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Bookings is a powerful reservations scheduler. Whether you're running a Beauty salon, Spa, Hairdresser, Massage therapy, Acupuncture or providin


  • Updated authors


  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.6


  • Various improvements and fixes for teething problems


  • Performance improvements
  • Administration via website


  • New feature to include all resources in product definition


  • Fixed issue with CALDAV sync
  • Added support for CDN files in SSL mode
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 4.2.2


  • Fixed issue with resource names not returned as UTF-8


  • Verified compatibility with WP version 4.1.1
  • Fixed issue with some ajax calls not loading correctly


  • Verified compatibility with WP version 4.1


  • Removed old css sub folder


  • Compatibility with WP version 4.0
  • Load CSS and Javascript files from CDN for improved performance


  • Ajax calendar now automatically detects whether to display a schedule calendar or predefined dates & times
  • Fixed issue with calendar sync initialisation
  • Verified compatibility with version 3.9.1


  • Rearranged css files
  • Added product to reservation view
  • Added checkout form content to reservation view
  • New ajax look and feel for base templates (beta, new subscriptions only)


  • New ajaxified front-end
  • New ajax look and feel for template 'products+resources'


  • Changed look & feel of schedules list
  • Changed look & feel of reservations list
  • Combined list and approve reservations list
  • Combined schedule calendar and blackout calendar in one overview
  • Various fixes


  • Major refactoring


  • Pre-emptive fix for loading ajax content


  • Adjustments to css


  • Fixed issue with display of non UTF-8 characters in UTF-8 output
  • Fixed issue with deleting of schedules not working in certain cases


  • Disabled sending of emails to user and to admin on user creation
  • Fixed issue with payment buttons when not using permalinks


  • Fixed issue with shownames not working
  • Fixed issue with adminEmail config option initialisation when accessing via DAV server
  • Removed 'Predefined set of dates and times'


  • Fixed issue with updating Paypal standard gateway
  • Added manual payment gateway
  • Added Authorize.net Server Integration Method (SIM) payment gateway
  • Edited Czech language file


  • Fixed an activation issue


  • Major change to checkout process so that payment is processed before booking is confirmed
  • Adjusted admin theme
  • Implementation of new payments gateway framework
  • Added Paypal Express payment gateway


  • Fixed issue with month dropdown on some templates


  • Added display of reservation quantity when viewing a reservation and the system is configured to allow multiple quantity reservations


  • New yearly calendar schedule view in back-end (for full day schedules only)
  • Added month/year dropdown in hotel2 template
  • Fixed issues with calendar popup on hotel1 template
  • Fixed issue with calculation of pricing if start and end date overlap 2 seasons


  • Verified compatibility with WordPress version 3.7.1
  • Added PHP to list of currencies
  • Added new dropdown1 calendar template


  • Fixed issue where booking cart doesn't work when using template rp2 and allowing multiple slots and selection of quantity
  • Fixed issue with changing usernames ane emails
  • Fixed issue with length of calculated availability period when using predefined dates and times
  • Added support for WordPress versions that don't have the 'wp_enqueue_media' function yet


  • Added booking cart feature (experimental)
  • Fixed issue with overlay opened when clicking on 'recurring' button in products and services not working


  • Adjustments to hotel3 template
  • New api function
  • Fixed issue with display of availability in schedule template
  • Fixed issue with reminders not being sent
  • Fixed issue with encoding of French language file


  • Added new option to set a Session expiry message
  • Fixed issue with Norwegian not appearing correctly in drop down of languages when creating a template
  • Fixed issue with conversion of durations to hours/minutes and vice versa
  • Fixed issues with price calculation when using shopping cart
  • Improved display of reservation summary when viewing a reservation
  • Fixed issue with displaying availability when using products and time between bookings
  • Minor enhancements to admin look and feel
  • Fixed compatibility issue with media buttons in product & services following WordPress 3.6 upgrade
  • Improved French translations


  • Fixed issue with move one day forward/back links not working on calendar
  • Added Norwegian to language drop down in templates


