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bbPress Pencil Unread

bbPress Pencil Unread display which bbPress forums/topics have already been read by the user.

It doesn't work / CSS styling is bad !

Styling has been setup for the bbPress default theme.
If it doesn't work for you, please try to check/override our CSS styles (bbppu.css)

How can I filter topics to display only the unread or read ones ?

Just add the bbppu arg to your WordPress queries. You can set it either to read or unread. Of course, this works for the current logged user and will be skipped if the visitor is not logged.

Example :

$last_unread_topics_query_args = array(
  'post_type'       => bbp_topic_post_type(), //or 'topic'
  'posts_per_page'  => 5,
  'bbppu'       => 'unread' //only unread ones

$last_unread_topics_query = new WP_Query( $last_unread_topics_query_args );

How does it work?

bbPress Pencil Unread handles differently the way forums & topics are set as read.

  • For topics, a post meta bbppu_read_by is attached to the topic each time a someone visits it; the meta value is the user ID. ¬†When a new reply is added, all those metas are deleted.

  • For forums, we compare the total count of topics with the total count of read topics for the current user. If it does not match, the forum is considered as unread.

  • Marking a forum (Mark all as read) adds an entry with the forum ID and timestamp in bbppu_marked_forums (usermeta). When determining if a topic has been read, we check if the topic's forum (or ancestors) has a mark more recent than the topic time.

  • Marking a forum will only set the topics from this forum as read. If there is super sticky topics displayed and that they belong to other forums, they will not be marked as read.

How can I use those functions outside of the plugin ?

Have a look at the file /bbppu-template.php, which contains functions you could need.

How can I see the plugin's log ?

The plugin will generate various notices and informations in the debug.log file, if debugging is enabled.

Requires: WordPress 3, bbPress 2 or higher
Compatible up to: WordPress 4.6.1, bbPress 2.5.10
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 900+


4.9 out of 5 stars


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