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WordPress gallery plugin with easy interface and very attractive hover animation effects. Plugin have simple clean interface, quick and simple gallery settings config. Plugin support multiply categories and advanced eye catching hover text animation. Our albums fully responsive it is support all mobile touch screen devices in gallery. You can create images albums with classical square thumbnail or grid layout. In gallery implemented modern, very stylish lightbox with dark and light themes.
With advanced media manager you can easily upload images to the gallery. With media manager you can manage all images. Change ordering and additional parameters for every image of the gallery. Plugin could publish albums with photos on the page with widget or in post/page with shortcode. For install and config you do not need any special skills. Everything build in WordPress native style.

Gallery Demos

Key Features

  • Fully responsive gallery – this is fully responsive gallery. You don’t need to worry about gallery view on different operation systems, browsers and screen sizes.
  • Mobile devices support – our gallery is automatically detect mobile devices visitors. Plugin generate code with count on all specific requirements of this type of devices.
  • Multi categories / albums – possible create not only single gallery on page but more complex structures. With gallery settings you can create build categories with sub-categories. There’s no limits for amount of the galleries on page.
  • Attractive Hover effects – with different hover animation you can create unforgettable style for your gallery. Just select hover effect from the list of pre-configured animation for thumbnails. We have plans to extend hover effects list.
  • Gallery with the fullscreen mode – lightbox of the gallery have full screen mode for the images slideshow. Very beautiful and stylish interface make you able to create gallery with fullscreen mode.
  • Breadcrumbs navigation – with such navigation element it is possible to provide your visitors few different, absolutely different navigation mode. Styles and view of the breadcrumbs could be easily modified.
  • Cover image for the gallery – we implement cover image for the case of the nested gallery categories. Cover image show as label of the sub category in current album.
  • Unlimited sub categories / albums – there’s no limits for amount of categories and nested categories in our gallery. You can publish as much as need albums of the pictures on page in single or mode with sub categories.
  • Plugin shortcode – publish your pictures on the front end by few different ways. Insert it into widget or post/page with plugin shortcode. Plugin shortcode automatically generated to the every images album in overview section of the plugin.
  • Batch images upload – manage of the image it is one of the most important parts of such plugin. Images it is main resource. You can upload images one by one or as a batch of the images. Don’t need any additional knowledge. Everything could be done in admin section.
  • Multi columns thumbnail layout – layout of the thumbnails on the front end have multi columns view. Amount and style of this layout could be easily modified in options block.
  • Lightbox with mobile devices support – implemented lightbox support all mobile devices and touch screen swipe navigation. Images and interface elements in lightbox resizing, changing position and view modes depend of the visitor device specification.
  • Gallery menu – menu on top of the gallery block provide you flexibility of the navigation and access to all categories of the current album. Style and functionality are configurable in settings.
  • Slideshow style lightbox – when you open enlarged image in lightbox you can see there additional navigation elements like thumbnails carousel and navigation arrows. This carousel could be used for two goals. First it is images preview and fast switch between images directly in lightbox mode.
  • Customizable Colors – all interface elements support colors customization. With color selector you can easily change color and transparency for main colors of the interface. This possibility give your freedom for customization. Make interface fit your page theme colors.
  • Customizable Interface Spacing – spacing and different padding between thumbnails of the images, navigation menu, breadcrumbs menu and many other elements it is very useful and simple way to configure interface. Make is more comfortable to your needs.
  • Image link – every image of the gallery have link option. Link could be absolutely different and we have no limits here. You can link pictures to some internal page of the blog. It is possible to link images to some other pages and domains.
  • Video link – every picture allow to use video link in image settings. Just insert link to the Youtube or Vimeo video in picture link field. When you click on thumbnail on the front end you can see popup with pre-loaded video.
  • Video in lightbox – video could be imported from hosted resources like youtube or vimeo. When you click on thumbnail with video link in lightbox you can see defined video.
  • Social media in lightbox – lightbox interface include social sharing functionality. With media share buttons you can share images on different resource. Supported resources is Twitter, Facebook, Google +.
  • Optimized to avoid conflicts – we did all tests to make sure that our plugin avoid conflicts with another themes / plugins. In the case if you have some kind of conflict just contact our support with fix request.
  • Optional touch swipe support – most of the modern mobile devices implemented based on touch screen technology. We have optional swipe navigation mode for the lightbox. This option could be switch off in settings of the gallery.
  • Advanced pagination function – pagination functionality make possible to have much more images on page. Pagination navigation have classic interface with button and navi arrows. Is it possible to define how much images you wish to have on page and how much images you have after first page load.
  • Lazy load option – this mode help to load images by parts. Do not overload page with huge amount of load resource in one time.
  • Classic and grid layouts – you can switch between classic style pictures thumbnails or with grid layout of the images. Just switch modes and gallery create thumbnails depend of ths settings.
  • Resizing crop function – additional functionality for configuration gallery images implemented in resources manager. It is possible to use crop function or rotate uploaded image.
  • Floatable front end interface elements – menu, thumbnails, breadcrumbs, pagination navigation and thumbnails spacing are floatable and support different positions on the front end.
  • Custom ordering of the images – ordering of the images in the gallery could be manual or custom build based on configured modes.
  • Compatible with IE, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome – plugin tested in all modern browsers versions. All functionality work exactly the same in all this browsers.