  • Fixed issue with last date of month availability not displaying when using predefined dates and times
  • Fixed issue with availability display if using future dates in predefined dates and times setup
  • Added freeDayBoxStyle class to identify calendar days with availability
  • Added new 'event1' calendar template to display list of upcoming dates and times
  • Added Norwegian translation


  • Verified compatibility with WordPress v3.6
  • Added temporary disabling of media buttons in product & services description due to issue in WordPress v3.6


  • Fixed issue with resource min_notice_time field not being created for new installations


  • Added possibility to create products with predefined dates and times
  • Implemented page compression to improve response items


  • Fixed alignement issues in yearly back-end calendar view
  • Fixed issue with user creation in case first name or last name blank
  • Added possibility to reinitialise calendar synchronisation per resource
  • Improved memory use


  • Fixed title position in yearly back-end calendar view
  • Added option to display a redirect link in case of session expiry


  • Increased size of resource description in yearly back-end calendar
  • Added new option to hide capacity when displaying resource availability
  • Auto adjust end date in date picker in hotel1 template
  • Fixed issue with Manage Users menu not appearing in Bookings Expert


  • Reviewed resources setup screens
  • Added maximum quantity per reservation attribute to resources


  • Added possibility to sort by creation date in list of reservations
  • Default order set to creation date in list of reservations


  • Display product notes field of selected product in pr4 template
  • Display resource capacity in pr4 template
  • Added option to select quantity of resources to order in pr4 template
  • Added price to pr4 template
  • Fixed Danish translations
  • Verified compatibility with WP version 3.5.2


  • Increased session time out
  • Added HTML editor to resource notes field


  • Fixed issue with calendar monthly back/forward buttons not working in some front end templates
  • Fixed issue with resource notes field containing extra spaces
  • Updated list of fields displayed when viewing products/services
  • Improved performance of ajax calls
  • Suppress user registration emails


  • Removed js subdirectory
  • Fixed issue with SUMMARY template variable not being parsed in email
  • Added new CLIENTEMAIL template variable
  • Fixed issue with double clicking on calendar slots in the back-end causing double popup windows to load


  • Added new option in Setup menu to define custom css styles
  • Fixed issue with display of availability in hotel2 template


  • Added hotel2 template
  • Added setting to disable online booking part, showing availability only
  • Added user management to Expert version
  • Added support for setting up products and services occuring on predefined times which can be used for classes, events, etc
  • Added new TOTALPRICE custom template field
  • When using products, only display quantity of reserved items if quantity is more than one


  • Changed long date format for Dutch
  • Added option to view products with predefined dates in default calendar views


  • Added support for setting up products and services occuring on predefined times which can be used for classes, events, etc (alpha release)


  • Added alert in template parser when using fields STARTDATE, STARTTIME, etc in combination with multi slot reservations


  • Added possibility to define own payment methods (for bank transfers and cheques for example)
  • Fixed issue with date pop-ups not working when editing a reservation a second time
  • Add size attribute to email field and set default size to 30 characters


  • Removed obsolete java scripts
  • Improved look and feel of reservation details in back-end
  • Fixed issue with check availability when viewing a reservation in back-end
  • Changed icons to buttons in back-end calendar and schedule views


  • Fixed issue with session expired message appearing when using multiple bookings short codes on page
  • Fixed issue with resource phone number not appearing in email
  • Fixed issue with [DATES] template variable not being parsed correctly
  • In case product pricing is nil, check if pricing defined on resource level
  • Added minimum duration in days when using full day schedules


  • Improved memory handling of simple_html_dom library
  • Fixed issue with iOS syncing
  • If sync per resource then customer name is displayed in calendar instead of resource name
  • Updated instructions for setup of sync on iCal


  • Added 'resourcerequired' bookings short code parameter
  • Removed link in session expired message


  • Fixed issue with use of home_url() in assigning unique ID
  • Added contents of summary field to CSV export
  • Added management of sessions
  • Fixed issue with calendar types set at schedule level


  • Fixed issue with display of products in template rp2 when only 1 resource is active
  • Fixed compatiblity issue for WP versions lower than 3.2.1


