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BBU's RSS Feed Campaign Tagger


BBU’s RSS Feed Campaign Tagger, as the name implies, allows you to tag links in your WordPress RSS feed. It readies the links in the RSS feed for tracking with Google Analytics.

Email, banner ads, pay per click, you name it. Marketers are tracking clicks like crazy to determine goals and conversions.

But what about RSS feed?

How many RSS subscribers who click on your link(s) and buy your product, send a donation, etc?

How responsive your RSS subscribers are to your offer in comparison to your e-newsletter subscribers?

This is exactly the kind of problem BBU’s RFCT solves. No, currently it is far from perfect but early tests on my blog and a few other friends look promising.

Go to BBU’s RSS Feed Campaign Tagger plugin page for complete information.


  • Google Analytics will show campaign, medium and source of your traffic / visits. If you define goals, you would be able to track them including funnel pages too.


Can I use FeedBurner along with this plugin?

Of course, RFCT modifies your links inside the RSS content, including the title so Google Analytics recognize it. FeedBurner can still fetch your RSS feed as usual.

How long before I start seeing stats?

While every time your subscribers fetch your RSS feed, it will already include Google Analytic tags, stats don’t appear immediately. That has nothing to do with this plugin. Go bug Google. 🙂

Will RFCT tag links for FeedBurner Email?

Yes, email subscribers will be tagged as RSS readers too. After all, those are RSS subscribers who receive your feed content via email. That’s just how it works.

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