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Booking System (+WooCommerce)

This Plugin will help you to easily create a booking/reservation system into your WordPress website or blog.


  • "Add-ons" & "Themes" loading via cUrl method added.
  • Pagination for Reservations created.
  • JSON API created.
  • JSON API: Get All Reservations data from all calendars added.
  • JSON API: Get All Reservations data from calendar ID added.
  • JSON API: Get Reservation ID data added.
  • "Add to cart" text added in translation.
  • PayPal bugs fixed.
  • Security bug fixed.


  • "Add-ons" added. Increase and improve functionalities.
  • "Themes" added. A collection of themes specially created for the booking system.
  • "Settings" database has been updated.
  • Billing & shipping address added.
  • Calendar sidebar widget CSS has been repaired.
  • Calendars are displayed correctly for the users that have permissions to view them, bug repaired.
  • Email form field can be empty when is not mandatory, bug repaired.
  • Notifications are not sent two times when you use a SMTP, bug repaired.
  • PayPal transaction may be refunded when a reservation is canceled.
  • Plugin update has been optimized.
  • Reservation status is saved correctly in "Reservations calendar", bug repaired.
  • Filter by price, in search, has been repaired.
  • Small "add reservations" CSS style update.
  • The "book now" button is not visible when a payment is in progress, bug repaired.
  • TLS connection can be used with SMTP.
  • User meta is deleted when the plugin us deleted.
  • WooCommerce cart, validation bug has been repaired.
  • Cyrillic characters are displayed correctly in calendars tooltip, bug repaired.
  • Database indexes have been updated.
  • Months are displayed correctly, if you navigate through the calendar after you select a period of time from the sidebar, bug repaired.
  • Old calendars load even if availability is not set, bug repaired.
  • Payment API has been added.
  • PayPal API sandbox credentials have their own settings.
  • PayPal works with both SSL and TLS, until SSL will be dropped.
  • Reservations' count is displayed correctly in "Calendars" section, bug repaired.
  • SMTP notifications are sent correctly for each payment method, bug repaired.
  • The translation is displayed in alphabetical order, when you want to edit it, in WordPress admin.
  • Updating and fixing the translation database has been improved.
  • Users' roles are displayed correctly, even if they are modified by third party plugins.
  • WooCommerce "Add to cart" button can be replaced with booking system button.
  • WooCommerce booking variations are cleaned more often, to improve performance.
  • WooCommerce products can have multiple variations with the booking system, bug repaired.
  • Currencies can be added using hooks.
  • Deposit information is displayed correctly in email notifications.
  • Language in admin is verified and set to default, if different errors appear.
  • Languages can be added using hooks.
  • PayPal API request using TLS instead of SSL.
  • Search display the correct results for calendars that have hours interval enabled, bug repaired.
  • Search results display correct calendars when you search only hours, not days, bug repaired.
  • Selecting quantity for reservation in WooCommerce cart has been disabled, bug repaired (for WooCommerce > 2.2.8).
  • Translation text is created when a new language is enabled, bug repaired.
  • Back end list items are displayed correctly if name is blank.
  • Booking requests buttons work in back end reservations calendar, bug repaired.
  • Database class has been updated.
  • Front end calendar can start at any day you want.
  • Front end fonts are loaded from Google using a secure connection (HTTPS).
  • Pending reservations are displayed in back end if there is no payment required, bug repaired.
  • Reservations filters history is saved and is displayed when you revisit the page.
  • Minimum price is displayed correctly when searching for calendars with hours, bug repaired.
  • Total price is calculated correctly when discount is used, bug repaired.
  • Translation can repair itself.
  • WooCommerce variations are hidden in back end, if they are used by the booking system.
  • "Search" added. Use this feature to search for availability in multiple calendars.
  • "Tools" added. Tools to help you with some of the booking system needs.
  • All WordPress back end CSS classes are unique.
  • Booking notifications can be sent using Gmail SMTP, bug repaired.
  • Booking notifications can be set to use different methods to send emails to administrators and users.
  • Booking notifications can use two SMTP servers, one for administrators and one for users.
  • Booking notifications for administrators have Cc and Bcc fields, so that you can send them to multiple people.
  • Calendar is displayed correctly in WooCommerce summary, bug repaired.
