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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.


This plugin shows posts from a category on any page you like using shortcodes. Create multiple blogs within a blog using a category. Hode posts in a s


  • Fixed: Read more links for post excerpts are now fixed.
  • Fixed: Better calculation of offset if hidefirst n posts is used.


  • Fixed: %post_excerpt% should now be fixed and always displaying based on either excerpt, moretag or default in that order.
  • Added: Additional css classnames to the prev/next links
  • Added: bib-shortcode-in-post infinite loop protection.


  • Added: hidefirst shortcode parameter to offset the first n posts in the query.
  • Added: author and author_name selectors fpr posts by an author.
  • Fixed: Bug where user templates were not being saved to the database.
  • Fixed: Bug where Entity encoded chars in a template were decoded then causing problems on save.
  • Fixed: Bug where excerpts were not shown.


  • Fixed: (hopefully) issue with redeclaration of Markdown().


  • Fixed: issues with single post shortcodes.


  • Added: Tidied debug code: now shown in a textarea after the normal output of the plugin.
  • Added: apply_filter() calls on the_title and the_author template tags.
  • Added: User template creation within the database. You don't need to use files ever again!
  • Added: You can now use category_slug=<slug> in a shortcode if you know the category slug.
  • Added: You can now use tag_slug=<slug> in a shortcode if you know the tag slug.
  • Added: You can now use custom_post_type=<post_type> in a shortcode if you know the post type name you want to use.
  • Added: You can combine custom_post_type, category_id, category_slug and tag_slug in any combination to select the posts you want.
  • Added: WordPress theme template tag function blog_in_blog() added for direct use of the plugin in themes as well as posts/pages.
  • Added: Further tidy up of the admin page javascript; now remembers which tab was visible when you last saved changes.


  • Added: Option on Misc tab to turn off the javascript on the admin page, and tidying of HTML to go with it.
  • Fixed: Looking for templates in non standard places.


  • Added: Category hiding under WordPress 3.1 is slightly different, both methods returned for backwards compatability.
  • Fixed: POST_ID showing unecessarily. Don't you love debug code!
  • Fixed: Markdown clashes with wpautop() <br> tags now correct.
  • Fixed: We now look in whichever folder your uploads is set to.


  • Added: Uninstallation now removes bib options from database.
  • Added: Editing of template in the blog-in-blog admin page. Your existing default template will have been copied here when you upgraded
  • Added: This readme.txt as a help tab on the admin page.
  • Added: Lots of new explanation in readme.txt and admin page based on your support queries. (please use the new .pot file if you are a translation author)
  • Added: French translation.
  • Changed: The admin page has been revamped with a tabbed menu.
  • Changed: File extension for Dutch translation becomes nl_NL.


  • Added: German translation.


  • Fixed: some minor bugs.


Finally released version 1.0!

  • Added: Custom fields are now picked up as template tags that are available in the bib_post_template.tpl.
  • Added: Sorting on a custom field is now possible. Will sort alpha/numeric or dates.
  • Added: Registered [bib] as a shortcode to save you typing [blog_in_blog] every time!
  • Added: `%post_thumbnail%' template tag for those wanting to use the WordPress featured image functionality.

  • Added: post_id= option for shortcode, will show a single post based on its post id.

  • Fixed: Galleries will now be corectly shown in the output from Blog-in-Blog.

  • Trying yet another fix for apply_fiters() issues.
  • Now multiple [blog_in_blog] shortcodes on a single page are supported.

  • Tried a different fix for apply_fiters() issues. Basically other plugins and themes were calling the_content and attempting to reapply the blog-in-blog shortcode, causing max nested loops errors or infinite loops.


  • Fixed issue causing infinite loop with other plugins that call appy_filters() on the_content which will cause shortcode to be re-applied again and again.


  • Added: order_by parameter to choose the field to sort on.
  • Added: Debug option on the admin page, blog-in-blog will then dump stuff to your browser window. You can send enable this is you need help.
  • FIxed: spacing of tags in %post_tags%.
  • Updated: translation (pot) file.


  • Added: %post_tags% template tag.
  • Fixed: pagination now shows when there are more than one categories selected.


  • Fixed: A ridiculously silly bug introduced while implementing the Settings API which meant you couldn't change/initially set the categories hidden from the home page!


  • Added: %post_excerpt%' tag (will only show anything if you actualy have an excerpt). blog-in-blog already recognises the` quicktag.


  • Updated: Admin page now uses the WordPress Settings API.


  • Added: Shortcode sort order option: [blog_in_blog category_id=3 sort=newest ] sort can be one of oldest first (ASC) or newest (DESC). Default is always newest first.


  • Fixed: overwriting of bib_post_template.tpl. It is still overwritten but when loading the template we look for the template file in wp-content/uploads first. So that's where you should put yours!
  • Updated: explanation in the readme.txt


  • Added: Admin page option to hide categories from feeds.
  • Added: More template tags for use in the default template.
  • Added: 'Potential overwrite' warning if you are using the default template file.
  • Added: Hide page navigation option. (see installation notes)


  • Added: Include user templates for different blog-in-blog pages. See "Installation" for details.
  • Added: Author and Author Avatar are now available in the default template.
  • Fixed: page navigation bug when permalinks are used.


  • Added: A category tag to the template so that if a post appears in other categories the categories are displayed.


  • Added: i18n support


Further Bug fixes around initial installation: dealing with no categories and no posts to display.


  • Added: Application of the <!--more--> tags to posts.
  • Added: Hiding of multiple categories from home page, you can now have as many blog-in-blog pages as you like.
  • Fixed: Bugs with empty arrays when blog-in-blog first installed.


  • Added: Paging of posts if more posts than will fit on page


  • Early point release with minor bugfixes

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.3.2
Last Updated: 2012-3-3
Active Installs: 10,000+


5 out of 5 stars


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