WooCommerce Marketing Automation: Email Marketing, Upsell & Cross-sell, Sales Countdown, Social Proof Notifications, 10+ Features to Boost Sales


Built to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce, Beeketing is an essential marketing automation plugin for any WooCommerce websites. There are 10+ apps (free & premium) that help you recover abandoned carts, boost conversion and sales, including: upsell related product, cross-sell product bundles, personalized product sliders, send follow up emails, free-gifts/discount/free-shipping promotions, exit-intent offers,… and many more.



Benefit: Increase average order value by upsells and cross-sellS

  • Up-selling: when customers add products to cart, upsell related products customers might want to replace or buy together
  • Cross-selling: when customers view products, cross-sell a bundle of products frequently bought together.
  • Offer discount for upsell & cross-sell products to motivate customers to get value deals
  • Sales Gamification: set up an order value threshold and motivate customers to spend more to reach the goal and receive a discount for total cart
  • Last-step Upsell: automatically upsell more products based on on-cart items when customers review their order at cart page
  • Smart auto-recommendation or User-defined recommendation: you can create custom offers for target products, or let the app automatically generate upsell & cross-sell for all products based on customer’s behavior and interests on the store.


Benefit: increase checkout rate and prevent cart abandonment by running different types of incentive offers ; Bring social referral traffic via social network sharing by customers

  • Customers buy specific products or spend X amount to get a free gift, discount or free shipping code
  • Ask customers to share their cart on Facebook / Twitter to receive a discount code / free shipping / free gift. When customers share their cart to social network, they bring more social referral traffic to your store.
  • Add a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency for your incentive offer: urge customers to take the offer before time runs out
  • Run exit-intent incentive offer to target cart abandoning visitors, encourage them to finish checkout to get rewards.
  • Post-purchase Upsell offer: after customers finish their purchase, offer customer a discount / free-shipping code and upsell more items to motivate repeat purchase


Benefit: Add related product sliders on any website pages

  • Add related product sliders anywhere on your website to recommend more product choices to customers
  • Types of related product recommendation: Frequently Bought Together, Recently Viewed, Featured Recommendations, Best Sellers of Store, Recommendations Based on Cart, Handpicked Products Just For You
  • Auto-recommendation: smart built-in advanced algorithms analyze store’s historical data and customer shopping patterns to generate the best recommendations
  • Custom recommendation: create cross-selling rules for the app to “handpick” products to recommend when customers view a specific products or collection
  • Customizable design to make product sliders match into store’s theme
  • Beautifully responsive on desktop and mobile devices


Benefit: Send personalized follow up emails to recover abandoned carts, engage and retain loyal customers. A perfect alternative to Mailchimp focusing on increasing sales for eCommerce.

  • Pre-designed email campaigns with carefully written content, customized with your name, title, store domain, logo, social media
  • Newsletter Bot plans, drafts and schedules weekly newsletters that are personalized to each customer based on their interests and behavior on store
  • Tools for you to set up product recommendation rules, date & time to schedule, subject line and template libraries to help Mailbot build perfect campaigns
  • Segment customers into targeted groups so you can send tailored content that is relevant to them.
  • Browse Abandonment & Cart Abandonment campaigns to recover abandoned sales and lost customers
  • Nurture loyal customers by sending welcome email from store’s founder and rewarding coupons for repeat customers
  • Promote New Arrivals, Featured Recommendations, and Products that can be bought again


Benefit: Show recent sales notifications to create the sense of a busy store, build brand trust, and motivate new visitors to star adding items to cart.

  • Show “Rachel from San Francisco has just bought Jersey T-shirt 5 mins ago” notification popup when there is a sales
  • Auto sync with your store’s sales data to turn sales into notification in real time
  • Got no sales yet but want to create the sense of a busy store? Create custom notifications for products you want to promote as hot sellers
  • Design notification themes, position so they display perfectly on your store


Benefit: When customers enter your store, a beautiful welcome popup will display, asking them to subscribe email or follow your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+) in return for a coupon code.

  • Grow email list by 400%+ per month and boost social followers
  • Increase sales by motivating new customers to start buying with a coupon code
  • Prevent cart abandonment with exit-intent popups
  • Design beautiful popups that match your store’s look & feel


Benefit: Create the sense of urgency, scarcity, and strong social proof to push customers to make spontaneous purchases.

