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Better Click To Tweet

Insert click to tweet boxes into your posts, simply and securely. This plugin is customizable, regularly updated, and future-proof.

How Does Better Click To Tweet Work?

Better Click To Tweet enables you to create beautiful Click To Tweet boxes in your blog posts. Once you've installed and activated the plugin, click on the settings link to put in your Twitter username, and save the settings.

Then, wherever you want to insert a Click to Tweet quote, use a shortcode in the format [bctt tweet="xxxxxxxxxxxx"] replacing the xxxxxxx with your tweetable quote.

As of version 3.1, you can leave off the "via @YourHandle" on a tweet-by-tweet basis by including using a shortcode in the format of [bctt tweet="xxxxxxxxxxx" via="no"]

In the visual editor, you can click the blue birdy icon in the toolbar and a correctly formatted shortcode will be inserted in your text. For more info or clarifications, start a support thread. I'll actively answer.

How does the URL shortener functionality work?

Better Click To Tweet gives you the maximum number of characters possible. Allow me to explain:

Twitter automatically routes every link through its own URL shortener (you might recognize t.co as the domain they use). For their t.co links, the length is automatically truncated to 23 characters for URLs. This leaves 117 characters after the URL for you to use to compose your tweet. Even a link that is run through bit.ly or a yourls.org install is still routed through t.co in the tweet.

The benefit of URL shorteners goes beyond just character length, though. Many users use bit.ly or a similar service to track numbers of clicks and other analytical data. I personally use yourls.org to power http://benlikes.us for my shortened links.

As of version 3.0, my plugin works alongside url shortening plugins to harness that power, if you choose to.

WordPress has a feature called "shortlinks" which changes the long URL to something like yourdomain.com/?p=3435. Various plugins in the official repository exist to change that shortlink to one using other outside services. Using a combination of those plugins and mine, your Better Click To Tweet boxes can now display a trackable link.

On the settings page for Better Click To Tweet, simply check the box indicating you'd like to use the short URL, and save changes. If you've got a plugin that correctly hijacks the built-in WordPress shortlink functionality, you're all set! I've tested my plugin with the following plugins, and will make every effort to keep this list updated:

If you run into any issues with my plugin not working alongside a certain link shortener, start a support thread and include a link to the other plugin. I'll see what I can do to work with the other developer.

I've also written a tutorial at http://benlikes.us/79 for how to set up the shortlinks with bit.ly and yourls.org.

Are there any other hidden tricks?

Yes! Because I want the majority of users (who aren't as concerned with options like nofollow links and getting rid of the URL in the tweet) to be happy, most options are hidden. I've written a tutorial for using those advanced options over at http://benlikes.us/7r

What do I do if it's not working right?

I am active in the support forums, and in patching the plugin. Start a thread there, and I will gladly help you out. Most of the time you can expect a day or two before a response. I'm in the eastern US, and I like playing with my kids at night, so you might not hear back immediately. Don't panic.

What are the differences between this plugin and Click To Tweet by Todaymade?

I originally was planning on contacting Justin at Todaymade to suggest some improvements to the code on his plugin, and in the midst of that, his plugin was unexpectedly pulled from the official repository, for having a (frowned upon) "Powered By" link. So, I set about fully overhauling the plugin.

Since that time Justin and the team over at Todaymade have rereleased a version of their plugin without the "Powered By" link. His plugin (which was originally released before the advent of the shortcode API) still doesn't use it, and for that reason is less secure than mine. For him to change to support the shortcode API is a more complicated issue, as he'll need to still provide support for how his plugin currently handles the pseudo-shortcode system, or risk breaking every current user's website.

I've pushed out many releases with bug fixes, improvements, and additional functionality, while the other plugin remains unchanged. There's no way in which my plugin doesn't live up to it's name.

How can I help?

Translations: https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/better-click-to-tweet Pull Requests: https://github.com/Benunc/better-click-to-tweet Donations: http://benlikes.us/donate

Requires: 3.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Last Updated: 3 weeks ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


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