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Displays a book's cover image, title, author, and other book data from BiblioShare

  • Where do I find an ISBN number?

The ISBN for a book is frquently listed in sources of book data, e.g., Amazon.

  • What happens if BiblioShare is slow, down, or unavailable?

BiblioShare's cover and/or data servers are up most of the time, but this cannot be guaranteed. The plugin times out in ten seconds (or the value configured in Settings) and displays an availability message where the data would normally go. When BiblioShare becomes available, the book data will be displayed normally.

  • How do I point the plugin to my library?

In the plugin Settings panel, configure an OpenURL resolver for your library.

  • How do I change the display?

Change the content, ordering and styling using the templates in the Settings panel. There are two kinds of template elements. BiblioShare elements (prefixed with a BS_) are original data from the data source. BookNet elements (prefixed with a BN_) are HTML formatted elements that use the BiblioShare elements and present them in a richer format for display. You can add your own HTML to the templates.

BiblioShare Elements

  • [BS_COVERURL_FULL] The web address for the full book cover image provided by the publisher
  • [BS_COVERURL_THUMBNAIL] The web address for a thumbnail version of the book cover image
  • [BS_TITLE] Title
  • [BS_SUBTITLE] Subtitle
  • [BS_SERIES] Series
  • [BS_CONTRIBUTOR] The author or contributor
  • [BS_FORMAT] Format
  • [BS_PRICECAD] Price in Canadian dollars, if available
  • [BS_PRICEUSD] Price in US dollars, if available
  • [BS_PUBLISHER] Publisher
  • [BS_ISBN13] 13 digit ISBN
  • [BS_ISBN10] 10 digit ISBN
  • [BS_PUBLICATIONDATE] Publication date

BookNet Elements

  • [BN_COVER_FULL] An HTML formatted cover
  • [BN_COVER_THUMBNAIL] An HTML formatted thumbnail cover
  • [BN_TITLE] Title: Subtitle
  • [BN_CONTRIBUTOR] Replaces (CA) with a Canadian flag
  • [BN_PRICE] Price in Canadian or US dollars, depending on the Country setting on the Options page
  • [BN_PUBLISHER] Publisher with link to the publisher's website, if provided
  • [BN_PUBLICATIONDATE] Publication date, formatted as mmm dd, yyyy
  • [BN_LINK_FINDINLIBRARY] If an OpenURL resolver is provided, this text links to the library catalogue record
  • [BN_IMAGE_FINDINLIBRARY] If an OpenURL resolver is provided, this image links to the library catalogue record
  • [BN_COINS] Invisible HTML with book data for integration with applications, e.g., Zotero
  • [BN_LINK_AMAZON] Link to Amazon by ISBN
  • [BN_LINK_CHAPTERSINDIGO] Link to Chapters-Indigo by ISBN
  • [BN_LINK_GOOGLEBOOKS] Link to Google Books by ISBN or title and author
  • [BN_LINK_LIBRARYTHING] Link to LibraryThing by ISBN or title and author
  • [BN_LINK_WORLDCAT] Link to WorldCat by ISBN or title and author
  • [BN_LINK_BOOKFINDER] Link to BookFinder by ISBN or title and author

Requires: 2.5.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.12
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 80+


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