  • Sales Countdown: displays a countdown timer under the product description to create a sense of urgency that the promotion is about to end soon and that customers should buy right away before time runs out.
  • Stock countdown: shows that only a limited number of items are left in stock for any product on your store. When customers see that only a few items are left, they are more encouraged to make spontaneous purchase.
  • Social proof: shows, in real time, the number of visitors who have viewed your products and the number of items sold. It creates a positive influence on customers that your products are highly popular and selling out quickly, builds trust on your brand and strengthens their confidence to buy.
  • Highly customizable in terms of message, design, display position and time, etc. so the widgets match with your store’s design


Benefit: Optimize shoppers’ user experience on your mobile web to boost mobile conversion rate and sale

  • Add a fixed bar with Add-to-cart button on the top/bottom of mobile screen while customers scroll up/down the screen.
  • Show a full-screen gallery view of product images so that customers can have the most detailed visual look of your products on mobile


Benefit: Implement an instant Facebook chat tool on the site so customers can send messages directly to your page Messenger on the store

  • Chat and support customers anywhere on Facebook Messenger.
  • Make the response time quick and keep the customers happy.
  • Monitor the messages from any computer or phone with Facebook.
  • Reduction in phone calls and emails.


Beeketing is a Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) platform that provide both free and subscription-based services, depending on features you need for your online store.


Includes: Sales Pop, Better Coupon Box, Countdown Cart, Mobile Web Boost, Quick Facebook Chat, Happy Email


Includes: Boost Sales, Checkout Boost, Mailbot, Personalized Recommendation

They all come with a 15-day free trial so you can try full features without paying a penny to see if it’s gonna worth your investment. You can discontinue your subscription during the free trial without being charged anything.


We do NOT CHARGE for support and updates of our service. Beeketing is a customer-centric company that puts superior customer service at the highest priority. Our support is FOREVER-FREE, FAST (within 1-2 business days) and EFFICIENT.
Get in touch with us via:

  • Email: hi@beeketing.com
  • Website: https://beeketing.com/contact or live chat on the right corner

We’d love to hear from you!


  • Visit our official website: https://beeketing.com
  • Contact us for support: hi@beeketing.com
  • Read our eCommerce blog: https://beeketing.com/blog


You can get in touch with us in many ways:

  • Send us your queries via our website
  • Chat live with us in www.beeketing.com or within all Beeketing apps
  • Send us direct email at hi@beeketing.com
  • Find all general & detailed guides to help you install Beeketing platform & its apps into your WooCommerce store here: https://beeketing.freshdesk.com/solution/categories/6000129224

Our support team with get back to you within 24 hours. We’re happy to help you with any questions you might have!


Beeketing for WooCommerce is a marketing automation platform to turn your visitors into revenue.
Try it for free at www.beeketing.com

Find us on:

  • Website: https://beeketing.com
  • Blog: https://blog.beeketing.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beeketing
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/beeketing

