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Pinpoint Booking System - Book everything with WordPress or WooCommerce

This Plugin will help you to easily create a booking/reservation system into your WordPress website or blog.


  • A calendar is duplicated correctly, bug repaired.
  • Modifications to the code can be added in Pinpoint Booking System Extend plugin.
  • Reservations done from WooCommerce work correctly now, bug repaired.
  • Translation is loading for each section: back end, front end, WooCommerce front end, calendar, ...
  • WPML compatibility has been added.


  • "Pay full amount" message bug has been repaired.
  • Airbnb synchronization bug has been repaired.
  • Contact details from WooCommerce are added in Pinpoint reservations.
  • Google calendar synchronization bug has been repaired.
  • Hour intervals can be created separate between them.
  • The compatibility with Redsys Woocommerce plugin has been added.


  • "Pay full amount" option for deposits is compatible with WooCommerce.
  • "Pay full amount" option for deposits can be enabled or disabled.
  • Export to ICS option for reservations has been added.
  • Front end coupon messages bug has been repaired.
  • Front end loader bug has been repaired.
  • Front end warning messages bug has been repaired.
  • Multiple coupons can be used in same calendar.
  • Synchronization with Airbnb has been added.
  • Synchronization with calendars that use iCalendar has been added.
  • The text in WooCommerce products list is displayed correctly, bug repaired.


  • "Pay full amount" option for deposits has been added.
  • Hide front end price option has been added.
  • Season css class for days has been added.
  • Synchronization with Google Calendar has been added.
  • The bug when a coupon is not selected has been repaired.
  • The quote character bug from reservation contact informations has been repaired.
  • Time zone for calendars has been added.


  • "Taxes & Fees" are now compatible with Woocommerce.
  • Calendar availability is set correctly for future years, bug repaired.
  • Coupons bug in front end calendar has been repaired.
  • Datepicker don't interfere with mobile keyboards, bug repaired.
  • Deposit details are now available in WooCommerce order.
  • You can now use server's time to display the date and hours in calendars.


  • "Add to cart" button can be translated, bug repaired.
  • "Add to cart" button is replaced with a loader when you add a reservation in WooCommerce.
  • Extras multiple checkboxes are selected correctly when the field is required, bug repaired.
  • IP address is saved in reservation data.
  • Past hours don't display for the current day, bug repaired.
  • Pending reservations bug has been repaired.
  • The calendar moves to hours section after what a day is selected.


  • Phone form field has been added.
  • SMS notifications have been added (clickatell.com).
  • You can set default value to extras options.


  • Bugs in prototypes have been repaired.
  • Export to CSV option for reservations has been added.
  • Export to Excel option for reservations has been added.
  • Export to JSON option for reservations has been added.
  • Extras can multiply or not with number of booked items.
  • Extras required bug with woocommerces has been repaired.
  • The bug for multiple extras required functionality has been repaired.


  • Extras required functionality has been changed.
  • Selected hours show correctly in reservations.
  • The discount is calculated correctly when hours are selected, bug repaired.
  • The hours are displayed in calendar only view mode.


  • Contact informations in reservations bug has been repaired.
  • Print reservations button has been added when you view them with the calendar.


  • Print the reservations has been added.


  • Edit for reservation contact informations has been added.
  • The bug for calendar template change has been repaired.


  • Bugs in editor shortcodes widget have been repaired.
  • The "view only info" option for calendars can be set from shortcode.


  • The compatibility with Woocommerce deposit has been added.
  • The tool to repair the calendars has been repaired.


  • A Javascript callback function after what a booking has been made has been added for some payment systems.
  • Multiple use of payment systems bug has been repaired.


  • Small bug when updating Pinpoint Booking System has been repaired.


  • Omnipay library has been added.


  • The documentation link has been modified.
  • The update link has been modified.


  • The possibility to share your locations with PINPOINT.WORLD has been added.


  • External images have been removed.
  • Uninstall function has been repaired.


  • "Coupons" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • "Discounts" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • "Emails" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • "Extras" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • "Fees" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • "Forms" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • "Rules" created by other users can be viewed and edited by the booking system's administrators.
  • Licence activation detects server timeout requests.
  • Reservations that are expired can be sorted by date.


