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Better Internal Link Search

Improve the internal link popup manager with time-saving enhancements and features.

1.3.0 - December 1, 2016

  • Fixed the functionality that limited search results to items with the search term in their title after a change in core disabled this feature.
  • Fixed the spinners on screens with post list tables.
  • Fixed the Spotify search modifier.
  • Updated URLs to https where possible.
  • Transferred to Cedaro.


  • Prevent errors with other plugins using AJAX when internal-link-manager.js is enqueued.
  • Removed German translation files in favor of WordPress.org language packs.


  • Loaded scripts and styles anywhere the editor is loaded to make the improved internal searching available. Props joostdevalk.
  • Updated German translation. Props wpdocde.
  • Fixed a typo in the help text. Props christophherr.


  • Fixed a bug when using with Advanced Custom Fields. Props lmartins and coreyw.


  • Updated the search field to selector to account for an id change in WordPress 4.2.
  • Used isset to check for a property an variable to prevent notices when it's not an object.



  • Added a setting to disable inclusion of term archives in default search results.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the 'pre_better_internal_link_search_results' filter to have no effect on results.


  • Fixed the automatic searching feature that quit working in WordPress 3.9. Works in 4.0+.
  • Internationalized additional strings.
  • Minor code clean-up.


  • Cleared floats for descriptions in results to prevent overlap.
  • Quit suppressing filters for instant search so other plugins can filter the query.
  • Initialized the instant search query using wp_edit_posts_query() instead of WP_Query().
  • Fixed strict PHP notices.


  • Fixed a syntax error when calling array_merge().


  • Added a check to prevent errors with plugins that don't use the WordPress AJAX API.
  • Updated JavaScript to pass JSHint tests.
  • Updated text domain and improved loading of language files.


  • Changed keypress event for typeahead search results to work in Chrome.
  • Added an action to the typeahead AJAX callback so custom P2P columns display.
  • Added support for WordPress SEO custom columns.


  • Fixed a bug with instant search in WordPress 3.5.
  • Better compatibility with plugins that create custom columns, specifically Codepress Admin Columns.
  • Cleaned up code formatting and whitespace.


  • Added instant search on Manage Posts/Media screens.
  • Reorganized the plugin structure.
  • Fixed a bug with paging for local search modifiers.
  • Added "-media" search modifier by Erik Larsson (Twitter: @e_larsson).


  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow builtin search modifiers to be disabled.
  • Added an option on the Writing Settings screen to disable the automatic searching of text selected in the editor when the Internal Linking popup is activated, so that it doesn't cause a delay on sites with a lot of content.
  • Added an upgrade routine to setup default settings and store the current version number for future upgrades.
  • Added uninstall.php to remove options if the plugin is uninstalled.


  • Fixed bug preventing link popup from opening in HTML mode.


  • Include term archives in results.
  • Include scheduled posts in results.
  • Debounced the search field.
  • Added multiple hooks for modifying results.
  • Added shortcuts feature.
  • Added search modifiers.


  • Initial release.

Requires: 4.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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