This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

BP Disable Activation Reloaded


Based on crashutah, apeatling Disables the activation email and automatically activates new users in BuddyPress under a standard WP install and WPMU (multisite). Also, automatically logs in the new user since the account is already active.

Basically i updated the plugin and added some features like:

-Option to turn off automatic login
-Redirect options after account creation

Known Bugs:
-Doesn’t do the automatic login if you allow blog creation during the user creation in WPMU (multisite)

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  1. Upload the ‘bp-disable-activation-reloaded’ folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the settings page


Won’t this allow more spammers to get in?

Of course it could. So, you should consider using other plugins and methods for preventing spammers from signing up on your site. However, many people have seen spammers get through just fine even with email activation enabled. Plus, some sites are designed so that email activation doesn’t matter. Thus the plugin.

What if I don’t want my users to automatically login?

Why don’t you? Users will love that feature. I’ll look at adding an option to turn this on/off. Until then you can comment out those lines if you don’t want it.


Seems to still be working fine except for 1 issue I had to fix

This plugin still appears to be working fine with WordPress 5.1.1! It does just what it says it does. The only problem I had was that it was creating duplicate (two instead of one) notices in in the activity stream when a new user became a member. This was annoying. It was also sending me two emails. Apparently other people had this same problem, and I was able to solve it following the solution provided by Mr3lade on this thread. Problem solved! Will update here if I find any other issues.

Works like a charm!

Thank you for this awesome plugin! I'd love to support it if it was still updated. Works great on WP 4.9.7 and BP 3.1.0

Still working beautifully

Buddypress is a great plugin but let's face the reality, activation email sucks. I mean it really is. Most often mails ended up in SPAM, users never get the email etc. etc. etc. Besides, most people don't use their emails I mean people are logging in with Facebook these days. If you ask them to go login your email and find that email to activate, people just don't do that. I have like 2000 pending users on my site and looking for a way to give better user experience. I found this plugin and a bit scared to install it since the plugin hasn't been updated for almost 2 years + but the email activation is just so annoying that I go ahead and install this plugin. To my surprise, this works ! 100%. So, if you are wondering should you install this or not because of the same reason as I did, go ahead and install it (It works on my site and WP version is 4.7.5). If you are wondering what if user uses fake email, bot register kinda stuff use Google Recaptcha ! I use it on my site. I am not sure about bots but even me having a bit of a hard time registering myself with the recaptcha. Great work Author. Thanks for this great plugin.

Best of all!!!

This is a simple plugin, which is helpful to the people who have problems with the activation links with BuddyPress! I encourage all of you: Use this plugin! Editing files to disable activation links is dangerous! If something happens the plugin BuddyPress can damage all your WordPress site! I rate it 5-star and will continue to use it, because I see the results! Before, I have a problem with the activation links, and when you click on them, it says: "Invalid activation link"! So I try this plugin, and it solved my big problem! Without this plugin, I should tell all users that my site is bugged and... activate them by hand... Use this plugin!
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  • Arggg missed the fix link
  • Added confirmation message


  • Fixed bug that user had not role assigned and remains in pending tab
  • Added fix link to fix all the users with the error above


  • Fixed problem with user not being asigned a role


  • First release