  • Discount text in calendar is displayed correctly, bug repaired.
  • PayPal integration has been updated to to support certificates using SHA-25.
  • Reservations without check out are added on some servers that delete blank post variables. We recommend contacting your hosting company to remove this issue.
  • Translation is displayed correctly in widgets, bug repaired.


  • Reservations with hours are added on some servers that delete blank post variables. We recommend contacting your hosting company to remove this issue.
  • WooCommerce cart object is not being saved to cache when you create a reservation.


  • Hours' reservations don't overlap when you use the WooCommerce cart, bug repaired.
  • The incompatibility with Yoast SEO has been repaired.


  • Special characters are displayed correctly in infos and notes from the calendar, bug repaired.


  • "Add-ons" activation has been improved. You can delete an activation from Dot on Paper Shop if you have deleted the add-on and you have not deactivated it or if you want to activate it on another domain. Also the notification disappears after what the update is completed.


  • Database is no longer accidentally deleted when you update from FREE to PRO version.
  • Reservations are created and the period is booked when a deposit is made via WooCommerce, bug repaired.
  • Users that are not administrators can be permitted to use the booking system.


  • Email templates content is saved correctly for each language, bug repaired.
  • Minimum booking period for hours is correctly validated, bug repaired.
  • The discount is calculated correctly for different rules with same time lapse, bug repaired.
  • The discount is calculated correctly for hour intervals, bug repaired.
  • Widget bug has been repaired.


  • "Add coupon" function added. Create an unlimited number of coupons.
  • "Add discount" function added. Create an unlimited number of discount rules.
  • "Add email templates" function added. Create an unlimited number of email templates.
  • "Add extra" function added. Create an unlimited number of extras items.
  • "Add form" function added. Create an unlimited number of forms.
  • "Add rule" function added. Create an unlimited number of rules.
  • "Add tax or fee" function added. Create an unlimited number of taxes and/or fees.
  • Availability is set correctly and the reservation is saved after what a payment is made with PayPal, bug repaired.
  • Only administrators can manage the booking system.
  • The word "test" is no longer visible with WooCommerce, bug repaired.
  • Some updates have been done to the code to meet the PHP7 standards.
  • Validation for hours' availability has been improved.


  • Fatal error that appears when WooCommerce is not installed has been repaired.


  • Compatibility with some WooCommerce themes has been repaired.
  • The documentation link has changed.
  • The shop's SSL certificate will validate when the licence is activated, bug repaired.


  • "Beautify" theme has been added.
  • Reservations are added in WooCommerce cart if user is not logged in, bug repaired.


  • Add-ons' update class has been improved.
  • The coupon code is not visible in JavaScript anymore, bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce functionalities have been changed. You can more easily attach Pinpoint to an WooCommerce product, variations are not needed anymore, availability is restored when an order is canceled and much more. Integration is much easier with multi vendor plugins types.


  • "Booking System" has been renamed "Pinpoint".
  • API - List reservations added.
  • Calendar can be selected/removed in WooCommerce products, bug repaired.
  • Classes constructors have been modified to meet the PHP5 standards.
  • Reservations list pagination display the correct reservations, bug repaired.
  • Widgets constructor call has been modified to work in WordPress version 4.3.0 and higher.


  • "Add-ons" & "Themes" load data also via cURL.
  • API - Beta version released.
  • Reservations list pagination added.
  • PayPal small bug repaired.
  • Security bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce "Add to cart" text added in translation.


  • "Add-ons" added. Increase and improve functionalities.
  • "Coupons" added. Create voucher codes for your clients to use with their booking requests.
  • "Dashboard" added. Display a landing page and server environment.
  • "Discounts" added. Give discounts for the period booked, in different time periods.
  • "Email templates" added. Customize your booking notifications directly from administration area.
  • "Extras" added. Add amenities, services & other stuff, with price or not, to a booking/reservation.
  • "Forms" added. Create your custom contact forms.
  • "Rules" added. Currently you can set min/max time lapse for a booking request.
  • "Settings" database has been updated.
  • "Taxes & fees" added. Set taxes & fees that need to be paid (VAT tax for example) with the booking.
  • "Themes" added. A collection of themes specially created for the booking system.
  • "Tools" added. Tools to help you with some of the booking system needs.
  • "Translation" page has been updated in WordPress admin.
  • ACAO buster added.
  • Add booking calendars in widgets.
  • Add bookins/reservations in WordPress admin.
  • Admin language is different for each user, in WordPress back end.
  • AJAX requests no longer return 403, 404 errors in front end.
  • All algorithms are improved and work faster. Install, save, search ...
  • All WordPress back end CSS classes are unique.
  • Approving/canceling a reservation modifies the booking calendar data.
  • Armenian dram currency added.
  • Back end UI/CSS has been changed. A new design has been created for WordPress administration area.
  • Bangladesh Taka currency added.
  • bbPress incompatibility, bug repaired.
  • Billing & shipping address added.
  • Booking calendar display even it is used twice on same page.
  • Booking calendar loading time is improved.
  • Booking calendar resize on hidden elements, bug repaired.
  • Booking notifications are sent in the language that was used when the reservation was created.
  • Booking notifications are sent without SMTP if SMTP does not work.
  • Booking notifications can be enabled/disabled in administration area.
  • Booking notifications can be sent to multiple admins.
  • Booking notifications can be sent using PHP mail function.
  • Booking notifications can be sent using WordPress wp_mail function.
  • Booking notifications can be set to use different methods to send emails to administrators and users.
  • Booking notifications can use two SMTP servers, one for administrators and one for users.
  • Booking notifications for administrators have Cc and Bcc fields, so that you can send them to multiple people.
  • Booking notifications message and language bugs have been repaired.
  • Booking notifications methods can be tested.
  • Bookings can be limited to minutes.
  • Bookings/reservations calendars jump to the last added/removed month.
  • Bookings/reservations logic has been completly modified (search added, filters added, calendar & list view added).
  • Calendar ID is removed from clients booking notification emails.
  • Compatibility with PHP 5.3 or higher has been repaired.
  • Complete code core changes. Everything is OOP & commented.
  • Config file added.
  • Correct hours format is displayed, in front end booking calendar.
  • Cyrillic characters are displayed correctly in calendars tooltip, bug repaired.
  • Currencies can be added using hooks.
  • Currency can be displayed with space when price is shown, both in booking calendars and WordPress back end.
  • Currency can be positioned before or after price, in booking calendar.
  • Data save/load speed & server memory usage has been optimized.
  • Database class has been updated.
  • Database indexes have been updated.
  • Database is deleted when you delete the booking system plugin.
  • Datepicker & Google translate incompatibility, bug repaired in booking calendar.
  • Datepicker bug fix, when you can select only one day, in booking calendar.
  • Date select is repaired when minimum amount of days is set.
  • Days availability is restored when you cancel a booking/reservation.
  • Delete booking/reservation added.
  • Deposit information is displayed correctly in email notifications.
  • Different levels of checking availability have been added in the booking process.
  • Discounts can be calculated including Extras price, in booking requests.
  • Display calendar id & name in notifications emails.
  • Display hours interval from current hour to next one.
  • Display only an information calendar in front end.
  • Displaying all translation initially in WordPress admin can be disabled in the configuration file.
  • Email header is custom.
  • Form data, that was entered when the a booking was requested, can be displayed in calendar information tooltip and/or day/hour body.
  • Front end booking calendar info messages hide after a few seconds.
  • Front end booking calendar is responsive.
  • Front end booking calendar speed has been improved.
  • Front end booking calendar's sidebar view is customizable.
  • Front end calendar can start at any day you want.
  • Front end fonts are loaded from Google using a secure connection (HTTPS).
  • Front end UI/CSS has been changed. A new design has been created for front end booking calendar and all classes and ids are unique.
  • Hooks added.
  • Hours info is displayed on day hover, in booking calendar.
  • IE bugs repaired.
  • Indonesia Rupiah currency bug repaired.
  • Information tooltip is displayed, bug repaired in front end booking calendar.
  • Installation algorithms have been optimized.
  • Installation on XAMP server repaired.
  • Kenya Shilling currency added.
  • Language in admin is verified and set to default, if different errors appear.
  • Language codes have been changed to international codes for: Albanian (al->sq), Basque (bs->eu), Belarusian (by->be), Chinese (cn->zh), Croatian (cr->hr), Czech (cz->cs), Danish (dk->da), Dutch (du->nl), Greek (gr->el), Haitian Creole(ha->ht), Irish (ir->ga), Malay (mg->ms), Maltese (ma->mt), Persian (pe->fa), Spanish (sp->es), Swedish (se->sv), Welsh (we->cy).
  • Languages can be added using hooks.
  • Languages can be enabled/disabled in WordPress back end.
  • Localhost bugs repaired.
  • Major changes in booking hours logic and display.
  • Major database changes. Column changes and more indexes created.
  • Minimum booking period error message does not display randomly when you select only check in date, in booking calendar.
  • Newly created booking forms display correct after PayPal Payment.
  • Notifications are not sent two times when you use a SMTP, bug repaired.
  • November & December months are displayed correctly in reservations, booking notifications ...
  • Payment API has been added.
  • PayPal API sandbox credentials have their own settings.
  • PayPal payment calculates prices with decimal correctly, bug repaired.
  • PayPal transaction may be refunded when a reservation is canceled.
  • PayPal works with both SSL and TLS, until SSL will be dropped.
  • Payment transaction ID is displayed in booking notification emails.
  • Pending reservations are displayed in back end if there is no payment required.
  • PHP function mysql_insert_id() has been replaced with $wpdb->insert_id, in WordPress back end.
  • PHPMailer class is used when sending booking notifications.
  • Plugin paths updated.
  • Plugin update has been optimized.
  • Possibility to hide number of items select field has been added, in booking calendar.
  • Possibility to select more than one group of days/hours in a booking/reservation has been added.
  • Price decimals ending in 0 display correctly in back end bookings/reservations and notifications, bug repaired.
  • Redirect after a booking has been made, has been added.
  • Redirect after a booking has been payed with PayPal, has been added.
  • Retina ready, both front end calendar & back end administration area.
  • Reservations calendar has been added/improved, in WordPress back end.
  • Reservations filters history is saved and is displayed when you revisit the page.
  • Select days from different months on front end booking calendar, bug repaired.
  • Select first day of the week, in booking calendar.
  • Set default database values before installation.
  • Set default language for back end and/or front end before installation.
  • Set the number of months to be initially displayed in the booking calendar.
  • Stop bookings in advance added.
  • Tables not created on Windows OS bug repaired.
  • Text on Settings page, in WordPress admin, has been changed.
  • The translation is displayed in alphabetical order, when you want to edit it, in WordPress admin.
  • TinyMCE button incompatibility with some themes has been repaired.
  • Touch devices freeze bug repaired.
  • Touch devices navigation has been enabled.
  • TLS connection can be used with SMTP.
  • Translation can repair itself.
  • Translation edit has been optimized.
  • Translation system has been updated.
  • Translation works with special characters, both in booking calendar and WordPress admin.
  • UAE Dirham currency added.
  • Unpaid reservations do not display in WordPress back end, bug repaired.
  • Updating and fixing the translation database has been improved.
  • Use prices lower than 1 in a booking request, added.
  • User meta is deleted when the plugin is deleted.
  • When a booking calendar is deleted the reservations area is removed.
  • When hours are enabled, days details can be set manually or set depending on hours details on that current day.
  • Windows server mySQL text fields bug repaired.
  • WooCommerce support has been added.
  • You can set booking requests to by approved instantly, or not.
  • You have the possibility to calculate the total price using the last hour selected value, or not.


  • Security issue repaired.


  • TinyMCE shortcodes bug repaired.


  • Security fixes.
  • 3.9 compatibilities repaired.


  • Calendar "is stuck" bug repaired.


  • Localhost bugs repaired.



  • Initial release of Booking System (WordPress Plugin).

Requires: 4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 2 days ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


3.9 out of 5 stars


12 of 48 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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