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Better Notifications for WordPress

Send customisable emails to your users for different WordPress notifications.

1.6 - 12th December 2016

  • Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
  • New: Anonymous tracking of the features you use in BNFW is now an opt-in checkbox on the Notifications > Settings page. Please consider checking this box to help make BNFW even better. You'll also receive a 10% off coupon code when you sign-up to the mailing list too.
  • New: Notifications for privately published posts / pages / custom post types.
  • New: Notification and accompanying shortcode for customising WordPress Core Automatic Background Updates (Success / Fail / Critical).
  • New: Notification for User Password Changed.
  • New: Notification for User Email Changed.
  • New: Shortcodes for showing the old and new user role when used in conjunction with the User Role Changed notifications.
  • New: You can now add a 'Reply To' name and email address in the Additional Email Fields for all notifications that support it.
  • New: You can now prevent yourself from receiving notifications of comments or replies to comments on one of your posts by combining the two checkboxes 'Send this notification to the Author only' and 'Do not send this Notification to the User that triggered it'.
  • New: All transactional notifications can now be set to either HTML or Plain Text.
  • New: Better compatibility with Theme My Login.
  • Improved: Re-worded a checkbox to be more understandable. It did say, "Disable this Notification for the User that triggered it", but now says, "Do not send this Notification to the User that triggered it".
  • Improved: Compatibility with Mashshare.
  • Fixed: Global User Shortcodes weren't being outputted correctly in the 'Lost Password - For User' notification.
  • Fixed: Child themes weren't being registered correctly in the filter when using the front-end forms filter.
  • Fixed: The number of options within notifications was being limited to the number of blog posts WordPress was set to show.
  • Fixed: The 'Shortcode Help' button wasn't linking to the BNFW website correctly for some BNFW add-ons.

1.5.3 - 13th September 2016

  • Fixed: User Roles in the 'User Roles / Users' admin column were being displayed only in lowercase.
  • Fixed: The [wp_capabilities] shortcode wasn't outputting properly. It now displays the higher-level capabilities that the user has.

1.5.2 - 6th September 2016

  • Fixed: Custom User Roles were showing 0 users in the 'To' field.
  • Added: Generic CSS classes to BNFW admin.
  • Updated: German Translation to show English in certain places where translation text breaks the WP Admin UI (props @helmi).
  • Full code review and submission to WordPress VIP!

1.5.1 - 5th August July 2016

  • Fixed: 'Text' mode in the WYSIWYG editor didn't show any buttons when the BNFW Per-post Override Add-on was activated.

1.5 - 25th July 2016

  • New: Global Site Shortcodes! Include these in any notification to output the site title ([global_site_title]), site tagline ([global_site_tagline]), or site URL ([global_site_url]).
  • New: Global User Shortcodes! Include these in any notification to output the user's first name ([global_user_firstname]), user's last name ([global_user_lastname]), or user's email address ([global_user_email]).
  • New: The 'User Role Changed' notification has been split into two transactional notifications - one that can be sent to users and one that can be sent to admins.
  • New: Shortcode [featured_image]. Outputs the URL for the featured image (if one is available).
  • New: Shortcode [user_avatar]. Outputs the User's avatar when used in a capable notification.
  • New: Shortcode [commenter_avatar]. Outputs the comment author's avatar for comment-based notifications.
  • Improved: 'Comment Reply' notifications are now available to use for Pages and Custom Post Types.
  • Improved: When sending notifications to user roles in the 'To' field, it will now show how many users are in that role.
  • Improved: The 'Lost Password - For User', 'User Role Changed - For Admin', and 'User Role Changed - For User' notifications now have the option to 'Stop additional paragraph and line break HTML from being inserted into my notifications' via the checkbox below the WYSIWYG editor on the Add New / Edit Notification screen.

1.4.1 - 3rd June 2016

  • Fixed: Multiple emails were being sent for a single notification for a small number of users. After lots of hunting and lots of testing, I'm hoping this should now be fixed.
  • Fixed: The 'User Role Changed' notification was broken after the update to WordPress 4.5.
  • Fixed: The 'Password Reset - For User' and 'New User - Post-registration Email' notifications were being sent in HTML but with all carriage returns / line breaks stripped out.
  • Fixed: User shortcodes for new comments on custom post types weren't being outputted properly.
  • Fixed: The 'Notifications' BNFW menu item in the Sidebar in the WordPress Admin was showing for non-admins.
  • Added: German Translation (props Michael Schröttle).

