This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Bizarski Cute Records


Cute Records can manage albums, track lists, lyrics, album covers, mp3 files, and more.

You can display a list of released albums, or just one album. The lyrics and album covers are displayed inside a Fancybox window (jquery). The MP3’s are streamed online using a built-in lightweight flash player. Easily set the image size of the album covers. Customize layout using CSS. The records can be displayed inside a post or a page, using shortcodes. You can also display a selected record in an area by using the built-in widget.

Bizarski Cute Records Plugin – Features

This is a list of the main features that this plugin has. For feature suggestions, feel free to contact Bizarski.

Manage Records

  • Easily upload an album cover. The image will be automatically resized and cropped.
  • Add information about a record: album name, release date, album format, and record label.
  • Add additional information: artist name, catalog number, and more.
  • Add up to three buttons with customizable text and links.

Display Records

  • Display a list of records inside a page or a post.
  • Limit and offset the list of records for pagination.
  • Display details of specific album.
  • Display the album cover of a specific album, thumbnail or full-size.
  • Display the album cover of a specific album inside a widget with customizable link.

Manage Tracks

  • Add information about a track: name, number, and length.
  • Add additional information: link to video, and lyrics.
  • Upload an mp3 of a track and let visitors listen to it online.
  • Set mp3 file to be downloadable.

Display Tracks

  • Display the track list of each album in the list of all records.
  • Separately display the track list of a specific album.
  • Lyrics will be displayed inside a Fancybox window.
  • Video link will be opened in a new window.
  • MP3 will be streamed online using a built-in lightweight flash player.


The Bizarski Cute Records plugin currently has 4 shortcodes.

Display records

  • Display a list of all records: [cuterecords_display]
  • Display 5 records after skipping 10: [cuterecords_display limit=5 offset=10]
  • Display a list of the latest 5 records with their track lists included: [cuterecords_display limit=5 show_tracklist=1]
  • Display details of specific album: [cuterecords_display id=1 show_tracklist=1]

Display an album cover

  • Display the full-size album cover of record #1: [cuterecords_show_full_cover id=1]
  • Display a thumbnail of the album cover of record #1: [cuterecords_show_cover id=1]

Display track list

  • Display the track list of record #1: [cuterecords_tracklist id=1]

Known issues

  • Sometimes the Fancybox window appears behind the website menu. To fix this issue, go to your theme’s CSS file and look for z-index rules that have a value higher than 1100. Change their value to 1099 and save the file.
  • The plugin “Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast” causes Fancybox to misbehave.
  • Flash player’s button in all versions below 1.4.1 will not work in Internet Explorer.
  • All versions below 1.4.0 will cause issues in the Dashboard of WordPress 3.5 and above.
  • Lyrics and mp3 streaming don’t work in versions below 1.3.6, because of missing javascript files.
  • The track player in version 1.2.0 could crash, and is very heavy on the browser. Please, upgrade to higher version for a lightweight player.
  • Upgrading from version 1.1.0 to any newer version will delete all album covers and mp3’s.
  • Upgrading from version 1.0.0 to any newer version will delete all widget links.


  • screenshot-1.jpg - Tracklist and album cover displayed in the front end
  • screenshot-2.jpg - Adding a new record from the back end


  1. Download, install, and activate the Bizarski Cute Records plugin.
  2. From your WordPress Dashboard, go to Cute Records > Manage Records/Tracks > New Record/Track > Follow the on-screen cues.
  3. Go to a post/page, and enter one of the shortcodes to display one or more records.

For more details, you can also have a look at the plugin homepage.

Contributors & Developers

“Bizarski Cute Records” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Bugfix: Fixed flash player’s button issue in Internet Explorer.


  • Bugfix: Fixed incompatibility issues with WordPress 3.5.
  • Changed: Improved filtering by record in the track management.


  • Bugfix: fixed issues with opening lyrics and streaming mp3 files.


  • NEW: Added a shortcode argument for displaying a specific album.
  • Changed: Reordered the elements of album specification.
  • Removed: Removed the fields “Album type” and “Running time” from album specification.
  • NEW: Added a “More info” field for records.


  • Secured: Don’t allow downloading of streaming mp3 files.
  • Changed: Converted the mp3 player script into a jquery plugin.


  • Bugfix: Made the flash player lightweight, no longer crashing.
  • NEW: Added filtering by album in the track management.
  • NEW: Added an “Artist Name” field for records.


  • NEW: Added a flash mp3 player for streaming mp3 files.
  • NEW: Added choice between opening links in new window, or same window.
  • NEW: Added a “Downloadable” option for uploaded mp3 file.
  • NEW: Added a “Video” field for tracks.
  • NEW: Added a “Catalog Number” field for records.


  • Changed: Cleaned up folder structure.


  • Bugfix: Fixed a javascript issue.
  • Changed: Moved file storage to WordPress’s “upload” folder.


  • NEW: Added support for displaying a track list for each album in list: [cuterecords_display show_tracklist=1]
  • Changed: When clicked, the album cover will be displayed in its full size inside a Fancybox window.
  • NEW: Added support for up to three buttons per album.
  • NEW: Added support for uploading mp3 files of album tracks.
  • NEW: Added support for custom URL inside the widget.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a display issue with longer album titles.