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BirchPress Scheduler - Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling

BirchPress Scheduler is an appointment booking and online scheduling plugin that allows service businesses to take online bookings.


  • Improvement: open ‘Edit Appointment’ page in a new browser tab by right clicking the appointment title in Admin calendar.
  • Bug Fix: remove the white part overlapping the menu of the dashboard on the left side.
  • Improvement: performance improvements on appointment editting.


  • Enhancement: improve the performance of the admin calendar.
  • Improvement: Disable the days which are fully booked in the booking form.
  • Require PHP 5.3 or above.


  • Enhancement: Implement some UI changes to improve user experience
  • Enhancement: Support up to 10 languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish
  • Enhancement: Allow the administrator to modify service, location or duration when rescheduling appointments
  • Enhancement: Support WordPress 4.0


  • Bug Fix: Conflict with other plugins which use the lessphp lib.
  • Enhancement: Make location and service editable when rescheduling at the backend.


  • URGENT BUG FIX: staff and service setting can not be saved correctly.


  • Bug Fix: work around a PHP core related bug that exists in some versions of PHP


  • Bug Fix: hide the additional text box in the booking form which is introduced in the version 1.7.1.


  • Improvement: Implement a new UI of booking in WP Admin
  • Improvement: Add Polish translation file
  • Improvement: Improve the plugin performance


  • Bug Fix: fix the bug of double booking at same time slot on different locations


  • Improvement: Support selectable provinces of Canada and several other countries.
  • Improvement: Support BHD currency.
  • Improvement: Support showing 'All' in location dropdown list in Admin calendar.
  • Bug Fix: Fix the bug of deleting customers


  • Refactoring code with the new architecture to make the plugin more flexible and extensible.


  • Improvement: Update the German .po file
  • Improvement: Support adding shortcode to a pageline section
  • Improvement: Delete ‘undefined’ text in front end dropdown list
  • Bug Fix: Customer’s name not updated in the calendar


  • Bug Fix: WordPress 3.6 compatibilty bugs
  • Bug Fix: WP Admin appointments loading bugs
  • Bug Fix: Fix some plugin conflicts
  • Enhancement: Change staff member work schedule interval to 5 mins


  • Bug Fix: Compatible with WordPress 3.6
  • Enhancement: Add ‘All’ view for locations
  • Enhancement: Support adding attributes to shortcode [bp-scheduler-bookingform] to filter the location, service and staff member options
  • Bug Fix: translation of frontend calendar


  • Bug Fix: Fix the corrupt language files.


  • Enhancement: Support Finnish
  • Enhancement: Support United Arab Emirates Dirham currency (AED)
  • Enhancement: Support adding booking form to the sidebar widget
  • Bug Fix: Fix a timezone related bug

  • Bug Fix: The location field are shown again when there is only one option. This bug is introduced in

  • Bug Fix: Some plugins or themes replace line breaks with
    tags in the shortcode, which messes up the booking form.


  • Enhancement: Optimize the booking form for responsive themes.
  • Enhancement: Support French.
  • Enhancement: Hide the service field in the booking form when there is only one option.
  • Enhancement: Hide the service provider field in the booking form when there is only one option.


  • Enhancement: Admin can select existing clients when adding appointments.
  • Enhancement: Add payment histroy tracking
  • Enhancement: Redesign the booking form to improve usability.
  • Enhancement: Admin can change the duration of the appointment.
  • Enhancement: Hide location when there is only one.

  • Update select2 lib to make the booking form compatible to some themes.


  • Update translation files
  • Bug Fix: translation related bugs
  • Bug Fix: services can not be assigned to staff if services are too many
  • Enhancement: try to resolve 'open_basedir restriction in effect' problem


  • Add Hungry support
  • Update Spanish and Spanish Chile
  • Bug Fix: Fix confliction with other plugins.

  • Bug Fix: javascript errors happen when staff select box is empty
  • Bug Fix: time options is empty if the end time of work schedule is 11:45pm

  • remove some warnings


  • More flexible work schedule settings
  • Use select2 library to improve user experiences
  • Set first day of the week
  • Fix some translation bugs
  • Sort services by alphabetical order
  • Remove hyphens if the service price type is "don't show"
  • Add Turkish lira and South Africa rand support


  • Users with editor role can change business settings
  • Fix some translation bugs


  • IMPORTANT: remove unnessary time availability check in the admin calendar


  • CRITICAL: Version 1.3.4 is a bad build. Please update to 1.3.5


  • Show update notices
  • Fix a display bug of showing time options in the frontend
  • Validate email when saving in the client editing view
  • Add waiting message when client booking

  • Support date and time format settings
  • Bug Fix: confirmation datetime is incorrect
  • Support Glider-like themes

  • change css rules to be compatible with more themes.

  • change the booking form design


  • Improve usability of the booking form with calendar view
  • Blocking to select date in the past


  • Compatible with WordPress 3.5 now
  • change several css class names in the booking form to avoid conflicting with some themes.


  • change permission level


  • Dutch support (Thanks to Edwin ten Brink)
  • Fix the admin menu disappeared bug
  • Fix some other bugs


  • BirchSchedule is now BirchPress Scheduler
  • Fix a shortcode rendering bug
  • Shortcode [birchschedule_bookingform] is deprecated and replaced by [bp-scheduler-bookingform]


  • clean some notices and warnings.


  • Multi-currency support
  • Timezone support
  • Add translation files to support i18n
  • Fix the padding time bug
  • Filter staff by locations


  • Fix a deletion bug.


  • Fix the bug that only five staff are shown in the staff list.


  • Fix the bug that pages containing escape booking form shortcode render unneeded scripts.


  • Init release.

Requires: 3.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-2-8
Active Installs: 5,000+


4.6 out of 5 stars


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