anon_subgroups filter
  • Changed: anonymous visitors can browse subgroups of Private groups -- disable by filtering bp_group_hierarchy_allow_anon_access
  • Fixed: HTML title bug for Group Tree page
  • Removed: more BP 1.2 leftovers


  • Added: support for loading hierarchy.css from your theme directory so the group tree can better fit your site
  • Added: groups_hierarchy_create_group function for creating groups with parents programatically
  • Added: more debugging messages
  • Changed: deprecated bp_get_groups_hierarchy_root_slug wrapper function
  • Changed: optimized path calculation for group pages
  • Changed: reorganized plugin files to better fit BP coding standards
  • Fixed: PHP warning that could occur on group pages
  • Removed: BP 1.2 compatibility


  • Added: new safeguards to alert admin when DB changes can't be made, and prevent fatal errors in some cases
  • Added: strip HTML from page titles when displaying member group count in BP 1.2
  • Changed: faster processing in BuddyPress 1.5 by only processing the current_action once
  • Changed: column and key name syntax to reduce errors - thanks, nicosFR and imacg
  • Changed: detection of deprecated BP title hook to avoid potential issue - thanks, tomraff


  • Added: respect for setting BP_GROUPS_HIERARCHY_SLUG constant outside the plugin, for changing Member Groups URL
  • Added: pagination self-sufficiency to BP_Group_Hierarchy_Template class
  • Changed: default Member Groups text to reflect BP 1.5+ tab style
  • Changed: wrap a subgroup count in "Member Groups" tab name in a span tag for proper display in BP 1.5+
  • Changed: switched from deprecated upgrade file to the right one for plugin activation
  • Fixed: bugs that triggered some warnings
  • Fixed: debug functions respect WP_DEBUG_DISPLAY settings - thanks, rolandinsh
  • Removed: ability to enable activity propagation - it will be fixed up and re-released, probably in an extras package


  • Added: template function for getting a list of child groups
  • Added: documentation to template functions
  • Changed: made tree-loop template file more closely conform to latest groups-loop for theme editors
  • Changed: bail when BuddyPress Groups component is disabled to avoid triggering fatal errors - thanks, 3dperuna
  • Changed: extension uses BP_GROUP_HIERARCHY_SLUG constant instead of a separate value
  • Fixed: cleaned up some older code that was triggering warnings
  • Fixed: bug affecting profile plugins under the groups component - thanks, gg565


  • Changed: updated Group Component to BuddyPress trunk
  • Changed: switched Member Group sorting to alphabetical
  • Fixed: a bug affecting Request Membership link - thanks, cyberhobo
  • Fixed: a bug affecting permalinks for second level groups root_slug installs
  • Fixed: a rare permalink bug that could create invalid URLs


  • Added: bp_group_hierarchy_group_tree_name() function for template editors
  • Changed: deprecated old translation scheme in favor of support for load_plugin_textdomain()
  • Changed: updated templates/tree/index.php page to match the structure of BP 1.5.1 pages


  • Added: new Group Navigator widget that shows member groups of the displayed group
  • Added: sorting options for both widgets, including "Most Member Groups"
  • Fixed: support for second level groups root_slug in "Create a Member Group" links - thanks to cyberhobo for catching this


  • Added: save the parent ID of a new group when group is first saved (only when using the "Create a Member Group" button)
  • Added: respect BuddyPress 1.5 "Restrict group creation to Site Admins" setting
  • Changed: name of some extension functions for more consistent naming
  • Fixed: Member Groups pagination in BuddyPress 1.5
  • Fixed: don't try to load a template file from the plugin folder as a last resort unless it exists
  • Fixed: handling of search placeholder text in BuddyPress 1.5 that caused empty group tree after using the sorting dropdown


  • Added: Spanish translation generously provided by @_DorsVenabili
  • Added: can enable activity propagation (but see FAQ for important info)
  • Changed: string in the Top Level Groups widget to be more consistent with BP 1.5


  • Changed: Group creation wizard error message to BuddyPress standard
  • Changed: use groups->root_slug when available instead of groups->id
  • Fixed: bug that would prevent site admins from creating a first group under certain circumstances


  • Added: Block users from the group creation wizard when they aren't allowed to create groups anywhere
  • Added: New debugging hooks for magic method errors
  • Changed: improved Member Groups page display


  • Added: pagination for Member Groups page
  • Changed: improved compatibility with BuddyPress 1.5


  • Added: BuddyPress 1.5 compatibility (beta 2)
  • Changed: made some filters more consistent
  • Changed: workaround for issue with Doc in Nav (and other plugins that run on bp_setup_nav with priority 10) - thanks, @johnny2011
  • Fixed: extension only loaded Group Tree if groups slug was 'groups' - thanks, @mutualdesigns


  • Fixed: issues with the admin page and routing
  • Fixed: title of the Groups Directory page when you hide the normal group list


  • Added: BuddyPress 1.3 compatibility
  • Added: template tags for group hierarchy
  • Changed: disabled paging for subgroups on the Group Tree page


  • Fixed: bug with my-group display reported by @pnerger


  • Added: ability to restrict toplevel group creation to admins only


  • Added: function to move child groups when deleting a parent
  • Changed: file structure to match BuddyPress standard
  • Fixed: short open tag in extension.php


  • Added: 'Nobody' permission - allows only site admins to create child groups (req'd by @flynn)
  • Changed: ID of widget panel to avoid interference with normal Groups widget
  • Changed: Made default values for labels more consistent
  • Fixed: Made group tree more resilient to invalid bp->groups->current_group data


  • Added: support for searching and sorting when using only the Group Tree
  • Fixed: Group Tree issue when there are more than per_page groups


  • Fixed: Forum bug from the last update that affected the main Forums screen


  • Added: Browse the entire hierarchy on the Group Tree page
  • Added: Templates for listing groups and subgroups


  • Added: top-level groups widget
  • Changed: groups admins can edit subgroup creation permissions
  • Changed: handling of parent group in group creation to avoid PHP errors
  • Fixed: wrong URL on Group Tree tab - still requires AJAX loading, but getting closer


  • Added: Ability to show number of child groups on the 'Member Groups' tab


  • Added: Group Tree to extension for viewing groups by hierarchy
  • Added: Admin options for Member Groups and Group Tree
  • Changed: Create a Member Group button to hopefully resolve empty group slug issues


  • Changed: extension brings the Member Groups tab into the BuddyPress loop
  • Changed: behavior of check_slug method for self-sufficiency
  • Fixed: Join and Leave Group buttons on Member Groups tab refer to parent group - thanks, @Deadpan110


  • Fixed: bug that caused forum topics to not display reported by cezar


  • Added: Group creators can now restrict subgroups to group members or group admins (with hooks for other types of restrictions)
  • Added: Create a Member Group button on Member Groups tab for more streamlined use
  • Changed: Reveal Member Groups tab to those allowed to create subgroups
  • Changed: Default permissions now allow only group members to create subgroups
  • Fixed: Private member groups were not being shown on that tab - thanks, @Deadpan110


  • Added get_group_extras fixup for Group Forum Extras and others
  • Fixed notification bug reported by @cezar


  • Fixed bug when using custom group slug reported by @avahaf


  • Fixed group invite bug reported by @cezar


  • Fixed forum permalink bug reported by @mtblewis
  • Added check_slug_stem function for wildcard searches
  • More documentation


  • Initial release

Requires: WP 3.2, BuddyPress 1.6 or higher
Compatible up to: WP 3.8.2, BuddyPress 2.0-beta2
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 700+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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