Useful Links

Functionality overview

Content Gallery

With our plugin you can create simple images section with animation. In plugin settings you can find shortcode which you can insert to the post or page. in the case of content usage instansce have all nessesary options for interface config. Plugin don’t have any limits for images hover animation effect.


Our lightbox provide you great looking images grid and lightbox with advanced interface. Interface looks stylish work very quick. Lightbox work properly with all mobile, touch screen devices. Lightbox interface have few elements: navigation arrows, thumbnails carousel. Lightbox support full screen mode.


Our plugin implemented with fully responsive layout. Our wordpress gallery tested on most popular mobile devices with different screen size. Lightbox and image on front page work properly with different screen sizes.


Front end interface represented as thumbnails grid. Plugin support few thumbnail layouts: classic square thumbnails and grid layout with different image size.

Portfolio Gallery

Use component as portfolio section of your website. Portfolio site it’s most effective way to represent result of your hard work. Portfolio with pictures it’s one of the most important section of your website. You can customize interface of your portfolio the way you need very fast.


Gallery have wide range of config settings where you can customize view. Media library can contain images of the different formats. Upload images into media resources, configure hover effect and styles off the thumbnails. Publish it in few minutes with eye-catching animation on your page.

Photo Gallery

Gallery it is main tool for photographer blog. Portfolio is the main section of the website for such type of the art. Exactly! Art, because photographer it is an artist. Quality of the photos representaion of the website it’s a key option. If you wish to show your photos the best way use this plugin and you will never sorry about it. Alot of options combination with simplicity gonna hit the target.

Image Gallery

Media resources on your block could have really different shapes and forms. You can use videos, images and text elements to create unforgettable page for your visitors. Quality of images and layout play very important role. In combination with other interface elements images make your pages more attractive.


Unfortunately for now this functionality do not implemented in our plugin. But we have plans to implement it in future releases. If you have some ideas or suggestions for this functionality feel free to contact our support team.

WordPress Step by step guide

Functionality Overview

It is much more effective to represent your product, service or some physical goods in good looking section of the website. Album view could contain different modes. Create great advertisement for goods or services which you wish to sell with attractive interface. When your combine flexibility of configuration and your creativity it is gonna be a very effective instrument. Why our photo album it is tool for you? It is simple with very modern and flexible interface. All elements of the user interface is highly customizable. Colors and styles could be changed in admin section of the plugin. Layout of the images could be easily changed. Plugin is support grid layout and classic thumbnails layout. Amazing tools for upload and configuration of the images. Image on the front end could have different shapes and amount of columns. Colors for the interface could be easily selected with color selectors. Hover animation looks amazing and cool. Animation which you find here fit to the absolutely different website style. Configuration of the hover animation really simple and you don’t need spend hours to get a clue how to manage it. Our albums is support unlimited level of categories. Categories show menu on top of the front end interface. Navigation have custom position with padding from sides. Buttons colors could be changed. Menu layout could have tree or list view. Every sub category could have different cover image. Select cover image from list of other media resources.
Don’t waste your time for fixing and fiting with other plugins which have bunch of conflicts. Our plugin tested on different platforms and multiply browsers.

General album settings

Max width – in our photo album we use smart algorithm for the size calculation. In Max Width option you define maximum allowed size of the thumbnails grid.
Thumbnails quality – here you can customize thumbnails quality. Depend of this value you will have different thumbnails resolution. Please check values for the thumbnails resolutions.
Image layout mode – here you can define photo layout modes. Classical with square shape thumbnails or custom grid layout.
General album thumbnails – here you can select which album image will be used as general thumbnail in category list.
Image align – here you can align whole thumbnails block depend of your need or disable alignment option if you do not need it.
Background color – here you can define background color for whole image block.


