WooCommerce Popup, Email Marketing, Social Sharing, Upsell & Cross-sell


Built to seamlessly integrate with WooCommerce plugin, Beeketing consists of marketing and sales apps with distinguished features, altogether advertising your brand to customers via many sales channels (on-store, social media, email marketing, live-chat support…), making your storefront sell automatically, and saving your time & efforts.

Once connected with a WooCommerce store, Beeketing provides free marketing tools you need to grow your e-Commerce business. This plugin will help to turn every visitors into email subscribers, social media followers, and loyal paying customers for your store. Here’s the list of tools included in Beeketing.

Mailbot automatically sends personalized follow-up emails to your email subscribers, either collected via Better Coupon Box or synced from other email services like Mailchimp, Constant Contact. Advertising email campaigns with product recommendations are well-prepared for you. You can create your own email campaigns to target specific customer segments.

Boost Sales presents up-sell & cross-sell offers in popups to sell more to any current customers for your ecommerce store. Boost sales by 65% with upselling and cross-selling tactics.

Demo store: http://boost-sales.demo.beeketing.com/

Checkout Boost helps you generate social referral leads from Facebook, Twitter, and boost conversion rate at checkout page.

Demo store: http://checkout-boost.demo.beeketing.com/

Personalized Recommendation suggests products that your customers want to buy, by learning their interest on your store and present personalized recommendations on every page.

Demo store: http://product-recommendation.demo.beeketing.com/

Quick Facebook Chat is the most convenient way for you to support and sell to customers with Facebook Messenger.

Demo store: http://quick-facebook-chat.demo.beeketing.com/

Happy Email helps you connect with new customers by sending a welcome email from store’s founder 30 minutes after they sign up or make the first order on your store.

And even more great free tools to come in our Beeketing App Store.

Let’s discover how these awesome Beeketing apps for WooCommerce can help you grow sales in details:

Boost Sales – Up-sell & Cross-sell Popups for WooCommerce

  • Best plugin that automatically up-sell / cross-sell to your customers with pop-ups that suggest products they’d love to purchase
  • Offer discount coupon codes with Upsell and Cross-sell popups to encourage your customers to spend a little more to get hottest items at better prices.

Demo store: http://boost-sales.demo.beeketing.com/

Checkout Boost – Best popups to increase referral leads from social media & prevent cart abandonment for WooCommerce

  • When customers arrive at cart page to review their order, a nice popup will show up to catch their attention. The popup offers them a discount coupon code / freeshipping code / free gift (up to you) if they share their cart to social media (facebook / twitter).
  • From their social network sharings, friends and families will see your ecommerce brand & products, click the link to visit your store, becoming a new social refferal lead to your store.
  • To prevent cart abandonment, you can set up exit intent checkout-boost offers pop up as last minute deal to motivate customers to finish their order

Demo store: http://checkout-boost.demo.beeketing.com/

Personalized Recommendation for WooCommerce – recommend the right products to the right customers on your WooCommerce store and make it sell just like Amazon

  • Power up your WooCommerce store with the excellent big data technology that collects and analyzes all buyer’s behaviors, learns their interest, then suggests them the right products they’re most likely to buy.
  • Proven effective by the fact that Amazon devotes 70% of their Homepage to product recommendation, this feature helps you open maximum product discovery to customers and sell automatically just like Amazon

Demo store: http://product-recommendation.demo.beeketing.com/

Happy Email for WooCommerce – send a thank-you email from Store Founder to first-time customers

  • When a customer completes a purchase or signs up an account on your WooCommerce store for the first time, this free email marketing tool will automatically send a thank-you email from Store Founder (or any email you want) after 30 minutes.
  • Recent statistics by Experian show that “welcome emails generate 4 times the total open rates and 5 times the click rates compared to other bulk promotions”. Thus, with this tool, you can start building relationship with your new customers personally via email. A 30-min delay makes your auto generated email feel natural like it’s sent personally from you.

Email Automation for WooCommerce – more powerful comprehensive automated email marketing solution for your e-commerce store

Email Automation is a full email marketing solution that seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce plugin to send personalized follow-up emails to each customer automatically by triggered events set by you.

