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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

bbPress Admin Bar Addition

This plugin adds useful admin links and resources for the bbPress 2.x Forum Plugin to the WordPress Toolbar / Admin Bar.

1.7.1 (2012-08-29)

  • Maintenance release
  • UPDATE: Added additional 'function_exists' check to avoid possible compatibility issues on upgrades.

1.7 (2012-08-13)

  • Maintenance release
  • UPDATE: Added new settings links and improved compatibility with new bbPress 2.1+ branch.
  • UPDATE: Updated resources links with new 2.1+ resources and deleted a bunch of old ones.
  • NEW: Added help tab on bbPress main settings pages.
  • NEW: Added link to bbPress main settings page on plugins admin table.
  • NEW: Added theme support for "Propulsion", "Angular" and "Choices" (all premium, by Kriesi at ThemeForest)
  • UPDATE: Added back the links to all existing Forums (frontend views) - were originally removed in v1.6 -- now back again with improved codebase.
  • CODE: Minor code/documentation updates & improvements.
  • UPDATE: Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!

1.6 (2012-06-14)

  • Maintenance release
  • BUGFIX: Had to remove the links to all existing Forums (frontend views) because it was causing major errors with other custom post types. (Maybe it will be re-added later...).
  • NEW: Added plugin support for "GD bbPress Toolbox Pro" (premium, by Dev4Press)
  • UPDATE: Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!

1.5 (2012-05-18)

  • Woot, major updates on all fronts! :)
  • New features:
    • COOL: Plugin can now be branded and customized a lot more!
    • NEW: Added 5 action hooks for hooking custom menu items in - see FAQ section here for more info on that.
    • NEW: Added 7 filters to change icon graphic, main item name, main capability and more! For these cases there are now the new built-in filters and helper functions available! (See "FAQ" section here)
    • NEW: Almost all sections can now be removed for special needs, capabilities etc. -- all done via constants in your active theme/child theme -- this way you can customize for your staff members if you need some more users with extended or restricted admin bar/toolbar access (See "FAQ" section here)
  • Extended theme/framework support:
    • NEW: Added theme support section to display links to settings pages of some bbPress 2.x specific themes.
    • NEW: Added support for: Genesis Framework plus Child Themes / Skeleton / Elbee Elgee / Fanwood / Infinity (Anti-) Framework plus Child Themes / Gratitude / Buddies / WP Sharp
  • Extended plugin support:
    • NEW: Added plugin support for "GD bbPress Tools" (free, by Dev4Press)
    • NEW: Added plugin support for "GD bbPress Widgets" (free, by Dev4Press)
    • NEW: Added plugin support for "s2Member" (free version, by WebSharks, Inc.)
    • UPDATE: Updated and improved plugin support for "GD bbPress Attachments"
    • FIX: Fixed settings link for "bbPress Moderation" plugin.
  • Other stuff and maintenance:
    • NEW: Added new settings links "Update Forum" and "Converter" in favor of upcoming bbPress 2.1 :)
    • NEW: Added new documentation video resource link.
    • NEW: Added bbPress Plugin News Planet feed link to resource links (you can also access this from here: http://friendfeed.com/bbpress-news)
    • UPDATE: Revised some wording/strings and optimized language for better display.
    • CODE: No longer loading css styles or menu items for not logged-in users when plugins like "GD Press Tools" are active (which have options to show toolbar / admin bar also for visitors...)
    • NEW: Added possibility for custom and update-secure language files for this plugin - just upload them to /wp-content/languages/bbpaba/ (just create this folder) - this enables you to use fully custom wording or translations
    • UPDATE: Moved all admin-only functions/code from main file to extra admin file which only loads within 'wp-admin', this way it's all performance-improved! :)
    • UPDATE: Updated all existing screenshots and added some new ones.
    • NEW: Added info for Multisite installs to "Installation" and "FAQ" section of readme.txt file
    • UPDATE: Updated readme.txt file with new and improved documentation, added more plugin links.
    • UPDATE: Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!
    • UPDATE: Extended GPL License info in readme.txt as well as main plugin file.
    • NEW: Easy plugin translation platform with GlotPress tool: Translate "bbPress Admin Bar Addition"...

1.4 (2012-02-07)

  • Maintenance release: For WordPress 3.3+ changed display of resource links group: now at the bottom, below settings links and in WP 3.3 group style :)
  • Maintenance release: Enhanced backwards compatibility with WP 3.2/3.1 branches
  • Maintenance release: General CSS and code optimizations up to WP 3.3+
  • NEW: Added a new "Users" section below "Replies" because users seem to play an important role in a forum, right? :) (Note, only displayed if currend user as the appropiate role/cap)
  • UPDATE: Updated German community support forum link
  • NEW: Added plugin support for "bbPress WP Tweaks" (free, by veppa)
  • NEW: Added plugin support for "Custom Post Type Privacy" (free, by Kev Price)
  • NEW: Added plugin support for "WangGuard" (an anti-splog plugin - free, by WangGuard Team)
  • NEW: Added plugin support for "Members" (free, by Justin Tadlock)
  • CODE: Splitted code into more files for better maintenance - plugin support now has its own file
  • CODE: Improvement - hooked loading call for textdomain into init hook for fullfilling standard
  • CODE: More minor code/ code documenation tweaks and improvements
  • UPDATE: Updated existing and also added a few new screenshots
  • UPDATE: Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!

1.3 (2012-01-09)

  • Added plugin support for "bbPress Antispam" (free, by Daniel Huesken)
  • Added plugin support for "bbPress Moderation" (free, by Ian Haycox)
  • Added plugin support for "WP SyntaxHighlighter" (free, by redcocker)
  • Minor code/ code documenation tweaks
  • Updated readme.txt file - added new "Toolbar" wording introduced with WordPress 3.3 (formerly known as the Admin Bar)
  • Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!
  • Added banner image on WordPress.org for better plugin branding :)

1.2 (2011-12-04)

  • Added plugin support for "bbConverter" (free, by anointed + AWJunkies)
  • Added new external resource - "Hooks, Filters and Components for bbPress 2.0" at etivite.com
  • Added new external resource - "Getting Started with bbPress" by Smashing Magazine
  • Fixed display of first-level icon on mouse-hover with WordPress 3.3 - props to Dominik Schilling @ocean90 for great help with the CSS!
  • Updated the screenshots with fixed first-level icon
  • Updated and improved readme.txt file
  • Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!
  • Now I'd call this some fully optimized release - enjoy :-)

1.1 (2011-12-03)

  • Added link to topic tag "bbpress-plugin" in the official bbPress Forum
  • Corrected a wrong link (free WP.org forum)
  • Minor code tweaks
  • Fixed some ugly typos (Mmh, happens sometimes...)
  • Updated German translations and also the .pot file for all translators!

1.0 (2011-12-03)

  • Initial release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 4 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


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