  • Gallery with light weight demo. White styles hover colors and animated text. White lightbox with slider and full screen mode. Screenshot 1.
  • Demo of the gallery with square thumbnails. Dark background and black border. Grey menu and dark lightbox. Screenshot 2
  • Multi pages pagination of the gallery. Fresh blue hovered images. White title and description. Screenshot 3
  • Zoom thumbnails of the gallery with hover effect. Combination of the different size borders. Fullscreen slideshow in lightbox. Screenshot 4
  • Layout settings of the gallery. Thumbnails. Align. Screenshot 5
  • Background color selector of the gallery. Thumbnails height. Screenshot 6
  • Horizontal and vertical offset for the thumbnails of the gallery. Horizontal and vertical thumbnails spacing. Screenshot 7
  • Hover text effect. Overlay color. Text color. Navigation view. Screenshot 8
  • Navigation size. Navigation color. Navigation offset. Breadcrumbs. Screenshot 9
  • Images per page. Pagination offset. Pagination size. Screenshot 10


Download plugin from the repository and install it using regular wordpress plugin installer. If you see some error or have any other problem


Installation Instructions

Download plugin from the repository and install it using regular wordpress plugin installer. If you see some error or have any other problem

How to install gallery ?

Download plugin from the repository and install it using regular wordpress plugin installer. If you see some error or have any other problem please contact our support team

How to upload images to the gallery ?

On the right side of the item settings you can see panel with big green button. This button open upload manager of the gallery. There you can manage all resources uploaded to the server. Upload new images or config already existen media of the gallery.

How to align thumbnails block on page with the gallery ?

In general settings of the gallery you can find align option. There you can align whole thumbnails block on front end page/post of the gallery.

How to change images settings of the gallery ?

In media manager, when you click on some image of the gallery you’ll see panel with additional parameters on the right side. There you can see all additional parameters for every particular image element of the gallery.

How to make linked image for the gallery ?

In resources manager you can find additional images parameters. There you can specify link to some page or video in the gallery. Link could be different for every photo of the image.

Where to change layout of the thumbnails for the gallery ?

In settings section you can find option layout mode. With this layout configuration option you can switch layout of the front end thumbnails of the gallery. You can switch between classic and dynamic layout modes.

How to change thumbnails resolution ?

Open settings section and there you can find thumbnails quality option where represented four implemented modes: small, medium, large or full.

How to select cover image for the category/gallery ?

You can select which category image will be used as cover in gallery on the front end. There is two options first or random option.

How to align gallery on the front end ?

In settings section you can align whole thumbnails block depend of your need or disable alignment option if you do not need it. Avaliable options is left, center, right or disabled.

Where to change background color of the gallery ?

In settings section you can find background color option. When you click on this field you’ll see popup where you can select background color for the thumbnails panel.


Work like a charm

I found the plugin relatively easy to use and very easy to embed in my existing pages. Great value and great support.


Plugin is really Great! Special thanks for the support team! I received their care in a timely manner!

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Contributors & Developers

“Gallery – Photo Gallery” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



2.1.6 Version

  • Front end code fix.
  • Added clone functionality.
  • Clone button in overview section.

2.1.5 Version

  • Modification of the feedback form interface.
  • Added support ticket link.

2.1.4 Version

  • Added new speedy contact form.
  • Update of the admin interface section.

2.1.3 Version

  • Added new premium link in gallery in plugins manager section.

2.1.2 Version

  • Update of the admin interface, fix of the functionality.
  • Added new Gallery list link to the plugins settings section.

2.1.0 Version

  • Update lightbox functionality.
  • Added new slideshow mode.
  • New Play/Pause button.

2.0.9 Version

  • Prepared set of modifications for multilanguage support.

2.0.8 Version

  • Optimization of the gallery CSS on the fron end.
  • Modified of the CSS structure for load speed up.

2.0.7 Version

  • Recommit of the last modifications

2.0.6 Version

  • Updated languages support.

2.0.5 Version

  • Recommit plugin 2.0.4 after error.

2.0.4 Version

  • Added new thumbnail quality option.
  • New thumbnails resolution configurations.

2.0.3 Version

  • Updated of the admin interface section.
  • Added new admin features.

2.0.2 Version

  • Added new features which hide text for on hovered thumbnail.
  • Fixed compatibility with old PHP version.
  • Modification of the admin section.

2.0.1 Version

  • Fixes of the front end CSS.
  • Fixes in styles of hover effects.
  • Updated admin interface notification mode.

2.0.0 Version

  • Absolutely brand new gallery, new core engine, new front end and backend! Great set of functionality! Almost no limits!