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Better Search

Better Search replaces the default WordPress search with a better search that gives contextual results sorted by relevance


  • Fixed: Bug where highlighting search terms broke HTML in links


  • New: Network Activate and Deactivate the plugin on WordPress Multisite
  • New: Option to highlight search results. If missing, add: .bsearch_highlight { background:#ffc; } under Custom Styles
  • New: Fully filterable search query
  • New: Recreate Index button in the settings page
  • New: Delete transients button in the settings page
  • Modified: Better Search will now try BOOLEAN MODE and non-FULLTEXT modes in case FULLTEXT search doesn't return any results
  • Modified: Deprecated always dynamic heatmap option that bypassed cache
  • Modified: Reorganised admin interface
  • Modified: Seamless mode is now the default mode
  • Modified: Better Search uses transients to catch results when not using seamless mode
  • Modified: Search form uses class instead of id
  • Fixed: Seamless mode would overwrite all queries, even those outside the loop
  • Fixed: WordPress widget settings


  • Fixes missing wick files in Settings page 404 error


  • Fixed: Seamless mode interfered with the Media search in the Admin
  • Fixed: Potential Reflective XSS vulnerability


  • New: Option to add noindex,nofollow meta tag to the header
  • Modified: Tracking script now set to bypass Rocket Loader
  • Fixed: Class of header row on search results page. You can now add your custom styles to bsearch_nav_row1 and bsearch_nav_row2
  • Fixed: Widget search heatmap colours were not loaded properly


  • New: Responsive admin interface
  • New: Seamless integration mode. With this enabled, you can benefit from relevant search results displayed how your theme intended it to be!
  • Modified: Modified get_bsearch_heatmap to accept an array of parameters. If you're using this function, please note the modified usage in the FAQ
  • New: Option to turn off tracking searches of Admins and Editors
  • Fixed: Widget initialisation
  • Modified: Reformatted code to follow WordPress PHP Standards


  • New: Profanity filter. Courtesy Banbuilders
  • New: Option to turn of the search results tracking. Ideal if you don't care about the popular search terms on your blog
  • New: Option to include the thumbnails in the search results
  • Modified: Search results now have better pagination. This is especially good when you have lots of search results - Thanks to J Norton for this feature
  • Modified: Plugin should now return results even if the search word is less than 4 characters
  • Fixed: Bug fixes - Thanks to Rich for some of the fixes


Fixed: PHP Notices


  • Modified: Revamp of admin interface of the plugin
  • Added: New option to activate BOOLEAN mode of mySQL FULLTEXT searching. Check the mySQL docs for further information on this
  • Added: Custom post type support. Now choose what visitors are allowed to search
  • Added: Links in the search heatmap are no-follow by default. You can turn this off in the Settings page
  • Added: Option to make make heatmap links to open in a new window
  • Added: Option to turn off the display of the heatmap on the results page
  • Added: New CSS classes for heatmaps on the search results page - heatmap_daily and heatmap_overall
  • Fixed: Possible cross-site request forgery issue in the Settings page


  • Fixed: "Missing argument" error for heatmaps


  • New: Updates for better search template compatibility. New template included in this release
  • Modified: Relevance score is now displayed as a percentage
  • Fixed: Daily search terms were not being cleared
  • Modified: Default search colours for the heatmap are grey and black instead of blue and red
  • Modified: Plugin will not add a link to Better Search homepage by default
  • Modified: New WordPress widget to display the popular searches in your sidebar
  • New: New template file based on Twenty Eleven WordPress theme


  • Two new fulltext indexes added... the first step to better control on search results


  • Bug fixed in display of daily search heatmap


  • Fixed a bug


  • Fixed a bug


  • Critical Fix: Possible security hole


  • Fixed: Searches not tracked when not using template


  • Fixed: Certain search terms didn't work


  • Plugin now allows use of template file. Create a file better-search-template.php in your themes folder.
  • Pages are also included in the results. You can turn it off in options
  • Drafts are no longer included in results
  • WordPress Title rewritten
  • Added support for localization.


  • Release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 7 months ago
Active Installs: 6,000+


4.1 out of 5 stars


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