1.4 - 8th April 2016

  • New: Shortcode [post_slug]. Output the post slug.
  • New: Shortcode [edit_post]. Outputs the link to edit the post / page / custom post.
  • New: Shortcode [post_parent_permalink]. Outputs a permalink to the post / page / custom post's parent item.
  • New: Shortcode [author_link]. Outputs a link to the post / page / custom post's author archive.
  • New: You can now add the collection of User Shortcodes to the 'Lost Password - For User' email.
  • New: Support for the 'O2' plugin, when used in conjunction with the 'P2' Theme via a filter. Please see the documentation for details.
  • Improved: Users were getting confused with the 'Welcome Email', thinking it operated like that in the 'SB Welcome Email Editor' plugin. The name of this notification has been changed from 'New User - Welcome Email' to 'New User - Post-registration Email' to help differentiate its functionality in BNFW.
  • Improved: The screen where you add your license(s) after purchasing any BNFW add-on(s) is now called 'Add-on Licenses', instead of going to 'Settings' and adding them there.
  • Improved: Setting a notification to send to 'the author only' now shows a label in the 'User Roles / Users' column in the 'All Notifications' screen.
  • Improved: 'New Comment / Awaiting Moderation', 'New Trackback', and 'New Pingback' notifications now show the 'Send this notification to the Author only' checkbox.
  • Improved: If a notification is present but disabled, the default WordPress notification (if there is one), will not be sent.
  • Fixed: New Post Published notifications weren't being sent if you had the Per-post Override add-on installed. - 26th February 2016

  • Fixed: New Post Published notifications were triggering multiple times due to auto_draft_to_publish. - 15th February 2016 - 12th February 2016

  • General bug fixes and updates relating to future add-ons and the new Per-post Override add-on which allows you to override your notifications for each post / page / custom post.
  • Added: New Post Published notifications now trigger on auto_draft_to_publish. This may or may not effect you if you publish through a front-end form or from an app. - 29th January 2016

  • The Add-on Store is now live! Looking for some extra, premium functionality in your notifications? You might find an add-on for it!
  • New: A filter is now available for adding compatibility to themes for creating posts using wp_insert_post. Please see the bottom of the FAQ for details.
  • Fixed: 'User Role Changed' notifications were being triggered for new users.
  • Fixed: The label for custom taxonomies was showing in the Notification select box even if you didn't have any.
  • Fixed: A warning was showing when no 'CC' or 'BCC' details were added but the 'Name' and 'From' details were specified.
  • Fixed: A warning was showing after a taxonomy was deleted but a notification existed for it.
  • Fixed: Replaced select2 v4 script for full version for better compatibility with other plugins.
  • Fixed: The javascript in the plugin is now translatable.
  • Added: French translation - props Mygale06. - 9th January 2016

  • Fixed: Missing shortcode link for new 'User Role Changed' notification.
  • Fixed: Duplicate 'User Role Changed' listing in the Notification select box.

1.3.9 - 9th January 2016

  • Happy New Year!
  • New: Transactional notification for when a User Role Changed. This is sent to the user when their User Role is changed.
  • Fixed: Ensure that at least one User or User Role is selected before saving a notification.
  • Fixed: select2 v4 update and compatibility with Ultimate Member and ACF Pro.

1.3.8 - 16th December 2015

  • Fixed: Notifications weren't being sent out at all. After lots of testing, I think this should now be resolved.
  • Fixed: An issue where quotes in the Subject field were causing part of/all the field content to be removed.
  • Improved: If you have more than 100 users on your site, the User Roles / Users select box will show the first 100 users only. You can search through the rest by typing the first character of a username in the select box and it will show you any matching users.

1.3.7 - 11th December 2015

  • Fixed: An issue where EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class was already declared by another plugin.

1.3.6 - 11th December 2015

  • Merry Christmas to you all!
  • New: Password Reset notifications can now be in HTML or Plain Text.
  • Improved: The Users / User Role select box now utilises live search instead of showing all users in a long list if you have more than 100 users. This should be a huge performance improvement if your site has a lot of users.
  • Updated: select2.js library updated to v4.
  • Fixed: Compatibility with password reset notifications in WordPress 4.1.0 and below.
  • Fixed: An issue where the 'Tag' label was showing incorrectly in the 'All Notifications' screen.
  • I've added a short disclaimer to the Description Tab regarding SPAM and overuse/abuse of this plugin which I recommend a quick read through.