  • Segment customers into demographics groups by age, country, gender….
  • Segment customers by purchasing, viewing, browsing behaviors, such as: “View Collection A but don’t buy”, “Haven’t come back to store in 30 days”, “Buy Product B but don’t buy product C”, “Add Cross-sell offers but don’t finish checkout….”
  • Create beautiful email campaigns with many optimized template pre-prepared by our Email Marketing Experts
  • Set-up perfect timing to send your emails to receive best open rates
  • Full statistics for deep analytics of all email campaigns (what subject generates best open rate, what emails have the best click rate and conversion rate…)

So now, are you ready to start achieving your goal with these powerful WordPress plugins for your WooCommerce stores?

Install Beeketing plugin right now to connect your WooCommerce store with Beeketing platform for FREE, and get ready for endless automated extra sales every single month with marketing automation!

More about Beeketing

Beeketing is a marketing automation platform that helps to increase sales and conversion rate for eCommerce stores. With 6+ years working with millions of e-commerce stores in multiple platforms (Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Weebly, … and now WooCommerce) , we are proud to have enabled the automated way of marketing and selling online for many eCommerce websites in the world, generating ~ 90 million USD of extra sales per year for our clients.


You can get in touch with us in many ways:

  • Send us your queries via our website
  • Chat live with us in www.beeketing.com or within all Beeketing apps
  • Send us direct email at hi@beeketing.com
  • Find all general & detailed guides to help you install Beeketing platform & its apps into your WooCommerce store here: https://beeketing.freshdesk.com/solution/categories/6000129224

Our support team with get back to you within 24 hours. We’re happy to help you with any questions you might have!


Beeketing for WooCommerce is a marketing automation platform to turn your visitors into revenue.
Try it for free at www.beeketing.com

Find us on:

  • Website: https://beeketing.com
  • Blog: https://blog.beeketing.com/
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beeketing
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/beeketing

Beeketing – Our mission is to help you sell better


  • [Boost Sales] Last Step Up-sell: When customers click “Check Out” button in cart page, one last up-sell offer will show up to suggest them more items they might want to add before check out. These products are well-chosen based on their shopping behaviors and your sales history, which makes customers highly likely to purchase.
  • [Checkout Boost] When customers reach cart page, a popup gradually appears to catch their attention, ask them to share their cart on facebook / twitter to receive a coupon code / free gift / free shipping (up to you).
  • [Checkout Boost] You can prepare a message for your customers to share on their social profiles to introduce your brand with their networks.
  • [Checkout Boost] Cart Notification features motivates customers to spend a little more in order to receive your checkout-boost offer.
  • [Checkout Boost] By motivating customers to share your products, you will receive lots of referral traffic from social word-of-mouth.
  • [Email Automation] This app helps you send personalized follow-up emails to customers to drive more sales from email marketing. This is Sales Nurturing campaign - send emails to visitors who are interested in some items but didn’t buy.
  • [Email Automation] Sales Return campaign - re-engage customers who haven’t come back within 30 days to increase retention rate and boost revenue from old customers.
  • [Email Automation] Reward Coupon campaign - send coupons to reward loyal customers and encourage them to buy even more
  • [Email Automation] Smart Bot newsletter - automatically generate newsletter to customers based on their triggered actions to boost sales for you
  • [Quick Facebook Chat] Help you connect with customers via Facebook Messenger right on your store and bring customer support to another level for your business
  • [Quick Facebook Chat] We make sure Quick Facebook Chat window shows responsively on both desktop and mobile so you lose no potential customers wherever they come from.
  • [Personalized Recommendation] Collect sales history & purchase behaviors of your customers, analyze to understand what they need, then suggest the right products to the right customer at the right place.
  • [Personalized Recommendation] “Customer bought this also bought” suggestion just like Amazon
  • [Personalized Recommendation] “Frequently viewed and featured recommendation” reminds customers of products they’re interested in and suggests most popular items
  • [Personalized Recommendation] “Cart recommendation” recommends products based on customers’ cart order.


Quick setup:

  1. Download & Activate this plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Sign up for a free Beeketing account. If you already had a Beeketing account, simple log in.
  3. Allow us to connect with your store and sync data.
  4. Start by using any apps you like right on your WordPress Admin Dashboard!

Detailed Instruction:



Installation Instructions

Quick setup:

  1. Download & Activate this plugin on WordPress Admin Dashboard
  2. Sign up for a free Beeketing account. If you already had a Beeketing account, simple log in.
  3. Allow us to connect with your store and sync data.
  4. Start by using any apps you like right on your WordPress Admin Dashboard!