  • Custom posts display the booking calendar in WordPress admin, bug repaired.
  • Database is created correctly when updating from a version older than 2.0, bug repaired.
  • Discounts can be calculated including Extras price, in booking requests.
  • PayPal payment calculates prices with decimal correctly, bug repaired.
  • PHP function mysql_insert_id() has been replaced with $wpdb->insert_id, in WordPress back end.
  • Retina ready, both front end calendar & back end administration area.
  • Reservations calendar display the reservation correctly in last weekday, bug repaired.
  • Role actions are set correctly for custom user roles, bug repaired.
  • Special characters display correctly in WooCommerce cart, bug repaired.
  • Taxes & fees percent value is correctly calculated from "Extras", in front end calendar plugin, bug repaired.
  • Unpaid reservations do not display in WordPress back end, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce details display in reservations calendar, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce reservation do not duplicate when an order is made anymore, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce reservations with same day but different hours do not overlap anymore, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce shipping tax is not attached to a booking product anymore, bug repaired.
  • "Dashboard" memory tests have been improved.
  • "Dashboard" MySQL test works in PHP 5.5 or higher, bug repaired.
  • Bookings/reservations calendars jump to the last added/removed month.
  • Booking/reservation notifications & payment gateway settings can be edited in custom posts, bug repaired.
  • Currency can be displayed with space when price is shown, both in booking calendars and WordPress back end.
  • Displaying all translation initially in WordPress admin can be disabled in the configuration file.
  • DOP Select jQuery plugin not working with some themes, in front end booking calendar, bug repaired.
  • Information tooltip is displayed, bug repaired in front end booking calendar.
  • Messages modal always hides in WordPress back end, bug repaired.
  • November & December months are displayed correctly in reservations, booking notifications ...
  • Number of days in booking/reservation is calculated correctly in October, bug repaired.
  • PayPal cancel, error, success links are set correctly in front end booking calendar, bug repaired.
  • Price decimals ending in 0 display correctly in back end bookings/reservations and notifications, bug repaired.
  • Reservations calendar has been added/improved, in WordPress back end.
  • Translation may be forced reset, bug repaired.
  • Weekdays are displayed correctly in WordPress back end datepickers, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce code can be enabled in configuration file, if WooCommerce is not detected.
  • "Dashboard" added. Display a landing page and server environment.
  • Administrators are removed from calendar user permissions list, bug repaired.
  • Armenian dram currency added.
  • Bangladesh Taka currency added.
  • Booking notifications can be sent using PHP mail function.
  • Booking notifications can be sent using WordPress wp_mail function.
  • Booking notifications methods can be tested.
  • DOP Select jquery plugin updated.
  • Form data, that was entered when the a booking was requested, can be displayed in calendar information tooltip and/or day/hour body.
  • Set minimum booking period for less than 1 hour, bug repaired.
  • Use different product type in WooCommerce, bug repaired.
  • User booking notifications are not sent to admin, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce cart & order display the right language for bookings, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce booking with "Direct bank transfer" error has been repaired.
  • Adding reservations from back end update availability, bug repaired.
  • Bookings can be limited to minutes.
  • Booking notifications are sent in the language that was used when the reservation was created.
  • Booking notifications are sent to multiple admins, bug repaired.
  • Jump to "Add to cart" button in WooCommerce after a reservation has been selected for booking.
  • Kenya Shilling currency added.
  • Period is booked after payment is done with some WooCommerce payment gateways extensions, bug repaired.
  • Set booking period rules for minutes.
  • TinyMCE button incompatibility with some themes has been repaired.
  • Update schedule after a booking request is payed with PayPal, bug repaired.
  • Use prices lower than 1 in a booking request, added.
  • Users permissions for specific calendars have been repaired.
  • "Coupons" added. Create voucher codes for your clients to use with their booking requests.
  • "Discounts" added. Give discounts for the period booked, in different time periods.
  • "Email templates" added. Customize your booking notifications directly from administration area.
