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Basic Google Maps Placemarks

Embeds a Google Map into your site and lets you add map markers with custom icons and information windows.

v1.10.6 (5/16/2016)

v1.10.5 (10/1/2015)

v1.10.4 (5/1/2015)

  • [NEW] Added Russian translation. props alexgr.
  • [NEW] Added Serbo-Croatian translation. props Borisa Djuraskovic.
  • [NEW] Added Dutch translation. props mardonios.

v1.10.3 (4/23/2014)

v1.10.2 (1/8/2014)

v1.10.1 (11/25/2013)

v1.10 (3/30/2013)

  • [FIX] Fixed persistent bugs in previous 1.9.x releases.
  • [FIX] Fixed bgmp-map shortcode bug that led to conflicts with Jetpack.
  • [NEW] Added viewonmap parameter to [bgmp-list] shortcode.
  • [NEW] Added placemark ID parameter to [bgmp-map] shortcode.
  • [NEW] Added get-map-placemarks-individual-placemark filter.
  • [NEW] Added a filter to allow changing the language the map is displayed in.
  • [NEW] German translation added (thanks to Jens).
  • [NEW] Added do_action() calls to views so they can be more easily extended.
  • [NEW] Added a filter to allow disabling the Street View control.
  • [UPDATE] Attached bgmp JavaScript object to jQuery object, so it can be accessed from other scripts.
  • [UPDATE] Added category data available to JavaScript bgmpData object.

v1.9.2 (10/9/2012)

v1.9.1 (10/9/2012)

v1.9 (10/8/2012)

  • [NEW] Added the MarkerClusterer library.
  • [NEW] Added proper French translation, thanks to Romain Fèvre.
  • [UPDATE] bgmpData moved to mapShortcode(), so users no longer need to use the bgmp_map-shortcode-arguments filter to use shortcode parameters from template files calling do_shortcode(). They can just be passed in like normal now.
  • [UPDATE] Moved mapShortcode() markup into external view file.
  • [FIX] Ensured action callbacks only run once. This fixes the bug where admin notices would be enqueued 2-3 times.

v1.8 (8/11/2012)

  • [NEW] Added internationalization support.
  • [NEW] Added localizations for Chinese and French.
  • [REMOVE] Removed height:auto CSS rule because it was distorting the Google logo and prevented info. windows with images from sizing properly.
  • [NEW] Added shameless plug for Re-Abolish Slavery Ribbon plugin on Settings page.
  • [UPDATE] Replaced inline markup in bgmp_requirementsNotMet() and BasicGoogleMapsPlacemarks::printMessages() with views/message.php.
  • [UPDATE] Changed all instances of self::PREFIX to BasicGoogleMapsPlacemarks::PREFIX in settings.php.
  • [UPDATE] Moved variables from __construct() to init() in BasicGoogleMapsPlacemarks and BGMPSettings classes.
  • [UPDATE] Switched to using $networkWide parameter for activation callback.
  • [UPDATE] Moved addPlacemarks() call outside the try/catch block in buildMap to keep error messages more clear.

v1.7 (2/13/2012)

v1.6.1 (1/8/2012)

v1.6 (12/12/2011)

  • [NEW] Added options for changing the map type, type control and navigation control.
  • [NEW] Added a new filter on the default icon URL.
  • [UPDATE] Changed information window titles from H1 to H3 because it's more semantically appropriate
  • [FIX] Made the default information window text black because it wasn't visible in some themes.
  • [FIX] Fixed bug where coordinates with commas instead of periods wouldn't work.
  • [NEW] Added a lot of additional filters
  • [FIX] Placemark descriptions are passed through wpautop() instead of nl2br() to prevent extra line breaks.
  • [NEW] Added option to track plugin version and upgrade routine
  • [NEW] Added labels to fields on the Settings page
  • [NEW] Added error message when wp_remote_get() fails in geocode()

v1.5.1 (10/15/2011)

  • Updated readme.txt to reflect that the WordPress version requirement is 3.1 as of BGMP 1.5.

v1.5 (10/9/2011)

v1.4 (8/21/2011)

v1.3.2 (8/8/2011)

  • [UPDATE] The markers are now sorted alphabetically in the [bgmp-list] shortcode
  • [FIX] More theme styles are overriden to prevent the Maps API infowindow scroller bug
  • [UPDATE] The View screen in the Administration Panels is now sorted alphabetically
  • [UPDATE] enqueuemessage() is now declared protected instead of public

v1.3.1 (7/24/2011)

v1.3 (7/24/2011)

  • [UPDATE] Removed AJAX because unnecessary, slow and causing several bugs
  • [UPDATE] Removed now-unnecessary front-end-footer.php
  • [FIX] Fixed bug where placemarks weren't showing up when theme didn't support post-thumbnails
  • [FIX] Fixed bug where non-string value passed to enqueueMessage() would cause an error
  • [UPDATE] Set loadResources() to fire on 'wp' action instead of 'the_posts' filter
  • [UPDATE] Added title to markers
  • [UPDATE] Enabled support for BGMP post type revisions

v1.2.1 (7/18/2011)

v1.2 (7/3/2011)

  • [FIX] Fixes bug from 1.1.3 where the default options weren't set on activation
  • [FIX] MultiSite - Fixed activation error from relative require paths
  • [NEW] MultiSite - Added support for network activation, new site activation
  • [NEW] MultiSite - Enabled image upload button at activation
  • [FIX] Fixed bugs in message handling functions
  • [FIX] Fixed 'active version' stats bug
  • [UPDATE] Added notification when geocode couldn't resolve correct coordinates

v1.1.3 (6/26/2011)

  • [NEW] CSS and JavaScript files are only loaded on pages where the map shortcode is called
  • [FIX] Fixed fatal error when trying to activate on PHP 4 servers
  • [UPDATE] