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Booking calendar - Booking System

Booking calendar - Booking System plugin is an awesome tool for creating booking systems for your website. Create booking calendars in a few minutes.

WordPress Booking Calendar step by step guide

WordPress Booking Calendar - Calendars Page

On this page you can add new Booking Calendars, edit or delete existing calendars. Click "Add Calendar" to create new calendar. Type your calendar name. Then choose Theme,Form and Extra for your Booking Calendar.

Then select the calendar date(click on the start date, then click on the end date, if you need to select days from next months as well, then click on start date and change month from top and then select the end date) After you selected the booking calendar date you will see this options

  • Set days availability - Set Calendar days status using this option(Available, Booked, Unavailable).
  • Number Available - Set the number for available things(rooms, place or anything that users should book) in a day.
  • Price - Type the price for one day.
  • Marked Price - Type the marked price for one day.
  • Information for users - Type here information for your users(they will see it on booking calendar).
  • Information for administrators - Type here information for administrators(administrators will see it on booking calendar from admin panel).

After you set this options, you can save your Booking Calendar.

WordPress Booking Calendar - Reservations Page

On this page you can Approve, Reject, Cancel, Delete or just view Booking Calendars Reservations .

First you need to select the calendar you want to check(from top). Then you need to select the reservation and then change the status(also, you can select several reservations and then change their statuses from top). If you want to see the reservation details then open it from reservation top right side.

You can use the booking calendar filters page to find reservations you need quickly and easier. Use the reservation Status, select the Period or use search field. Also, use the Reservation Month View of our booking calendar, we think it's a handy function.

WordPress Booking Calendar - Forms Page

On this page you can add new Forms, edit or delete existing Forms. Click "Add Form" to create new Form. Type new form name. Then click on "Plus" button to add new fields or edit the default existing fields.

You can add 4 different type of fields. You can add simple text field, TextArea, Checkbox and Select fields. Open the field option from left for editing texts or selecting option.

Don't forget to save the new form that you have created.

WordPress Booking Calendar - Extras Page

On this page you can add new Extras, edit or delete existing Extras. Click "Add Extra" to create new Extra. Type new extra name. Then click on "Plus" button to add new Extra fields or edit the default existing Extra fields.

Open the extra field option from left, then set the option or remove the Items. Also, check the options for every item. Type the Label, choose the Operation type, choose Price type, type the Price/Percent.

Save the new Extra field.

WordPress Booking Calendar - Themes Page

On this page you can add new Themes, edit or delete existing Themes. Click "Add Theme" to create new Theme. Type new theme name.

Then edit the General options. You can set a different options for your calendar theme from this page such as Date format, Week days format, Start Day of the week, Enable instant approval and other options . Options like

Then open Styles and Colors tab and configure some design options. You can set the booking calendar Maximum width, font sizes, colors, background color and other design settings.

Then open Notifications tab and configure it. From here you can edit(disable) all notifications that users or administrator will receive.

Then open Default Texts tab and configure it. You can change the booking calendar default texts from here.

At the end save the new Theme.

WordPress Booking Calendar - User permissions Page

On this page you can set your users permissions for booking calendar. You can change users permission for following pages of booking calendar - Calendars, Reservations, Forms, Extras, Themes. For example if you set user permission for Calendars page to "Editor" Role, then all users that have this Role can get access for this page.

WordPress Booking Calendar - Uninstall Page

On this page you can remove the booking calendar plugin, but if you uninstall the plugin this way then you will delete all Database Tables of booking calendar. If you think that you can use our booking calendar in future then don't use this page for uninstalling our plugin(use the WordPress plugins standard page for removing Booking Calendar plugin).

WordPress Booking Calendar - Featured Plugins Page

On this page you can check our Featured plugins.

Feel free to contact us if you have any question about our Booking Calendar(use the following email - support@wpdevart.com).

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Requires: 3.4.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 4 days ago
Active Installs: 3,000+


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