BEMO A-Z Index


This is a plugin that provides a customizable A-Z index of the posts displayed on a particular page, category or product listing.

I have added a new interface to make it easier to use this plugin. All you have to do is open up your page editor and you will see an A-Z index icon (see screenshots).

This plugin works in 3 situations now:
1. An existing page that has some sort of a list on it already (e.g. a testimonials page, or a WooCommerce product listing)
2. An existing category page (e.g. a blog category)
3. A blank page that you want to list something in WordPress on.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a fully working free version that has some advertising. Please install this version and test to see if it works for you.
If you want a non advertising version there is a charge of €29.99 for a lifetime licence. You are welcome to use the free version with advertising if you wish.

For more detailed info, please visit :


  • Sample of the A-Z Index listing in action
  • Click the A-Z index button to get the interface to easily add A-Z indexes
  • Generate content on a blank page, or a page with no existing listing.
  • Filter existing list on a page
  • Category filter


This plugin is installed in the standard way.


Installation Instructions

This plugin is installed in the standard way.

There appears to be an advertisment for this plugin on the index on my page. How do I get rid of this?

This is a fully working free version that has some advertising. Please install this version and test to see if it works for you.
If you want a non advertising version there is a charge of €29.99 for a lifetime licence. You are welcome to use the free version with advertising if you wish.

I want to have a page that is a list of artists. Each artists page will have a picture and a description. I also want to have a page that has lyrics.

What do I need to do to set this up? I can’t figure it out. Do I create a page for each artist and then do what to make them show up on a page called artists?

So basically it will be a page called http://xxxxx/artists

On that page will be the A-Z

When you click on the appropriate letter, it shows the artists pictures under that letter.

How do I do this? =

You should put your artists in A-Z Index Posts (left sidebar) and set the featured image for each post. Try 3 or 4 to start.

Then make a page called Artists (or whatever you want to call it).

Then use the A-Z Index button on the Page editor, click “Display Content” and set the Post Type to azindexcustom.

It should generate something like this:
[azindex content=”true” posttype=”azindexcustom”]

The first code will display the A-Z for all categories. The second one will display the actual listings.

In order to get the format you want, you would need to know something about PHP to get the picture appearing etc.
where you could make a file like listing.php in the templates subdirectory of your theme and refer to that.
You can put it in wp-content/themes/YourTheme/bemo-a-z-index and refer to it in the dialog.


Aggressive Marketing!

The plugin is cool but the option of displaying a LARGE ads on the front end is too aggressive and not quite nice in the eyes of the public.

Author comment

This is not a review, but a comment from the plugin author, as the last two reviews are very misleading.

Firstly, the FREE version of this plugin is FULLY FEATURED and the only difference is that it shows some advertising. So please test out this version, or use it in your site, having a link back to the plugin is a small price to pay for free fully featured software that has taken hundreds of hours of development. If the free version doesn’t work for you, the paid version won’t work either.

Secondly, at €29 for the full lifetime non advert version for one site, with no further charges, this is not expensive and compares well to any other paid plugins out there.

Thirdly, this model of licensing plugins is the RECOMMENDED way of licensing WordPress plugins. All of WordPress’s own plugins work like this (e.g. Akismet).

I really don’t think it’s too much to ask to make some small return on all the work that has gone into this.

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Contributors & Developers

“BEMO A-Z Index” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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  • Hotfix: Fix for Page Not Found error in some cases


  • Hotfix: wp-session-manager was not added


  • Major improvement! No longer any need to specify a target, it just works!!!!


  • Updated Readme and FAQ, also updated WP version info.


  • FIX: I had to disable the fix_category_link function for now, it causes the links to be broken in many instances.


  • FIX: Bizarrely, just writing target to the console log makes it work ???


  • FIX: Target was STILL not inserting – moved it below Generate Content box. Maybe that will fix it


  • FIX: Target was STILL not inserting – tried renaming the element


  • FIX: Target was STILL not inserting


  • FIX: Target was still not inserting


  • FIX: Target was not inserting


  • FIX: GUI was showing the wrong things


  • FIX: Greying out doesn’t work properly – did it backwards.


  • FIX: Greying out doesn’t work properly.


  • FIX: Echoing out SQL.


  • FIX: Make the greying out not work for categories as it interferes with everything.


  • FIX: Default target to 2 instead of 1.


  • ADD: When content is generated, now it will show links which don’t have any contents greyed out.
    Doesn’t work for non content generated or categories etc yet.


  • FIX: When you are on a page like H with more than one page, the pagination was added to the links too, causing an error.


  • Properly fixed bug where shortcode was echoed instead of returned


  • The result of the shortcode is now returned by a “return” and not by “echo”.
  • Didn’t pass the “template” variable in the function bemoazindex_load_plugin_template($settings[‘template’]);
    (file bemoazindex_content.php). Now fixed.
  • Thanks to absoluteweb for pointing these out.


  • Added prefixes and suffixes to the index


  • Fixed issue that form was showing in background.


  • Fixed issue that when in a category, the A-Z index widget doesn’t work properly.


  • Added ordering and direction


  • Changed ALL text


  • Fixed template location


  • Changed content display target to default to 1 instead of 3.
  • Changed the content filter to call the where filter.


  • Left called in when content printed


  • Changed names of functions from add_button and register_button to azindex_add_button etc to stop conflicts
  • Fixed content filtering


  • Removed debugging message that was causing issues


  • Temp file in root dir causing funny issues


  • Small file update


  • Small FAQ update


  • Major new release with UI and category / tag filtering


  • Fixed a few more bugs.


  • Disabled function that stopped multiple queries being affected as it doesn’t work right.


  • Lots more fixes for 404 errors.
  • order by working properly.


  • Fixed this not working in category pages.


  • Fixed pagination in template


  • Fixed some more bugs in the listings


  • Fixed some bugs in the listings


  • Added more info to the FAQ.
  • Tidied up the description.


  • Tested for 4.0
  • Release to have the same as pro except for watermark.


  • Fixed error in the FAQ


  • Added css file for proper styling


  • Bug with protected function fixed
  • Added some FAQ items


  • Added a widget


  • Added custom indexes to the original index.
  • Added filter types


  • Added post types to the original index.


  • The very first release