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BMLT Tabbed UI

BMLT Tabbed UI implements a jQuery tabbed UI for BMLT.


  • Fix - PHP encoding issue causing headers already sent error.


  • Fix - Placeholder for Groups dropdown incorrectly had Cities.

  • Fix - Style tweaks to correct dropdown alignment.


  • No changes.


  • Update - Added latest version of select2 javascript library. This should fix conflict with All-in-One Event Calendar plugin.

  • Fix - Cleaned up css on dropdowns.


  • Fix - Apostrophe in format description was breaking html.

  • Fix - On some sites having no meetings on a weekday was breaking tab.

  • Fix - Cleaned up some css on the tabs.


  • Fix - Prevent scripts from loading on other admin pages.

  • Fix - Allow scripts to load on pages with BMLT shortcodes only.

  • Fix - Eliminated maps modal popup due to inconsistancy with browsers especially smartphones. Replaced with standard window in new tab / window.


  • Fix - SVN Problem. Missing version number.


  • Fix - Theme compatibility. Reduce tab width to accomodate sites with narrow page content width.


  • Fix - SVN problem. CSS file was missing.= 5.1 =

  • New - Combined header (dropdowns) with meetings into one interface.

  • New - Added "Map" popup with options for directions, street map, earth map, print map and GPS coordinates.

  • New - Show root server version in setup.

  • New - Show service body id, parent service body and parent service body id in setup.

  • Fix - More tweaks to the css for theme and smartphone compatibility.

  • Fix - Return "[connect error]" to meeting and group count when root server is down. Sites that have "[meeting_count]" shortcode on their homepage were hanging when root server was down. This should help.


  • Fix - Increased CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT to accomodate slower connections.


  • Fix - Calculation of end time was incorrect because of adding minutes twice. Thanks to ny_dave for reporting this.


  • Fix - Tweaks to the cache code.

  • Fix - Tweaks to the root server connection with better error reporting.

  • Fix - Tweaks to the css for theme and smartphone compatibility.


  • New - Default Service Body dropdown option field. This will allow using the shortcode [bmlt_tabs], [bmlt_count] and [group_count] without a specifying a service body.

  • New - Meeting Cache option field. This will allow specifying the meeting cache time along with deleting the cache.

  • New - Shortcode parameter "root_server". This will allow displaying meetings from a different root server.

  • New - Shortcode parameter "view_by". This will allowing listing meetings by weekday or city.

  • New - Shortcode parameter "include_city_button". This will allowing exluding the city button.

  • New - Shortcode parameter "include_weekday_button". This will allow excluding the weekday button.

  • New - Meeting format tooltip. This eliminates the format legend popup and replaces it with a more informative format legend per meeting.

  • Replaced - jQueryui scripts with built in WordPress jQueryui scripts.

  • Improved - Included additional checks for connection to root server with informative error messages.

  • Improved - Plugin code was partially re-written to be more efficient along with CSS style sheets.

  • Future - Shortcode paramters will become option fields to allow saving as defaults (similiar to the Default Service Body).


  • Fixed problem with connecting to some root servers (added CURLOPT_USERAGENT).


  • Replaced jqueryui buttons with html for compatibility with bootstrap.css

  • Replaced jqueryui popup modal with javascript for compatibility with bootstrap.css

  • Removed 50% of jqueryui code making plugin more efficient.


  • Fix problem with format legend styles.


  • Fix problem with format legend styles.


  • Fix problem with format legend styles.


  • Fix problem with format legend styles.


  • Fix problem with format legend styles.


  • Problems with submitting. See 4.8 for changes.


  • Added formats dropdown to filter meetings with a specific format.

  • Added shortcode parameter "has_formats" for hiding formats dropdown.

  • Added CSS wrapper to help with style compatibility issues.


  • Fixed css for table head - missed in 4.6.


  • Fixed css for table head - missed in 4.5.


  • Fixed unique_array problem.

  • Fixed css for table head.


  • Fixed problem with empty formats legend.

  • Added zip codes dropdown.

  • Added shortcode parameter "has_dropdowns" for hiding zip code dropdown.

  • Added shortcode parameter "dropdown_width" for adjusting width of dropdowns. Dropdowns were wrapping to next line on some sites.


  • Problems with submitting


  • Problems with submitting


  • Problems with submitting


  • Added option field for BMLT root server in settings - BMLT Tabs. This root server is required. BMLT Tabs can now be used on any BMLT server.

  • Added header above weekday tabs giving the ability to display meetings by weekday, city, group or location. Default is with the header.

  • Added shortcode parameter "has_tabs" to allow meetings to be listed in a table instead of tabs. This would be beneficial for service bodies with fewer groups. Default is with tabs.

  • Added shortcode parameter "header" to allow removal of the drop-downs. This will be helpful for backward compatibility.

  • Added button for pop-up dialogue of meeting formats legend.

  • Removed template support for now. Using shortcode parameters instead.


  • Fixed margin-top for format table.


  • Fixed margin-top for meeting list table.

  • Added missing help text.


  • Added new template. There are now 3 templates.

  • Removed unnecessary styles and styles that over-wrote theme styles.


  • Added some missing help text.


  • Added shortcode parameter to display meeting in a table.

  • Changed code to support additional templates in the future.

  • Changed method in which meetings are fetched from the server to a more efficient JSON query.

  • Removed unnecessary jquery scripts making code more efficient.


  • Added the ability to include multiple service bodies in the tabbed UI list of meetings.

  • Added the ability to include meetings from parent service bodies from the BMLT database in the tabbed UI list of meetings.

  • Added a new shortcode [bmlt_count] to return the number of meetings in a specific service body, muliple service bodies or all meetings.

  • Added a feature in which the tabbed UI interface defaults to the current day of week.

  • Changed the theme for the tabbed UI user interface.


  • Fixed accordian effect on slower connections by initial setting of display:none in class css-panes.


  • Left out jquery dependency for tabs.js on 1.3


  • Removed jquery.tools.min.js (which was being loaded from maxcdn which keeps going down)

  • Added tabs.js to plugin directory (which is a component of jquery.tools library)


  • Fixed URI on the screenshots page

  • Changed Plugin URI to WordPress plugin directory


  • Complete rewrite of plugin to conform with WordPress standards


  • Released on January 20, 2012

Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.3
Last Updated: 2015-6-17
Active Installs: 40+


5 out of 5 stars


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