1.3.5 - 9th October 2015

  • Fixed: A large bug that was causing issues with Password URL shortcodes in the 'New User Registration - For User' and 'Password Reset - For User' notifications.
  • Fixed: An issue where the 'disabled wpautop' checkbox was appearing on transactional emails.
  • Fixed: Some labels in the 'All Notifications' screen weren't formatted correctly.
  • Fixed: Translations weren't referenced correctly. Auto-translation will be done by WordPress.org automatically at some point in the future.

1.3.4 - 2nd October 2015

  • New: Choose automatic or manual paragraph / line breaks in the WYSIWYG editor. This fixes an issue where they were inserted automatically when they weren't desired. The checkbox for this is below the WYSIWYG editor.
  • New: You can now add images to your notifications using the 'Add Media' button above the WYSIWYG editor.
  • New: Portuguese Brazil translation for v1.3.3 (props Glayton Caixeta).
  • New: BNFW now has it's own website!
  • New: Buttons have been added linking to the Documentation and Shortcode Help sections of the website next to the WYSIWYG editor.
  • New: Support for premium add-ons, coming very soon! More info and sign-up for updates here.
  • New: Added a video overview of BNFW showing it's features and functionality to the main plugin page and website.
  • Fixed: The 'New User Registration - For User' now works again after WordPress 4.3 broke it.
  • Fixed: HTML using quotes was being escaped in emails.
  • Fixed: The 'Settings' sidebar menu item wasn't highlighting properly.
  • I also added all previous release dates to this changelog.
  • If you liked this plugin, please feel free to leave an honest review. If you didn't or have a problem, please send me a message in the Support Forum.

1.3.3 - 22nd August 2015

  • New: You can now send a notification to the Post Author only, where a notification supports it.
  • New: There is now an option in the Settings screen to globally set WordPress to send emails in either HTML or Plain Text. Please read the FAQ for more information about this as there is a small caveat.
  • New: Support for WordPress 4.3.
  • New: Pending posts that are changed to Published now trigger the 'New Post / Page Notification'.
  • Improved: Scheduled notifications now trigger two notifications, one for when they're saved as Scheduled ('Post Scheduled' / 'Page Scheduled') and one for when they're actually published ('New Post Published / New Page Published').
  • Improved: Swapped the green tick for a dashicons tick for a slightly more speedier, native-feeling plugin.
  • Improved: Reduced the flash of hidden elements when loading the New / Edit Notification screen.
  • Fixed: WordPress 4.3 doesn't allow passwords to be automatically created for new users and will instead, send them to a password generator page. The [password] shortcode has been replaced with [password_url]. [password] should still work though so it won't break your existing notifications.
  • Fixed: Some output was being showed when WP_DEBUG was enabled.
  • Fixed: Removed the 'slug' field when enabled from Screen Options.

1.3.2 - 20th July 2015

  • Fixed: Replaced a deprecated function which might cause a warning to show when WP_DEBUG was enabled.

1.3.1 - 18th July 2015

  • Fixed: The P2 theme wasn't triggering new post or comment notifications.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the shortcode help link at the bottom of the notification editor wouldn't link to the help page properly.

1.3 - 2nd July 2015

  • New: Option to disable notifications going to the user that triggered them.
  • New: Comment Reply Notification. This is a transactional notification that will only trigger when replying to the original comment (i.e. Up to 2-levels deep).
  • New: New Shortcode: Update Author. Use [post_update_author] in any Post or Page notifications to see which user updated the post.
  • New: Choose between sending the notification as plain text or HTML.
  • New: A basic implementation of shortcode help has been added into the plugin. Click the link below the message body editor to see which shortcodes can be used for the currently selected notification.
  • Improved: The 'New User Registration' (For Admin & User) and 'Welcome Email' notifications now allow you to use all of the 'User' shortcodes.
  • Fixed: Formatting in emails sent from other plugins were being effected by BNFW.
  • Fixed: Notifications for Categories, Terms and Tags weren't getting triggered.
  • Fixed: Notifications weren't getting triggered when using the P2 theme (please see the FAQ for more information about this).
  • Fixed: Additional Email fields were being shown for transactional notifications that couldn't use them.