  • Added option to auto scroll page to bookings section
  • Improved use of multiple [bookings] short codes on same page
  • Fixed issue in schedule3 when selecting time range wider than 3 months
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress 3.5.1


  • Added sync type to settings allowing to choose whether to sync schedules or resources
  • Fixed issue with accessories not displaying
  • Fixed issue with first availability date not displaying correctly if no availability in selected month(s)
  • Added possibility to skip first page when passing a resource in URL parameters
  • Improved compatiblity with older versions of jQuery (.button)


  • Fixed performance issues when displaying available dates only in calendar
  • Removed hidden en show summary options from schedule
  • Added multiple registration forms to Expert edition
  • Fixed issue with formatting of base price
  • Added option to display available days in calendar
  • Fixed pricing issue when selecting multiple quantities in hotel1 template


  • Added SMS notifications
  • Added possibility to define template at schedule level
  • Added daily, monthly and new weekly view in back-end calendar
  • Added possibility to choose between 'compact' and 'normal' calendar layout at schedule level
  • Added weekly view to front end calendar and possibility to switch between weekly and daily views
  • Added option to enable/disable syncing of blackouts
  • Fixed conflict with WordPress .spinner class
  • Changed order of additional fields in back-end to display in same order as defined on registration form
  • Fixed issue with line breaks between additional fields in confirmation email
  • Fixed issue with date selector in back end calender defaulting to 2001
  • Fixed issue with calendar pop up on hotel1 and schedule1 templates


  • Fixed issue with error when adding a dropdown field to the registration form
  • Removed console debug


  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar subscriptions and empty messages
  • Fixed issue with [ADDTOCALENDAR] template code
  • Cosmetic changes to schedule3 template
  • Changed behaviour of month drop down in front end calendar to take the user to next year depending on chosen month
  • Added ZAR currency
  • Fixed issue with adding accessories error
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress version 3.5
  • Fixed issue with date jump on schedule2 template not going to next year
  • Added multiple choice type of field to form editor
  • Improved use of dropdown field type in form editor
  • Replace field drop down by a field list in form editor
  • Improved general usability when creating a form


  • Fixed issue with capitalised domain names and syncing
  • Fixed issue with characters in French emails
  • Ordered resources by schedule ID in resources list
  • Auto blackout days that are not within the range Weekday Start + Days to Show
  • Remove auto loading rel=next post link in header
  • Go directly to calendar on hotel1, schedule1 and schedule2 templates
  • Fixed issue with template rp3 when using schedule other than default
  • Removed debug code
  • Added new calendar templates


  • Fixed issue with Bulgarian language encoding
  • Fixed issue in template rp3
  • Fixed issue with minimum reservation time defined on resource level not being taken into account when looking for availability


  • Fixed issue where no quantity input field was shown if the resource allows unlimited capacity
  • Display correct color codes for reservations in back end schedule overview
  • Fixed issue with schedule calendar only showing 6 first reservations for a set date and time
  • Fixed security issue (thanks to Charlie Eriksen via Secunia SVCRP)


  • Added tiered pricing
  • Added pricing on resource level
  • Added seasonal pricing
  • Added accessories new feature
  • Updated links to support departments
  • Fixed issue with reservation summary not showing when viewing reservation but only when modifying or approving


  • Fixed issue with total pricing when using hotel1 template
  • Added option to hide unavailable slots
  • In case products/services are used and a time slot is set, the calendar will show start and end times based on the selected time slot
  • Fixed issues with formatting of amounts when trying to pay after a payment abort
  • Added option to pay on customer's reservations control panel
  • Set reservations to status unapproved until payment is received in cases where a payment is due
  • Added CHF and NOK to list of currencies
  • Fixed issue when using upper case user names in WordPress
  • Added new template variable [DETAILS] showing reservation details in case of multiple slot or multiple product/service bookings
  • Added new [bookings] short code parameter 'shownames' allowing to display names of users having made reservations
  • Fixed issue with schedule1 template where reservations not saved correctly (missing schedule ID)
  • Fixed issue with blank admin emails being sent
  • Fixed issue with changing dates not working after 1.8.0 upgrade caused by obsolete debugging instructions


