Blogger Importer Extended


Inspired by the good work done on Blogger Importer, this plugin tries to fill the gap including import for pages, a theme-friendly formatting conversion, compatibility with Blogger 301 Redirect plugin and more over.

Blogger Importer Extended can:

  • Import posts
  • Import pages
  • Import tags
  • Import comments
  • Import images
  • Import links
  • Convert formatting
  • Preserve slugs


  1. Due to Google APIs daily quota limitations the importer can be unavailable, try later.
  2. Due to Google policies, Blogger API v3 are only accessible through manually approved web services, so, any imported content (posts, pages, comments, etc…) go through our web service, only public contents are processed, no private data, no anything else.


  • Authorization
  • Blog list
  • Importing options
  • Importing process
  • Author assignment


  1. Upload the blogger-importer-extended folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Tools > Import > Blogger Importer Extended


The importer stopped unexpectedly, why?

The importer can stop for several reasons, most frequently reasons are:

  • Restart: when you refresh the browser page 2 or more import processes can be together active, so, BIE waits for the first one finish its work.
  • Timeout: the browser, a proxy, or something else, breaks the import process for some reason, usually a timeout.
  • Quota exceeded: BIE uses the Google Blogger APIs, these grant a limited number of requests per day and per second, if the quota is exceeded, the importer stops.



Great stuff! Worked perfectly with WordPress 4.8.1 – imported almost 3000 posts with their images.

Great plugin!

I just imported a blog of over 6000(!) posts to a local (XAMPP) WordPress site.
The export XML of Blogger was too big (64MB) for Blogger Importer, so I tried Blogger Importer Extended and it really saved my day! (That’s how long it took for the import to complete, but who cares if it does what no other plugin can do!)
Downside: the plugin doesn’t import categories, so now I have too re-categorise >6000 posts…
So if there will be an update to this plugin, please consider importing categories too.

Awesome plugin! Thank you Yuri Farina

This plugin helped me to migrate 5 blogger sites to WordPress, without losing so many links, collaborating with S.E.O!

But we need an update with even more improvements! *—*
– Option “NOT import images”
~TIP~ I currently need to modify the file “importer.php” in the <img [^>]*src="([^"]+blogspot... TO <img [^>]*src="([^"]+SomethingHere\.com...

– Option to import links into images <a href="ThisImageNeedImported.jpg"> <img src...

– BUG of broken links (/TitlePos.html instead of /TitlePost.html)

– By changing the date of a post, the BIE uses it for the custom link (MYSITE.COM/2017/08/OLDPOST.html instead of MYSITE.COM/2013/08/OLDPOST.html)

– add this ‘good_tags’: ‘script’, ‘style’, ‘form’, ‘input’, ‘ul’, ‘br’, ‘hr’…

– Option to convert blogger tags to categories or tags (the user decides, although tags are the best choice)

– Accept my translation of the plugin to Portuguese (pt_BR), as retribution! Check the translations page, it’s already there!

These are my suggestions to make the BIE even better! Again many thanks Yuri Farina for developing this plugin! <3

It doesn´t work at all!!!

I,ve tried all tips given in this forum, and nothing work at all… older versions, timeout number, etc… The plugin doesn´t work more, unfortunatelly!!! Please you have to fix it because it was the best import plugin!!!

I love it

This plugin helped me to easely move my website from blogger to wordpress.

Great – saved my life

This plugin saved my life while migrating my blog including pages, posts and media to WordPress.
All tags will be migrated as keywords by default.
This was super easy and quick.

Run once and don’t delete anything afterwards:
I did the mistake and deleted my posts because I thought I messed something up with the keywords but this was due to an import with another tool. Long story short, the second time it won’t import anything because it remembers it has been alread imported. Solution was to restore WordPress database and run it again.

Thank you for the plugin – donation done 😉

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Contributors & Developers

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  • Improvements on formatting conversion


  • Fix for page comments


  • Fix for unexpected timeout


  • Fix for alert loop
  • Workaround for imprecision in denormalized counters


  • Fix for posts without slug