  • "Extras" added. Add amenities, services & other stuff, with price or not, to a booking/reservation.
  • "Rules" added. Currently you can set min/max time lapse for a booking request.
  • "Taxes & fees" added. Set taxes & fees that need to be paid (VAT tax for example) with the booking.
  • "Translation" page has been updated in WordPress admin.
  • Add user permissions using custom roles in WordPress admin.
  • AJAX requests no longer return 403, 404 errors in front end.
  • All algorithms are improved and work faster. Install, save, search ...
  • Availability text is visible on special days, bug repaired.
  • Back end UI/CSS has been changed. A new design has been created for WordPress administration area.
  • Booking notifications are sent without SMTP if SMTP does not work.
  • Booking notifications can be enabled/disabled in administration area.
  • Booking notifications can be sent to multiple admins.
  • Compatibility with PHP 5.3 or higher has been repaired.
  • Complete code core changes. Everything is OOP & commented.
  • Currency can be positioned before or after price, in booking calendar.
  • Current year changes on booking calendar resize, bug repaired.
  • Custom post types do not appear anymore in blog posts by default.
  • Data save/load speed & server memory usage has been optimized.
  • Days availability is restored when you cancel a booking/reservation.
  • Different levels of checking availability have been added in the booking process.
  • Front end booking calendar info messages hide after a few seconds.
  • Front end booking calendar's sidebar view is customizable.
  • Front end booking calendar speed has been improved.
  • Front end UI/CSS has been changed. A new design has been created for front end booking calendar and all classes and ids are unique.
  • IE bugs repaired.
  • Language is not saved anymore in sessions in front end.
  • Language codes have been changed to international codes for: Albanian (al->sq), Basque (bs->eu), Belarusian (by->be), Chinese (cn->zh), Croatian (cr->hr), Czech (cz->cs), Danish (dk->da), Dutch (du->nl), Greek (gr->el), Haitian Creole(ha->ht), Irish (ir->ga), Malay (mg->ms), Maltese (ma->mt), Persian (pe->fa), Spanish (sp->es), Swedish (se->sv), Welsh (we->cy).
  • Languages can be enabled/disabled in WordPress back end.
  • Major database changes. Column changes and more indexes created.
  • Minimum booking period error message does not display randomly when you select only check in date, in booking calendar.
  • Payment transaction ID is displayed in booking notification emails.
  • PHPMailer class is used when sending booking notifications.
  • Redirect after a booking has been made, has been added.
  • Redirect after a booking has been payed with PayPal, has been added.
  • Reservations view is the same after page is refreshed.
  • Possibility to select more than one group of days/hours in a booking/reservation has been added.
  • Required checkbox validation bug repaired, in booking form.
  • Set the number of months to be initially displayed in the booking calendar.
  • Stop bookings in advance added.
  • Translation for dynamic items display correctly, both in booking calendar and WordPress admin.
  • Translation works with special characters, both in booking calendar and WordPress admin.
  • UAE Dirham currency added.
  • User capabilities repaired, in WordPress admin.
  • Verification if booking calendar has been attached to WooCommerce product has been added.
  • WooCommerce integration has been changed. This should fix all incompatibility problems that were in previous version.
  • WooCommerce redirect to cart page after a booking/reservation is added to cart, bug repaired.
  • "wp_mail()" function replaced with "mail()".
  • Booking calendar display even it is used twice on same page.
  • Booking order is added to WooCommerce cart even if form is removed from product page.
  • Booking/reservation details appear on WooCommerce notifications email.
  • Booking/reservation details appear on WooCommerce order.
  • Booking/reservation save bug repaired.
  • Installation on XAMP server repaired.
  • WooCommerce date format repaired.
  • bbPress incompatibility, bug repaired.
  • Booking calendars not loading, bug repaired.
  • Bookings/reservations appear in custom post type.
  • Bookings/reservations currency display bug repaired.
  • Config file added.
  • CSS bugs repaired.
  • Delete plugin data/database, bug repaired.
  • Delete booking/reservation added.
  • Front end translation not showing, bug repaired.
  • Hooks added.
  • Installation algorithms have been optimized.
  • Month not displaying in booking notification emails bug repaired.
  • Navigation after data is saved in back end repaired.
  • Reservations calendar is generated correctly when filters are modified.
  • Save translation bug repaired.
  • Set default database values before installation.
  • Set default language for back end and/or front end before installation.