  • Fixed issue with link to WordPress user profile
  • Don't send email when email template defined and content is empty
  • Don't send email admin in case of modification, deletion or approval
  • Added custom filter 'bookings_http_call'
  • Fixed issue with forms editor not displaying forms in certain cases


  • Added [ADDTOCALENDAR] variable in email templates
  • Verified compatibility with WordPress version 3.4.2
  • Fixed issue where when using selected dates, reservations on first day are not shown
  • Removed display of user who made the reservation in front end calendar when in admin mode
  • Hide date selection boxes when using selected dates and all dates are displayed using the [bookings] daystoshow attribute
  • Replaced email and text template new lines with html line break in emails and texts
  • Added possibility to link to WordPress user profile


  • Don't allow change of time when approving a reservation
  • When using 'daystoshow' don't show more dates than available
  • Fixed issue with date selector not working when days to show is set to specific dates
  • Added DKK currency
  • Fixed issue with reservation template not being parsed in combination with multiple slot bookings
  • Fixed issue with unavailability message not showing correct start and end times
  • Fixed issue with prices not tallying when using hour units on product level
  • Fixed issue with products+resources template not auto refreshing resource list when changing product
  • Added option to select all resources from all schedules in templates products+resources and resources+products [bookings template=products+resources schedule=*]
  • Ajaxified date selector on calendar page
  • Fixed encoding issue with Portuguese language files


  • Show currency symbol instead of ISO code if known
  • Fixed issue where pop up boxes don't load properly (themes using ob_start)
  • Fixed issue with client.css not being loaded in version 1.7.6


  • Simplified error logging
  • Fixed issue with help links


  • Added reminder function (Pro)
  • Added new [bookings1], [bookings2], [bookings3], [bookings4] short codes to enable display of specific text on every single bookings process page
  • Added Moneybookers payment gateway (Pro)
  • Fixed issue with approvals not being available in free version
  • Fixed issue with non breaking space appearing as &nbsp in product summary
  • Added option to select schedule by admin email in [bookings] short code
  • Removed loading of Twitter and Facebook buttons on all pages except configuration page
  • Changed default page to Schedule Calendar
  • Fixed formatting issue of amounts in hotel1 template
  • Fixed issue with double display of currency in checkout
  • Fixed issue with add to calendar link
  • Fixed issue with payment gateway fields not being hidden automatically (formfield.jquery.js not loaded)
  • Fixed issue with resources not being refreshed when editing products (repeatable.jquery.js, not loaded)


  • Fixed issue with parsing of [PRODUCT] template variable
  • Fixed issue where [LOCATION] displayed the site name instead of the resource location in case of multi-slot bookings
  • Fixed issue with formatting of Paypal amounts
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar sync links containing underscores in some cases which is not accepted as a valid URL by Google
  • Fixed issue with resource name NAME template field not being filled correctly in certain cases
  • Fixed issue with quantity not being applied to total price
  • Allow admin users to override minimum break time between bookings when making bookings or entering blackouts in the back end
  • Black out break times in between bookings if set
  • Added more Swedish translations


  • Removed console logging messages
  • Added pricing unit to products & services pricing
  • Fixed issue with some template fields not being available for multi slot reservations


  • Added option to participate in show case
  • Fixed formatting issue with price being displayed at the end of checkout
  • Fixed issues with emails in case of multi slot reservations
  • Changed formatting of default email sent
  • Added customer name to default email
  • Fixed issue with selection of quantity in front end process in case of multi capacity resource
  • Updated Add by URL Google Calendar instructions
  • Fixed issue with Google Calendar subscription links not loading
  • Added customer email and phone number to search export (CSV and XML formats)


  • Added high light of selected day in back-end calendar
  • Added possibility to subscribe to Bookings calendars from Google Calendar
  • Fixed user login conflict occuring in certain circumstances
  • Fixed issue with format of times in schedule1 template