Beeketing – Our mission is to help you sell better


  • [Better Coupon Box] Basic popup display on desktop and mobile
  • [Better Coupon Box] Customizable templates for different website design
  • [Better Coupon Box] Holiday Email Popups Collection
  • [Boost Sales] When customers add an item to cart, an up-sell offers show up to suggest them a list of better options they may want to buy more or replace added items.
  • [Boost Sales] Cross-sell feature allows you to bundle products that go well together into an irresistible combo your customers love, then suggest to them when they view any items in the bundle.
  • [Boost Sales] Holiday Themes Collection for Upsell & Cross-sell to boost even more sales
  • [Checkout Boost] Ask customers to share their products to Facebook/Twitter in return for a free gift / discount / free shipping code
  • [Checkout Boost] Create urgency with Countdown Timer offer
  • [Checkout Boost] Promote repeat purchase by offering a coupon code and upsell related items post purchase.
  • [Checkout Boost] Holiday themes Collection
  • [Sales Pop] Recent Order Notifications - Black theme
  • [Sales Pop] Recent Order Notifications - White theme
  • [Sales Pop] Holiday Themes Collection
  • [Countdown Cart] Sales Countdown Timer to create urgency
  • [Countdown Cart] Stock Countdown Bar to create scarcity
  • [Countdown Cart] Social Proof to show product popularity
  • [Countdown Cart] Holiday Themes Collection for Sales Countdown Timer
  • [Personalized Recommendation] Show best selling product slider
  • [Personalized Recommendation] Show related product slider when customers view a specific product
  • [Personalized Recommendation] Show recommendations based on cart items
  • [Quick Facebook Chat] Add a Facebook live-chat window on site
  • [Quick Facebook Chat] Easily set up chat window
  • [Mailbot] Recover abandoned carts with personalized follow-up emails
  • [Mailbot] Retain loyal customers by sending reward coupons via email
  • [Mailbot] Promote new items, cross-sell, recommend featured products... via weekly or monthly newsletters
  • [Mailbot] Create beautiful newsletters with drag-and-drop editor
  • [Mailbot] Pre-designed newsletter templates for eCommerce
  • [Mobile Converter] 2 features to boost conversion of mobile web
  • [Mobile Converter] Add a full-screen gallary view of product images
  • [Mobile Converter] Add a fixed CTA bar on mobile screen when customers scroll up/down


Quick setup:

  1. Download & Activate this plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Sign up for a free Beeketing account. If you already had a Beeketing account, simple log in.
  3. Allow us to connect with your store and sync data.
  4. Start by using any apps you like right on your WordPress Admin Dashboard!

Detailed Instruction:



Installation Instructions

Quick setup:

  1. Download & Activate this plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Sign up for a free Beeketing account. If you already had a Beeketing account, simple log in.
  3. Allow us to connect with your store and sync data.
  4. Start by using any apps you like right on your WordPress Admin Dashboard!

Detailed Instruction:


1. What is Beeketing platform? Why does it have many apps within when I install the plugin?

Beeketing platform consists many separate apps, each perform a unique feature to help improve an element in your storefront and marketing & sales conversion flow.
First, you need to install this plugin to connect your store with Beeketing system. Then you can choose any apps to run on your store.

2. Where can I find Beeketing apps after I install this plugin?

After installing Beeketing plugin into your store, go to WooCommerce >> Beeketing >> You will see all available apps there. You can directly install and activate these apps right on admin dashboard.

3. Where can I find more details about Apps in Beeketing platform ?
  • Beeketing official landing page for WooCommerce stores is: https://beeketing.com/beeketing-for-woocommerce/
  • All Beeketing apps can be found here: https://beeketing.com/apps
4. Where can I find pricing for Beeketing apps?
  • Some Beeketing apps are forever-FREE (Better Coupon Box, Happy Email, Quick Facebook Chat)
  • Some are monthly-charged (Boost Sales, Checkout Boost, Email Automation, We Ship To). You have 15-day free trial to use these apps before paying for them. If you cancel the apps within the free trial, you will not be charged!
  • Some are commission-based priced (Personalized Recommendation). You will be charged a small 4% of extra sales the app generates for you each month. No set-up, fixed, or unexpected costs. FREE if the app makes you no sales! So no brainer on your business budget!
5. Can I request more free trial for Beeketing apps?

We are flexible to extend more free-trial case-by-case. We want to make sure our customers have enough time to experience our apps before making long-term investment. If customers encounter technical issues during the free trial and it takes us time to fix for them, they can ask for more free trial.

6. Can I request new features for Beeketing apps to better fit my business goal?

Sure. Give us any feedback, recommendations, feature requests regarding Beeketing apps, support services at hi@beeketing.com. Our support agents will respond any emails from you within 24 hours.

7. Where can I find documentation and other guides?

All general & detailed guides to help you install Beeketing platform & its apps into your WooCommerce store can be found here: https://beeketing.freshdesk.com/solution/categories/6000129224

8. Where can I get direct support from the developer?

The best way to reach us for support is by sending an email to hi@beeketing.com, our support agents will get back to you within 24 hours. We are dedicated to super-fast & efficient customer support.

9. Do I have to pay for technical support from Beeketing?

No. Our support is forever free for all customers. Our marketing & engineer experts can help you tackle any sales, marketing, UI/UX and technical issues. Even when you stop using Beeketing platform, we always support you with all questions you may have about making your WooCommerce store sell better

10. Do I need to edit my WooCommerce theme?

No, Beeketing works smoothly with any WooCommerce themes. You just need to install the plugin, add your API key and we will take care of the rest.