1.2 - 19th May 2015

  • New: WYSIWYG Editor for notifications!
  • New: From Name, From Email, CC and BCC options are now available to use for each notification!
  • New: 'Send Me a Test Email' button. Save your notification first and then send yourself a test email! This will only go to you and not to any of the other users selected in the notification. Shortcodes will not be expanded but will be shown in place.
  • Improved: The User Role / Users drop down box has been unified for simplicity.
  • Fixed: Lost Password (For User) notifications were being sent in plain text.
  • Fixed: Not all custom post types were showing when setting up a new notification.
  • Fixed: Notifications for New Terms not generating notification emails.
  • Fixed: Custom Taxonomies missing from columns in the All Notifications screen.
  • Fixed: Added a space after lists of tags, categories, and terms.
  • Thank you again for all of your support, feedback, and awesome reviews. You people make WordPress great! - 21st April 2015

  • Compatibility with WordPress 4.2. - 15th April 2015

  • Fixed: Custom Post Type Pending Posts not being sent.
  • Fixed: Post excerpt not outputting anything.
  • Removed: [closedpostboxes_page], [rich_editing], and [admin_color] as was a bit defunct and causing issues.
  • Changed: [post_author] now outputs the display name instead of the author ID.
  • Improved: Clarity of custom post type and taxonomy labels. - 13th April 2015

  • Fix for Custom Post Type notifications not populating shortcodes.
  • Fix for Custom Taxonomy terms not sending out notification emails.

1.1.5 - 10th April 2015

  • New Shortcode: [permalink].
  • New Notifications: 'Scheduled Posts' and 'Scheduled Pages'.
  • New Shortcodes for the above Notifications: [post_scheduled_date] and [post_scheduled_date_gmt].
  • New Notification: 'New Page Published'.
  • New Notification: 'Page 'Updated'.
  • New Notification: 'Page Pending Review'.
  • New Notification: 'New Page - Comment'.
  • Fixed: A few bugs reported via the forums and some others that i've found - thanks everyone!

1.1 - 16th March 2015

  • Lots of cool new stuff and more to come soon!
  • Transactional notifications (notifications intended only for the end user) have been added as a new group in the notifications select box.
  • New Notification: Post Pending Review (for all post types).
  • New Notification: New User Registration (Transactional).
  • New Notification: Password Reset (Transactional).
  • New Notification: New User Welcome Email (Transactional).
  • Added an option to enable or disable each notification.
  • Better support for custom taxonomies and terms.
  • Fixed: A few PHP warnings were showing when using WP_DEBUG.
  • Fixed: HTML tags being stripped from [post_content] and [comment_content].
  • Removed: Some WordPress Multisite shortcodes that didn't work properly. Proper support for Multisite will come later.
  • If you liked this plugin, please leave a review. If you didn't or have a problem, please send me a message in the Support Forum.

1.0.2 - 17th January 2015

  • Bug fix for [ID] shortcode not outputting anything.
  • Bug fix for [post_category] showing as empty.
  • Added tags shortcode for use in certain notifications using [post_tag].

1.0.1 - 21th December 2014

  • Bug fix for notifications not being sent to custom user roles or individual users of custom roles.
  • Added a 'Notification Type' column to the notifications screen.
  • Renamed 'User Roles' column in notifications screen to 'User Roles/Users'.

1.0 - 17th December 2014

  • First major release - we're no longer in beta!
  • Total overhaul. The plugin has been completely re-written.
  • Auto-importer: Your old notifications will be imported when updating the plugin.
  • New 'Generator' for easily creating and editing your notifications.
  • More options and notification types as per feedback via the forums - thanks everyone!
  • Granular control over choosing either user roles or individual users you'd like to send a notification to.
  • Fully translatable.
  • Loads of bugfixes and improvements.

0.2.1 beta - 4th June 2013

  • Minor Bugfixes

0.2 beta - 8th April 2013

  • Added an option to suppress SPAM comment notifications.

0.1 beta - 25th March 2013

  • Initial version of the plugin.
  • Settings page for configuring notification types for roles.
  • Email Templates page for customising emails using HTML and shortcodes.

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


44 of 47 support threads in the last two months have been marked resolved.

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