  • Added multi slot booking possibility
  • Fixed issue where reserved slots are not shown when selected dates are chosen for days to view
  • Added possibility to capture number of participants/units to book in case of multi-capacity bookings
  • Fixed issue with phone number not being captured for users who already had reservations registered
  • Fixed issue where first name and last name are not being updated during new bookings
  • Changed the way admin emails are being sent, instead of a Bcc, a new email is sent to the admin if requested to do so
  • Changed title of admin email to distinguish it better from the customer email
  • Added client phone as parameter in confirmation messages and emails
  • Added possibility to use custom form fields defined in registration form in the confirmation messages and emails
  • Fixed issue where total price not calculated properly when booking multiple days
  • Added highlight of selected day in front end calendar
  • Show name of selected product in second and third screen of bookings process
  • Added product name in confirmation message and email
  • Added new template rp2


  • Fixed issue with front end calendar not showing correctly in Japanese
  • Added SEK and MXN currencies
  • Tested compatibility with WP 3.4


  • Fixed release issue


  • Updated allowed extensions to 'jpg','bmp','png','zip','pdf','gif','doc','xls','wav','jpeg','docx','ppt','pptx','mp3'
  • If not using SMTP email and admin email alert activated, the email address is added to the list of recipients as BCC is not working in this case
  • Added MXN currency


  • Fixed issue with US vs Europe date formats for date field
  • Added time picker widget to Time element type
  • Removed europe_date element type and added option to select date format (US or Europe) to date element type


  • Fixed issue with activation of Form Editor
  • Added new currencies: NZD, AUD, CAD
  • Fixed issue with saving form throwing an error
  • Checked compatibility with WordPress version 3.3.2


  • Added possibility to create a user during reservation creation in back-end
  • Removed sending of user registration confirmation to user
  • Fixed issue with multi-capacity slots showing available and overlapping with blackouts


  • Added new compact1 template displaying date selector to the left and time selector the right on the front end calendar screen
  • In default, buttons and compact1 templates skip first screen if only 1 resource to select (if [bookings] short code variable skip is set to 'yes')
  • In schedule1, schedule2 and hotel templates, skip the first screen displaying the 'Next' button (if [bookings] short code variable skip is set to 'yes')
  • Updated readme.txt and settings page regarding the use of web services and data privacy policy
  • Removed inline styles from back-end schedule calendar
  • Only allocate new API key and secret if none exist
  • Fixed rendering of UTF-8 characters in field labels
  • Added BOOKINGURL as a template variable representing the URL to the website page where the customer can manage their booking
  • Updated css to force removal of bullets in form display
  • Disabled Norwegian as it's not completely translated
  • Fixed issue with open bookings not showing in front end after user cancels a booking
  • Fixed issue with booking cancellation in front end not working when not using permalinks but page_id instead
  • Fixed issue with booking form configuration being reset after upgrade
  • Added "form" [bookings] variable to select bookings form
  • Added support for multiple forms
  • Fixed issue with display of multiple reservations for same resource, same time in back end schedule
  • Improved display of reservations in back end schedule
  • Fixed overflow display in schedule2 template
  • Resource are now ordered by name in front end screen


  • Fixed issue when switching schedules in blackouts redirecting to the schedule calendar instead of blackouts
  • Fixed issue with blackouts not displaying correctly after multi-capacity upgrade


  • Added option to download search results in XML, CSV and plain text formats
  • Fixed issue with user search form in back-end where searching by letter would not work on a second booking
  • Fixed issue with user search form where searching by name would redirect to the wrong page
  • Fixed pagination issue in user search form
  • Added class 'availability' to availability table displayed on front end
  • Updated Danish language file


  • Added support for multi-capacity reservations
  • Added load of jQuery UI tabs
  • Fixed issue with emails not being sent to admin in some cases
  • Keep settings on deactivation
  • Remove settings on uninstall
  • Added secret field to account settings
  • Fixed issue with date selector not showing on multi-day reservations
  • Fixed formatting issue with dates when Traditional Chinese or Japanese is chosen
  • Removed display of recurring or multi-day reservations in front-end calendar
  • Removed bullet point in front of name on front-end calendar