11. Why Beeketing plugin slows down my website’s loading speed?


FaceBook Chat

So far plugin is working well after a bit of a stutter at the beginning. But Rita and her support team got on it and had it resolved for me in no time. Great work!

The best Sales Pop

as we all know on the internet there are many companies but finding kind, sincere people, always available to offer their technical support as well as capable in producing software are not so many. Of course, Beeketing is one of these and I want to thank Beeketing for designing these unique and unsurpassed software/plugins.

Awesome Plugin

Beeketing provides with few of the most awesome plugins for e-commerce and overall marketing.To be honest, I was looking for premium plugins for sales pop up and found beeketing sales pop up which is completely free and works seamlessly with the latest version of WordPress and WooCommerce. I am so glad to have those functionalities on my website. Keep up Beeketing. 🙂

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3.3.9 – 20/03/2018

  • Update plugin event

3.3.8 – 13/03/2018

  • Remove built-in notification
  • Add remove app button back

3.3.7 – 09/03/2018

  • Fix login spinner
  • Update snippet data

3.3.6 – 06/03/2018

  • Update dashboard
  • Update event listen activate/deactivate plugin

3.3.5 – 23/02/2018

  • Update dashboard style
  • Fix product path contain category name

3.3.4 – 22/02/2018

  • Fix dashboard style

3.3.3 – 13/02/2018

  • Update dashboard
  • Fix style

3.3.2 – 13/02/2018

  • Update dashboard
  • Optimize plugin

3.3.1 – 06/02/2018

  • Optimize image query to get medium image size

3.3.0 – 26/01/2018

  • Fix image not in arrange order
  • Fix cart api warning

3.2.9 – 18/01/2018

  • Update api, fix bugs

3.2.8 – 16/01/2018

  • Fix product, category url
  • Fix variants position order

3.2.7 – 04/01/2018

  • Fix tracking api

3.2.6 – 21/12/2017

  • Fix authenticate conflict with walkme.com service

3.2.5 – 18/12/2017

  • Update plugin api
  • Update plugin events

3.2.4 – 14/12/2017

  • Fix images queries
  • Optimize api performance

3.2.3 – 11/12/2017

  • Fix api orders not work for wc version less than 2.6

3.2.2 – 06/12/2017

  • Update order query bug with latest wc version

3.2.1 – 27/11/2017

  • Add version to style and script

3.2.0 – 23/11/2017

  • Cache query option

3.1.9 – 20/11/2017

  • Fix products image url use cdn

3.1.8 – 17/11/2017

  • Update dashboard style
  • Add survey popup

3.1.7 – 9/11/2017

  • Add in-app notifications

3.1.6 – 6/11/2017

  • Fix api rate limit error

3.1.5 – 2/11/2017

  • Add support downloadable, virtual product
  • Update cross app banners

3.1.4 – 1/11/2017

  • Update variant title

3.1.3 – 30/10/2017

  • Fix cookie length error

3.1.2 – 30/10/2017

  • Optimize dashboard

3.1.1 – 17/10/2017

  • Remove deprecated functions

3.1.0 – 09/10/2017

  • Update cross sell banners
  • Fix bug get products woocommerce 2.x

3.0.9 – 25/09/2017

  • Add cross sell apps
  • Fix bug convert datetime
  • Add check api rate limit requirements

3.0.8 – 20/09/2017

  • Fix api bugs important

3.0.7 – 19/09/2017

  • Optimize sync process

3.0.6 – 15/09/2017

  • Add count down cart app
  • Add mobile web boost app
  • Fix bugs

3.0.5 – 12/09/2017

  • Fix cart api
  • Fix order bugs

3.0.4 – 09/09/2017

  • Fix array syntax support old PHP version

3.0.3 – 08/09/2017

  • Fix migrate process

3.0.2 – 07/09/2017

  • Fix create order bug

3.0.1 – 06/09/2017

  • Fix wrong order product variant id

3.0.0 – 06/09/2017

  • Update core plugin
  • Optimize plugin