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This plugin integrates BigBlueButton functionality into WordPress.


  • Updated. Updated tag.
  • Fixed issue. Fixed issue with permissions to roles rised after the change to custom roles in the previous release.


  • Updated. Tested on WP 4.3 and updated tag.
  • Fixed issue. Fixed issue with custom roles not being considered for matching with BigBlueButton roles.
  • Added feature. An static voicebridge can be passed as a parameter using the shortcodes e.g. voicebridge="99999".
  • Added feature. An specific set of meetings can be included in the form by adding the list of tokens to the shortcode. e.g. tokens="12345,54321".


  • Updated. Tested on WP 4.1 and updated tag.
  • Fixed issue. Fixed two potential security vulnerabilities.
  • Fixed issue. Increased the interval for polling BBB meetings when waiting for moderator is used.
  • Fixed issue. Relative links for polling request and spinning wheel image where not working in some deployments.


  • Updated. Tested on WP 4.0 and updated tag.


  • Fixed issue. The password form in the widget was not rendered correctly.


  • Fixed issue. The login form was rendered out of the limits when the widget was used in a narrow side column.


  • Fixed issue. Password required option not working for registered users. Only for Anonymous.
  • Fixed issue. Form was rendered out of bounds when using the widget.


  • Added feature. Form presentation can be customized using css.
  • Added feature. Two demo meetings are created by default when the plugin is installed.
  • Fixed issue. Polling image not showing up on multisite deployments.
  • Fixed issue. Token generation causes an error when php < 5.3 or no openssl available.


  • Fixed issue. Meeting could not been deleted.
  • Fixed issue. Meeting could not been added when using non updated MySQL versions.


  • Fixed issue. List of recordings did not show the correct duration on 32-bit servers.
  • Fixed issue. When using short codes, the bigbluebutton content appeared at the very top on the page or post.
  • Fixed issue. For anonymous users the join meeting form was always shown, even though they were allowed to sign without password.
  • Fixed issue. Recording link broken when the recording is not published
  • Fixed issue. Anonymous user were not able to join meetings without password, even though the settings were correct
  • Changed meetingId. WordPress meetingID is no longer the BBB meetingID. Instead a short 13 characters internal token is used to generate the real meetingID.
  • Added feature. Title on recording list can be set up using a shortcode parameter [bigbluebutton_recordings title='Example'].
  • Added feature. Included classes and ids to the html tags for enable designers to add style.
  • Added feature. Password are random generated when not included in create form.
  • Added feature. Extended shortcode can receive token id and submit message [bigbluebutton token="a7ccc7f752f65" submit"Meet me there!"]. [token] can be taken from the list of meeting rooms created, when set the join button will link to the specific meeting. [submmit] will override the text in the join button.


  • Fixed issue. On admin UI users were prevented to join meetings using the meeting list.
  • Fixed issue. When installing and/or updating a version the activate methods were not properly working.
  • Changed permissions. Administrator can now set moderator or attendee as default bbb-roles to the different wp-roles available.
  • Changed permissions. Administrator can now set -manageRecordings and -participate permissions to any of the wp-roles available.
  • Changed interface on joining form. If there is only one meeting the selection box is not shown.
  • Changed logouturl. The logout url is now the page from where the create/join call was made instead of the main page.
  • Added feature. Plugin can be used on multisite deployments.


  • Fixed an issue on update control that prevented 1.0.1 deployments to be properly updated.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the plugin to work on webservers running php 5.2.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented meetings to be created in recording mode.
  • Added a warning to the welcome message on the bigbluebutton chat box when the meeting is recorded.
  • A generic welcome message can be set as parameter using the shortcode [bigbluebutton welcome='
    Custom message


  • Changed version control. 1:major version (remains),2:minor version (former release version),3:release version.
  • Added shortcode [bigbluebutton] to render an access form into a page or post.
  • Meetings can be configured to be recorded (optional).
  • Configuration form shows the list of recordings available for the WordPress server.
  • Admin users can publish/unpublish and delete recordings from the BigBlueButton server.
  • Added shortcode [bigbluebutton_recordings] to render the list of recordings into a page or post.
  • Performance improvements (Important: This release does not support multi sites and is not localized)


  • Wait for moderator is now meeting specific.
  • Added confirmation messages when ending or deleting a meeting.
  • Performance improvements.


  • Updated to use version 1.2 of the php api.
  • Uses time stamps for the meeting version, which results in better performance.
  • Includes some bug fixes.


  • Added the initial files.

Requires: 3.0.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.8
Last Updated: 1 year ago
Active Installs: 2,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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