  • Set default users permissions before installation.
  • Submit button ("Add to cart" / "Book") is hidden when you submit a booking or you add a reservation to cart.
  • Translation display bug repaired when using characters like ' or ", both in booking calendar and WordPress admin.
  • Translation edit has been optimized.
  • When a booking calendar is deleted the reservations area is removed.
  • WooCommerce support added.
  • Add bookins/reservations in WordPress admin.
  • Approving/canceling a reservation modifies the booking calendar data.
  • Back end CSS bugs repaired.
  • Bookings/reservations logic has been completly modified (search added, filters added, calendar & list view added).
  • Custom post types bugs repaired.
  • Edit unavailable days, bug repaired.
  • Front end booking calendar CSS bugs repaired.
  • Instant/waiting approval display, bug repaired.
  • JavaScript in admin posts repaired.
  • Localhost bugs repaired.
  • Plugin paths updated.
  • Prices, deposits, discounts can have float values.
  • Select days from different months on front end booking calendar, bug repaired.
  • Translation system has been updated.
  • User management updated.
  • Windows server mySQL text fields bug repaired.
  • Add booking calendars in widgets.
  • Approve booking/reservation bug repaired.
  • Back end style changes.
  • Calendar ID is removed from clients booking notification emails.
  • CSS bug fixes, in booking calendar.
  • Custom post type added.
  • Date select is repaired when minimum amount of days is set.
  • Datepicker bug fix, when you can select only one day, in booking calendar.
  • Drop down fields display correct selected option in booking notifications.
  • Hours info is displayed on day hover, in booking calendar.
  • Major changes in booking hours logic and display.
  • Newly created booking forms display correct after PayPal Payment.
  • PayPal booking notification email content bug repaired.
  • Send email using normal function if SMTP is incorrect.
  • Tables not created on Windows OS bug repaired.
  • Text on Settings page, in WordPress admin, has been changed.
  • Translation for check fields added.
  • User role is updated when is changed in WordPress admin.
  • When hours are enabled, days details can be set manually or set depending on hours details on that current day.
  • WordPress update error repaired.
  • Admin language is different for each user, in WordPress back end.
  • Compatibility fixes, in WordPress back end.
  • Custom booking forms tweaks.
  • Database update.
  • Datepicker & Google translate incompatibility, bug repaired in booking calendar.
  • Display calendar id & name in notifications emails.
  • Display hours interval from current hour to next one.
  • Possibility to hide number of items select field has been added, in booking calendar.
  • You can set booking requests to by approved instantly, or not.
  • You have the possibility to calculate the total price using the last hour selected value, or not.
  • CSS incompatibility fixes, in front end booking calendar.
  • Custom booking forms added.
  • Datepicker z-index bug repaired, in front end booking calendar.
  • Email header is custom.
  • Group day date is displayed correctly after select, in front end booking calendar.
  • Users permissons translation repaired.
  • ACAO buster added.
  • Admin change language bug repaired.
  • Administrators can create booking calendars for users.
  • Booking calendar loading time is improved.
  • Booking calendar resize on hidden elements, bug repaired.
  • Booking notifications are sent using "wp_mail()".
  • Database is deleted when you delete the booking system plugin.
  • Display only an information calendar in front end.
  • Indonesia Rupiah currency bug repaired.
  • PayPal credit card payment bug repaired.
  • PayPal session bug repaired.
  • Select first day of the week, in booking calendar.
  • Slow admin bug repaired.
  • Small admin changes.
  • Touch devices freeze bug repaired.
  • Translation fixes, both in front end booking calendar and back end.
  • Update booking notification added.
  • User permissions updated, in booking system back end.
  • Booking notifications message and language bugs have been repaired.
  • Correct hours format is displayed, in front end booking calendar.
  • Deposit feature has been added, for booking requests.
  • Discounts by number of days booked have been added.
  • Front end booking calendar is responsive.
  • Touch devices navigation has been enabled.
  • You can translate the sidebar datepicker.
  • You can use PayPal credit card payment, for booking requests.


  • TinyMCE shortcodes bug fixed.


  • Security fixes.
  • 3.9 compatibilities fixed.


  • Localhost bugs fixed.



  • Initial release.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.4
Last Updated: 2015-7-9
Active Installs: 5,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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