  • Allow unlicensed users access to Products & Services feature
  • Added product details to reservation summary
  • Fixed issue with first name and last name not being prefilled correctly for logged in users
  • Added [PRODUCT] template tag for emails and confirmation messages
  • Added [CLIENTNAME] template tag for emails and confirmation messages
  • Disabled properties of system fields in form editor
  • Fixed issue with change of date on template schedule2 not working in some cases
  • Fixed issue with templates using daystoshow not showing reservations on days in the future
  • Updated German language prompts


  • Added possibility to define custom time spans
  • Fixed issue with +/- buttons on product form not working
  • Updated documentation and support links
  • Fixed issue with product time spans not working in certain cases
  • In products/resources templates, the sort order is now product name and then resource name
  • Removed date fromto element from forms


  • Fixed issue with 'link' template
  • Removed obsolete css/ui-lightness folder
  • Removed obsolete css/jscalendar folder
  • Removed obsolet js/jscalendar folder
  • Don't display unselected resources in reservation overview
  • Replaced inline color styles by classes on front end reservation calendar
  • Fixed issue with last name being prefilled with a question mark on registration form
  • Fixed issue with 'A' beging defaulted in form fields


  • Fixed issue with calendar.setup javascript
  • Fixed issue with missing load of jQuery UI Sortable


  • Replaced admin reservation popup window with jQuery dialog
  • Replaced admin user selection and search popup window with jQuery dialog
  • Set no bullet points in front end registration form
  • Hide inactive resources from front end screens
  • Load simple_html_dom class only when required
  • Fixed wrong link to login details showing after activating calendar syncing
  • Replaced Prototype/Scriptaculous scripts by jQuery
  • Use WP default jQuery libraries
  • Removed reminder section from blackout pop-up


  • Fixed packaging issue


  • Added 'event mode' allowing to define a schedule active only on certain dates
  • Added new template 'schedule1' for the [bookings] short code displaying a calendar with availability for all resources (similar to the schedule calendar in the back-end)
  • Added new template 'schedule2' for the [bookings] short code displaying a calendar with the possibility to search by date, showing availability for all resources
  • Added new template 'hotel1' for the [bookings] short code tailored for hotels and B&B's
  • Added 'daystoshow' parameter for the [bookings] short code allowing to display more than 1 day of availability in the front-end calendar
  • Implemented WordPress short code API, allowing to manage multiple bookings pages and multiple short codes on the same page
  • Added reservation details on checkout page
  • Fixed issue with selecting Japanese language
  • Added new colors.css style sheet with the colors of the reservation statuses
  • Fixed issue where when clicking 'Add' to add another product or service after having added one, the link takes you to the set up screen
  • Removed loading of news info in sidebar, providing more space for other functionality
  • Included local image files
  • Fixed issue with back link when an error occurs creating or modifying a schedule
  • Added new styling to front end buttons
  • Removed seconds display from time on confirmation messages
  • Displayed am/pm in lower case for consistency
  • Changed default order of reservations seen by customer to show most recently created first
  • Fixed issue with tooltip being offset from mouse position
  • Changed Paypal item time to show reservation date instead of reservation id
  • Changed Paypal invoice id to show Bookings invoice id
  • Moved to same checkout form for both standard and pro users
  • Fixed issue with month selector on front end calendar
  • Removed showSummary javascript action from front end calendar
  • Centered calendar and date jumper on front end
  • Show loader icon when saving schedule or resource


  • Fixed issue with redirects not working if PHP sessions not configured properly on client side
  • Store http referer in option instead of session variable
  • Delete bookings php session when deactivating
  • Fixed issue with loading of Norwegian language files
  • Fixed issue where WordPress Editors and some other roles had no access to the front-end booking screens


  • Only load admin javascript and styles on Bookings pages


  • Fixed issue 'Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /.../wp-content/plugins/bookings/includes/support-us.inc.php on line 51'
  • Fixed issue with 'no access' being displayed on Blackouts screen
  • Fixed issue with textarea element in templates


