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Add real menu items that go directly to buddypress pages! Add a profile dropdown with avatar, message counts, and more- fully customizable.

How does this work?

Visit your navigation admin menu page, you got a new box including 5 links: 'log in', 'logout', 'log in/logout', 'register', 'custom'.

Add the link you want, for example "Log in|Logout"

  1. You can change the 2 titles links, just separate them with a | (pipe)

  2. You can add a page for redirection, example #bpmdloginout#index.php This will redirect users on site index.

  3. You can add 2 pages for redirection, example #bpmdloginout#login.php|logout.php This will redirect users too.

  4. For this redirection you can use the special value %actualpage%, this will redirect the user on the actual page.

What are the shortcodes?

You can also add shortcodes in your pages/posts. just do this :

In you posts/pages : [loginout] In your theme : <?php echo do_shortcode( '[loginout]' ); ?>

The 4 basic shortcodes are "[bpdm_login]", "[bpdm_logout]" and "[bpdm_loginout]", "[bpdm_register]".

You can set 2 parameters, named "redirect" and "edit_tag".

Redirect: used to redirect the user after the action (log in or out) ; example : "/welcome/" or "index.php"

Edit_tag: used to modify the tag, ; example " class='myclass'" or " id='myid' class='myclass' rel='friend'" etc

You can also modify the title link with [login]Click here to connect[/login] for example

How does the custom link work?

  • Add it to a menu or using a shortcode just like the other links.
  • Put in the end part of the URL after the #bpmdcustom# placeholder or in the url_part parameter. This will be appended to ".com/members/" (the user's profile page), so to go to a user's messages: "#bpmdcustom#/messages/".
  • Use one (or more) of the replacement tags in the menu item title or shortcode text:
    • "Messages %(unreadmessagecount)%"
    • [bpdmcustom url_part="/messages/"]Messages %(unreadmessagecount)%[/bpdmcustom]

How awesome is the custom link?


Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2013-9-29
Active Installs: 600+


4.7 out of 5 stars


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