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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Blue Hat CDN

Super-Charge your website using Blue Hat Turbo plugin for FREE! Supports Amazon CloudFront, Rackspace CloudFiles, and Blue Hat CDN!


  • Added feature to allow disabling of the auto empty cache feature for websites with over 100,000+ pages.


  • Fixed issue with load-scripts.php and load-styles.php expansion function to include dependencies for WordPress users.
  • Fixed issue with vertical scrollbar not displaying on exclude file/folder list.
  • Added fail safe check to ensure main plugin file is not called more than once to avoid PHP fatal error on WordPress.


  • Drastically improved sync performance for Amazon Cloudfront and Rackspace Cloudfiles users by removing Yahoo Smush.it service, JShrink, and CSSMin, and replacing them with our own in-house file optimization API.
  • Slightly optimized BlueHatNetworkFactory::getSyncModel() function by replacing the if statement with a PHP switch statement instead.
  • Fixed issue with JShrink not properly optimizing certain edge-case javascript files, by completely removing JShrink and replacing it with our own in-house file optimization API.
  • Fixed issue with the plugin reporting invalid API credentials error message when switching between CDNs on first attempt.


  • Added new URL variable to ignore for offloading and optimizing files feature for WordPress users. Thx to Phil (ugavetduddz) for reporting this issue!
  • Fixed issue with action URLs being optimized. Thx to Jason L. for reporting this issue and patiently working with our engineers to resolve the issue.


  • Improved performance slightly by removing preg_quote on strings that can be pre-determined.
  • Fix for externalize inline snippets function to exclude email masquerading snippets.


  • Changed JS Optimization Library for Amazon and Rackspace CDN users only from JSMin to JShrink because the JSMin is no longer maintained by its developers.
  • Updated CSSMin for Amazon and Rackspace CDN users only to the latest version for latest bug fixes and improvements.
  • Fixed PHP warning "Warning: curl_setopt() [function.curl-setopt]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set" when safe mode or open_base_dir is on, thx to our users Tim H., and Stathis K. for reporting the issue.
  • Added exclusion for email masquerading JavaScript snippet to prevent it from being externalized repeatedly since email masquerading snippets change per each request.
  • Removed reset Blue Hat Turbo index data upon install or reinstall plugin since it is no longer crucial to reset the index data upon installation or re-installation.


  • Fixed very tiny but critical bug which could leave a page render-less if it has inline javascript that is not properly terminated with a semi-colon.


  • Made the Safely Clear Index Data button in the admin panel work even if it can't load bhn.js.
  • Removed the PHP allow_url_fopen requirement and switched to PHP cURL instead for all POST and GET requests.
  • Moved the Combine JavaScript/CSS files feature to execute after the Externalize JavaScript/CSS files feature to allow it to combine the page further by combining your inline JavaScript/CSS with your other external JavaScript/CSS files.
  • Made sync process much much faster by allowing our CDN and software to upload multiple files at a time.
  • Removed Yahoo! Smush.it for Blue Hat CDN users since Yahoo Smush.it is a bit outdated, slow, over rated, and unreliable. Blue Hat CDN users now get the benefit of using our own advanced, custom, dedicated, and more importantly, modern, loss-less image optimization service which actually optimizes and compresses better than Yahoo's Smush.it service since it uses more modern optimization technology.
  • Removed Google Closure Compiler since it is too slow to be practical for on-the-fly optimization service. The few extra bytes it MIGHT save is not worth the long wait. We are now using Yahoo's YUI Compressor instead since their library is much faster and more mature than Google's.


  • Fixed issue with MeshHash compiler failing to compile if remote files are gzipped.


  • Fixed small but urgent bug with certain css files not being included in the sync process if they begin with an @ symbol.


  • Increased sync speed by removing file copy operations during sync process and replace them with in-memory optimizations instead.
  • Fixed issue with DNS Prefetch picking up invalid domains on page from inline javascript snippets.
  • Added allow_url_fopen php.ini requirement for faster file transfer.