Detailed Instruction:


1. What is Beeketing platform? Why does it have many apps within when I install the plugin?

Beeketing platform consists many separate apps, each perform a unique feature to help improve an element in your storefront and marketing & sales conversion flow.
First, you need to install this plugin to connect your store with Beeketing system. Then you can choose any apps to run on your store.

2. Where can I find Beeketing apps after I install this plugin?

After installing Beeketing plugin into your store, go to WooCommerce >> Beeketing >> You will see all available apps there. You can directly install and activate these apps right on admin dashboard.

3. Where can I find more details about Apps in Beeketing platform ?
  • Beeketing official landing page for WooCommerce stores is: https://beeketing.com/beeketing-for-woocommerce/
  • All Beeketing apps can be found here: https://beeketing.com/apps
4. Where can I find pricing for Beeketing apps?
  • Some Beeketing apps are forever-FREE (Better Coupon Box, Happy Email, Quick Facebook Chat)
  • Some are monthly-charged (Boost Sales, Checkout Boost, Email Automation, We Ship To). You have 15-day free trial to use these apps before paying for them. If you cancel the apps within the free trial, you will not be charged!
  • Some are commission-based priced (Personalized Recommendation). You will be charged a small 4% of extra sales the app generates for you each month. No set-up, fixed, or unexpected costs. FREE if the app makes you no sales! So no brainer on your business budget!
5. Can I request more free trial for Beeketing apps?

We are flexible to extend more free-trial case-by-case. We want to make sure our customers have enough time to experience our apps before making long-term investment. If customers encounter technical issues during the free trial and it takes us time to fix for them, they can ask for more free trial.

6. Can I request new features for Beeketing apps to better fit my business goal?

Sure. Give us any feedback, recommendations, feature requests regarding Beeketing apps, support services at hi@beeketing.com. Our support agents will respond any emails from you within 24 hours.

7. Where can I find documentation and other guides?

All general & detailed guides to help you install Beeketing platform & its apps into your WooCommerce store can be found here: https://beeketing.freshdesk.com/solution/categories/6000129224

8. Where can I get direct support from the developer?

The best way to reach us for support is by sending an email to hi@beeketing.com, our support agents will get back to you within 24 hours. We are dedicated to super-fast & efficient customer support.

9. Do I have to pay for technical support from Beeketing?

No. Our support is forever free for all customers. Our marketing & engineer experts can help you tackle any sales, marketing, UI/UX and technical issues. Even when you stop using Beeketing platform, we always support you with all questions you may have about making your WooCommerce store sell better

10. Do I need to edit my WooCommerce theme?

No, Beeketing works smoothly with any WooCommerce themes. You just need to install the plugin, add your API key and we will take care of the rest.


Professional Plug-in

Very professional plug-in with powerful functions, great ux while configuration and a clear and well designed appearance on your shop.

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Contributors & Developers

“WooCommerce Popup, Email Marketing, Social Sharing, Upsell & Cross-sell” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



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  • Fix post data header can not decode

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  • Fix get post data

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  • Fix currency format

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  • Fix order sync

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  • Update cron

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  • Fix major bug about sync data
  • Bug with woocommerce 3.x

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  • Fix plugin bugs

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  • Fix share facebook checkout boost app

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  • Fix cron job run in order

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  • Fix variants discount bug

  • 2.4.6 – 30/08/2016

  • Fix add cart session, bugs

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  • Fix Boost Sales, Checkout Boost, Personalized Recommendation app bugs

  • 2.4.4 – 12/08/2016

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  • Fix redirect bug

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  • Fix conflict with plugin Woocommerce Product Gallery Slider

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  • Fix bugs

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  • Optimize sign up flow
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  • Fix bugs

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  • Update plugin menu icon

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  • Fix root dir for lower php version

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  • Improve plugin speed

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  • Add deactivate and uninstall hooks

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  • Fix customer sync
  • Fix order sync

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  • Add beeketing notifier system

  • 2.1.5 – 13/05/2016

  • Fix beeketing menu not showing up

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  • 2.0.2 – 02/04/2016

  • Fix product format time

  • 2.0.1 – 30/03/2016

  • Fix file not found error when installing plugin

  • 2.0.0 – 4/02/2016

  • Add more apps: Checkout Boost for WooCommerce, Boost Sales for WooCommerce, Email Automation for WooCommerce, Product Recommendation for WooCommerce, Happy Email for WooCommerce

  • 1.0.0 – 20/10/2015

  • Initial Release: Better Coupon Box