Beans · Marketing Apps for Woocommerce


Beans has all the tools you need to build and scale your e-commerce brand.
It includes a set of apps to help you manage all the marketing for your WooCommerce online store.
Visit Beans Marketing Apps website for complete details.

Liana · Loyalty & Rewards Program

Make your customers addicted to your shop. Liana helps you get your
customers to place a second order, a third, a fourth and more. Use Liana, to:

  • Reward your customers for profitable action: A set of predefined rules helps you reward customers for actions that profit your business
  • Get customers to actively participate: Send frequent reminders to your customers to get them to actively participate in your rewards scheme
  • Build the most elegant loyalty program experience: Design a custom visual for your rewards program that matches your brand identity

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Bamboo · Referral Program

Turn your customers into advocates of your brand.
Let your customers grow your business by referring you to their friends. Use Bamboo, to:

  • Get customers to promote your business: A set of predefined rules helps you reward customers for actions that profit your business
  • Optimize for growth: Get a holistic and detailed view of your referral program performance
  • Create the most brand centric experience: Create a beautiful referral program that matches your brand identity

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Poppy · Smart Popups

Get customers to take actions when they are most likely to convert.
Poppy will let you display the right popup at the right time to the right customer. Use Poppy, to:

  • Convert more with behavioral popups: Increase conversion by prompting customers to take actions at the perfect time
  • Define conversion goals: Use our wide range of popups to get customers to complete the right action
  • Design Gorgeous Popups: Create beautiful professional-looking popups with no technical expertise

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Foxx · Automated & Marketing Emails

Super-targeted automated emails that drive sales. Foxx helps you reach out to customers
with highly relevant offers at the moment they are most likely to shop. Use Foxx, to:

  • Sell more with behavioral emails: Email customers with what they want and not what you have
  • Design Gorgeous Emails: Create beautiful professional-looking emails with no technical expertise
  • Track sales, not just click: Know exactly how much revenue you are generating through your email campaigns

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Lotus · Social Media Manager

Save time managing social media for your shop.
Lotus will automatically let customers know about new products and promotions in your shop. Use Lotus, to:

  • Manage multiple social media accounts: Save time switching from one social media to another
  • Announce important events: Automate posts for everything important happening on your shop
  • Measure your performance: Review your analytics to see how your posts are performing

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Snow · Notification Widget

Communicate with customers without disrupting their journey. Snow helps you share information with online shoppers without requiring the impact of an overlay pop-up. Use Snow, to:

  • Create awareness: Communicate secondary information to online shoppers
  • Engage with customers: Get users to take actions that profit your business
  • Centralize information: Create a hub where customers can access all need-to-know information

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Do more with Beans by connecting to the tools you use everyday such as:
Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Mailchimp, Klaviyo,, ConstantContact,
Pinterest, Instagram, and more…

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  • Liana · Loyalty & rewards program: Make your customers addicted to your shop.
  • Easily manage customers account
  • Foxx · Automated & Marketing Emails: Send super-targeted emails that drive sales.
  • Bamboo · Referral Program: Turn your customers into advocates of your brand.
  • Poppy · Smart Popups: Convert more customers
  • Snow · Notification Widget: Communicate with customer without disruption
  • Lotus · Social Media Manager: Save time managing social media
  • Easily manage customers account


Minimum Requirements

  • WooCommerce >= 3.5

Automatic installation

Automatic installation is the easiest option as WordPress handles the file transfers
itself and you don’t need to leave your web browser.
To do an automatic install of Beans, log in to your WordPress dashboard,
navigate to the Plugins menu and click Add New.

In the search field type “Beans” and click Search Plugins.
Once you’ve found our plugin you can install it by simply clicking “Install Now”.

Manual installation

The WordPress codex contains instructions on
how to do this here.


How much does Beans cost?

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July 5, 2020
Not transparent enough about pricing and entirely pointless without upgrading to paid version. Check pricing and make sure you are prepared to spend that much before registering to avoid wasting your time and handing your details over to yet another app developer for no reason (this is not a cheap app). Also haven't been able to find instructions or any information on what the end result looks like or how it actually works.
January 29, 2020
I have been looking for a plugin like this for so long. A single plugin to manage emails, popups, rewards and referral. And the paid version is cheaper than MailChimp. Don't change anything.
November 6, 2019
I have tried the old version of Beans... Its really really bad. BUT, until recently, I think there is a change of team managing Beans, I would say its an awesome change! 1. The service team is extremely helpful and prompt, they helped me resolve all of the issues i had to successfully integrate the plugin with the rest! 2. The interface was something i was looking for, a 3rd party site handling all the customisation of the loyalty program, which is really flexible too 3. I have been on wordpress for almost 5 years. Great kudos to the team at Beans! I almost wanted to switch to shopify as the referral/loyalty existing program kind suck. Until the new Beans came by. Great job team! I am definitely gonna be using this plugin for a long long time. (this is not a paid post, im a paying customer too)
November 5, 2019
I just want to personally thank the entire BEANS staff on assisting me with my rewards page. The dedication, the efforts are so appreciated when it came to resolving my issue. This is what you look for in a partnership. Im excited to grow with this company. I found the best company for our rewards program. Esther, thank you as well, your level expertise is unmatched! Thanks for everything!
October 11, 2019
The plugins show promise, they still have a bit to go to be really functional in WooCommerce but I am happy to recommend this developer.
October 10, 2019
I had a coding issue were Beans was not showing properly on my site. I contacted the support and they updated me everyday until the problem was resolved. I'm so grateful because my customers love their beans!!!!!!!!!!!
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Contributors & Developers

“Beans · Marketing Apps for Woocommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix Liana process
  • Add beans ultimate onboarding


  • check if cURL status
  • fix total price value


  • Integrate Beans Ultimate


  • Integrate Lotus: Save time managing social media for your shop
  • Test compatibility with woocommerce 3.9.0


  • Fix arrow display issues


  • Integrate Arrow: Login with social media
  • Fix programs pages


  • Fix slow issue
  • Fix redirect issues


  • Fix settings display issue


  • Fix referral page displaying issue
  • Fix reward page displaying issue
  • Compatibility with wordpress 5.3
  • Compatibility with woocommerce 3.8


  • Introducing Bamboo: Referral program


  • Fix redeem button issues
  • integrate plugin status webhooks


  • Introducing Poppy: Smart Popups


  • Introducing Foxx: Email automation
  • Fix connect issues
  • Use default button class of wordpress
  • Remove font-family from connected state


  • Fix Snow display
  • Fix connect issues
  • Add Informations and Setting section


  • Introducing Snow: the new widget notifications
  • Introducing Liana redemption feature


  • Fix redemption issues


  • Update Liana to latest version


  • Hide button on checkout page


  • Fix connect issues


  • Allow points redemption to be not be exclusive


  • Update widget


  • Introducing Liana: the new loyalty program


  • Fix disconnecting issue
  • update domains


  • set synchronize after connecting to Beans


  • Fix login issues
  • Retrieve information (first name and last name) from billing address or shipping address whenever possible
  • Auto reconnect the customer when they get disconnected from their beans account


  • deactivate synchronizaton


  • deactivate synchronizaton


  • Fix issue with Beans script not loading when there is a conflict


  • Fix issue with Beans version check


  • Stable Release of Beans 2.0


  • Update reference to Beans website


  • Fix bug of credit not being applied after order


  • Add support for maximum discount option


  • Minor bug fix


  • Minor bug fix


  • fix synchronisation issue with Beans


  • fix logging issue
  • Add registration first and last name


  • Make installation easier