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bbPress Topics for Posts

Replace the comments on your WordPress blog posts with topics from an integrated bbPress install


  • Fixed: Posts with draft settings did not have topics created under certain circumstances - thanks, Opinynated
  • Fixed: PHP notice when editing global settings for the first time
  • Changed: Updated default templates to look better with twentythirteen theme


  • Added: Anchor for "Respond" / "Leave a reply" links in post listings
  • Fixed: Post titles appeared blank when saving under certain circumstances - thanks, Keiser Media and nosignal
  • Fixed: Saved draft settings were not reflected when editing the post under certain circumstances - thanks, RobJustice777
  • Fixed: A couple other PHP warnings


  • Fixed: Multiple topics created for posts under certain circumstances - thanks, Erlend Sogge Heggen!
  • Fixed: Draft settings not properly deleted when publishing posts
  • Changed: Silenced a bunch of warnings for a cleaner debug experience


  • Changed: Will now create topics for posts marked 'Private' when selected - thanks, dhtc
  • Fixed: PHP warning about uninitialized $bbp object
  • Fixed: topic "Freshness" did not match post date for imported posts- thanks, Justin Mason
  • Fixed: comment bubble count didn't match reply count when importing existing comments
  • Fixed: post settings for copying tags and comments did not reflect defaults


  • Added: Can import comments when bulk processing posts (with new default setting)
  • Added: Broad support for scheduled posts and those made by plugins
  • Added: Delete forum topics when deleting last associated post
  • Added: Template functions for integrators / theme developers
  • Added: much-needed action hooks -- more to come!
  • Added: Debug hooks for diagnosing issues when processing new topics
  • Changed: dropped $bbp for carrying topic ID to template files -- copies of comments-bbpress.php must be updated
  • Changed: Bulk processing now includes posts with topics attached (to copy tags and import comments)
  • Changed: Skip ineligible post types during bulk processing - thanks, Gawain Lynch
  • Changed: Skip pages during bulk processing (can use filter to include them)
  • Fixed: Make path to admin script MU-compatible
  • Fixed: Make topic date match post date when importing old posts (or setting post date in the interface) - thanks, casewolf


  • Fixed: duplicate topics created when updating posts with a default forum set - thanks, nchiari
  • Fixed: could not access multiple pages of replies from post - thanks, oddcopter
  • Added: bulk create topics for existing posts from the Discussion settings page


  • Added: support for copying existing comments to bbPress topic - generously contributed by javiarques!
  • Added: support for loading template files from theme directory
  • Changed: cleaned up the Discussion meta box a bit
  • Changed: moved away from $bbp since it has been dropped in bbPress 2.1
  • Fixed: not all forums appeared in dropdowns in some cases - thanks, javiarques


  • Added: support for copying tags from post to topic
  • Added: support for creating topics for XML-RPC posts (only if creating a topic is set in defaults)
  • Added: translation support - thanks, efedoso
  • Changed: addslashes to topic body, fixing some topic content issues - thanks, sangil


  • Added: support for bbPress 2.1
  • Fixed: Bug that broke "Link to topic" option until default discussion settings were saved


  • Changed: default topic text is processed with kses
  • Fixed: bug that could prevent going back to custom settings once defaults were selected
  • Fixed: short_open_tag issues - thanks, dalekoop and drsim
  • Fixed: error when default discussion settings hadn't been saved - thanks, richardjay


  • Added: option to display only link to topic under post
  • Added: option to display newest/oldest x replies under post
  • Added: change the content of the new topic from the Discussion settings page
  • Added: option to "Use default settings" to keep topic display uniform
  • Changed: added placeholder text to make existing topic selection more intuitive - thanks, qgil
  • Changed: internal settings storage, for easier future changes


  • Fixed: bug preventing access to edit posts / pages under some conditions - big thanks, KaiSD


  • Changed: topic creation runs only when post is published, not when saving a draft


  • Added: strip shortcodes from excerpt in topic - thanks, wpforchurch
  • Added: bbppt_topic_content_before_link filter to change topic content without processing the link
  • Changed: stopped using deprecated function for excerpt generation


  • Added: bbppt_topic_content filter to let others change the content of new topics
  • Changed: Made error strings more detailed when creating or assigning a topic fails
  • Fixed: translation function error (used _( instead of __( - D'oh!) - thanks, justin-mason and David100351


  • Added: can set creating a bbPress topic for discussion as default for new posts
  • Changed: post meta format


  • Added: option to show only replies on the post / page
  • Fixed: link in forum topic was to nowhere - thanks, justin-mason
  • Fixed: could not select child forums when creating a new topic - thanks, justin-mason


  • Added: show reply count instead of comment count for posts with an attached forum topic
  • Changed: display an error if bbPress is not detected instead of failing silently
  • Changed: how bbPress is detected


  • Added: can use a topic ID or topic post_name/slug for existing topic
  • Added: better handling of bbPress environment
  • Fixed: use existing topic now works as expected
  • Fixed: finally settled on a name


Initial Release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2013-9-3
Active Installs: 1,000+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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