  • Fixed issue with some JavaScript files failing to compile when they have a missing semi-colon at the end.
  • Decreased MeshHash compiler trigger settings to execute a little sooner on pages.


  • Migrated lock file mechanism to shared memory storage on database server to eliminate disk based dependency for web servers with slow hard drives.
  • Added new setTmp, getTmp, and deleteTmp functions for temporary memory-based shared settings.
  • Added legacy setHtml() function for older releases of Blue Hat Turbo plugin for Joomla! users.
  • Increased sync timeout for websites that have over 20,000+ files to scan, optimize and sync.
  • Further optimized and cleaned up code base.


  • Completely revamped and restructured the code base and admin interface to be more efficient and user-friendly.
  • Added new patent pending MeshHash™ technology, which is a progessive asynchronous compiler for long running background tasks, that handles JavaScript and CSS combining, compiling and optimization.
  • Added feature to combine multiple JavaScript/CSS files into a single static file using MeshHash™ technology.
  • Added feature to externalize large blocks of inline JavaScript/CSS code.
  • Added advanced server-side JavaScript/CSS compression using Google Closure Compiler for our Blue Hat CDN users.
  • Added SWF flash file optimization and offloading support to the plugin and CDN.
  • Added Shorten <DocType> Declaration feature for faster page rendering, and compliance with HTML5 standards.
  • Added Shorten Meta Content Type feature for faster page rendering, and compliance with HTML5 standards.
  • Added remove HTML comments feature.
  • Added new resume scan/sync feature.
  • Added new scan/sync zombie process detection for users in highly restricted hosting environments.
  • Added support for Javascript .map files to the plugin and CDN.
  • Added new feature to summarize the optimizations performed on any given page in an HTML comment.
  • Added feature to shorten long URLs to protocol-less URLs.
  • Added new database optimization feature for Joomla users which converts your database table engine from MyISAM to InnoDB for certain tables that require concurrency to address a performance flaw and bottle-neck for earlier versions of Joomla, like Joomla 1.5.
  • Added optimization feature to remove inline Javascript/CSS type attribute for faster page rendering and HTML5 compliance.
  • Added feature to automatically scan/sync files upon updating an article page.
  • Added WordPress optimization feature that eliminates the default load-scripts.php/load-styles.php concatenation method by combining the JavaScript/CSS files into an actual single static file, which completely eliminates the need for php.
  • Added lock file mechanism to alleviate the load on the database server during a scan/sync process, by storing all the related temp data on local disk instead of the database.
  • Added feature to assign offloaded files to a particular bucket, to avoid duplicate content penalities, leverage better browser caching, and ensure a file is served from the same bucket throughout the entire website.
  • Changed HTML optimizer to limit the characters per line to 1000 characters for smoother parsing on web browsers.
  • Made numerous text corrections and additions.
  • Increased compatibility with WordPress multi-site installations to only scan and sync files related to that child site.
  • Changed prefetch DNS feature to detect hostnames contained within inline JavaScript/CSS snippets, for even faster DNS resolution.
  • Updated all third party libraries to the latest versions from their respective upstream providers which addressed numerous bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Micro-optimized the php code base down to the last function by performing benchmarks and replacing slower functions with faster ones.


  • Fixed bug with absolute URLs when offloading to CDN.
  • Optimized compress HTML function.


  • Added feature to remove meta generator tag.
  • Packaged cacert.pem file for cURL on older systems.
  • Added disable_cdn URL variable for easy re-entrance of site in case of bucket issues.
  • Fixed issue rackspace now updating public cdn URI on cdn change.
  • Few minor code optimizations.


  • Optimized frontend regular expressions.
  • Fixed issue with truncated field in database causing parallel download feature to be disabled.
  • Few minor code optimizations.


  • Made compatible with other caching plugins, so now you can use Blue Hat Turbo alongside WP Super Cache, or any other local disk caching plugin for ultimate performance.


  • Initial stable release.

Requires: 3.1.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.16
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 200+


3.1 out of 5 stars


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