  • Added products & services concept
  • Added Paypal payment gateway (Pro)
  • Added option for customers to view and cancel upcoming reservations (Pro)
  • Fixed issue with timezones
  • Removed 'sc1' prefix from keys
  • Fixed issue with changing schedules in the 'Schedule Calendar'
  • Fixed Finnish language encoding


  • Fixed issue with url encoding


  • Added option to send confirmation email to administrator (Pro)
  • Added SMTP email settings (Pro)
  • Added approval management
  • Improved role management (admin vs operator)
  • Added display of region in setup panel
  • Improved usability by auto redirecting after admin update
  • Removed date link from front end calendar
  • Removed grey background from admin screens
  • Removed encapsulating html table from admin screens
  • Fixed issue with front end month selector not working on some themes
  • Centered day headers on front end calendar
  • Removed donations reminder


  • Added mobile sync
  • Added Norwegian language
  • Verified compatibility with WP 3.3
  • Added new region (Europe & Africa)
  • Updated documentation
  • Fixed issue with Edit form link appearing on front end booking form
  • Removed table containing reservation details from email when custom emails are being used
  • Fixed issue with deleting resources


  • Added possibility to define minimum time between bookings for each resource
  • Added possibility to define email templates and override the default text
  • Fixed issue with double body tag appearing on some pages
  • Always show registration form, even for registered WordPress users
  • Updated Italian language translations
  • Removed wrapping tables styling
  • Changed bookings template=link parameter, 'resource' should be specified instead of 'schedule'
  • Fixed 'per page' and 'cancel' links on resource page
  • Fixed issue with captcha element on forms not working properly


  • Split back-end roles in admin and user roles
  • Added possibility to select required capability for admins and users
  • Own reservations are now highlighted in a different color in front end
  • Translated booking registration page
  • Replaced [...] by 'Available' for English GB and US languages
  • Added 45 minutes schedule time span
  • Fixed issue with disappearing user name in front end calendar
  • Changed header date format for English GB so that day appears before month
  • Updated readme
  • Allow navigation on days before today in back-end calendar
  • Fixed Brazilian Portuguese language encoding
  • Added possibility to export reservation to calendar in ICS or VCS format (Pro)
  • Added 'Add to calendar' link on emails (Pro)


  • Fixed release issue


  • Removed Accessories and Participants tabs from reservation pop-up (back-end) as currently not used
  • Fixed issue with pop-up windows not being styled properly
  • Fixed issue with Change Name not working when editing a reservation in the back-end
  • Fixed encoding issues with Slovenian and Slovak languages
  • Fixed issue with booking confirmation not showing when default permalinks set (Pro version)


  • Use WordPress time settings for calendar time settings (military time vs am/pm notation)
  • Fixed issue with Polish, Czech and French language files encoding
  • Show registration form in all cases
  • Added possibility to edit custom booking form (Pro version)


  • Added dashboard view showing various statistics on resources and reservations
  • Upgraded HttpRequest class to v1.10.02
  • Added license key field for Pro features
  • Days before today's date are now protected in calendar
  • Added highlight of today's date in calendar

  • Fixed encoding issue with Spanish and Danish language files


  • Added new booking templates


  • Removed obsolete cc_footer() function


  • Fixed permissions issue for guest bookings
  • Fixed issue with German language not working (encoding issue)
  • Added 6 hours and 8 hours timespans


  • Added possibility to choose the language/locale
  • Added display of reservation time in confirmation message
  • Fixed issue with sending of confirmation email
  • Fixed issue with minimum and maximum booking notice not being taken into account in the calendar
  • Fixed issue with settings not updating properly


  • Fixed issue with guest bookings causing a database error
  • Fixed issue with multiple bookings by same anonymous user not registering


  • Fixed issue with guest bookings throwing an HTTP 500 error on the site
  • Changed menu capability level from 'administrator' to 'edit_plugins'


  • Removed wrong plugin name in admin notices
  • Forced display name as first name and/or last name when those are not specified
  • Disabled check on sessions save path


  • Fixed issue with installations running PHP 5.2 or lower
  • Updated documentation and support links


  • Beta release


  • Alpha release

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.6.2
Last Updated: 5 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.3 out of 5 stars


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