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Blog Time

Display the time according to your blog via an admin toolbar widget, a sidebar widget, and/or a template tag.

How do I customize the format of the time string?

The widget and template tag allow you specify a time format directly. The default value for the time format, and the one used by the display of the blog time in the static admin widget, can be overridden by adding a filter to 'c2c_blog_time_format' and returning the desired time format. See https://php.net/date for more information regarding the time format.

Why is the time not changing in the sidebar widget?

The widget's "Use dynamic clock?" configuration setting may not be checked (which it is by default).

The time matches my computer's time; how do I know this thing is working?

Your machine may well be synced with the server's clock. One test you can perform is to change the blog's time zone (under Settings -> General). The blog's time will then be set to a different hour, which should then be reflected by the widget.

How do I go back to having the legacy static timestamp as opposed to the dynamic clock?

See the Filters section for the c2c_blog_time_active_clock filter, which includes an example line of code you'll need to add to your theme.

How can I show the blog's date instead of the time?

You could do something like this:

/* Insert the following code in the active theme's functions.php or, even better,
in a site-specific plugin. */

// Disable dynamic clock since a clock is not being displayed.
add_filter( 'c2c_blog_time_active_clock', '__return_false' );
// Change the datetime format string used by the plugin.
add_filter( 'c2c_blog_time_format', 'my_blog_time_format' );

 * Returns a custom datetime format string for default use
 * by the Blog Time plugin.
 * See https://php.net/date for more information regarding the time format.
 * @param string $format Original format string (ignored)
 * @return string New format string
function my_blog_time_format( $format ) {
    return 'M d, Y';

Requires: 4.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 700+


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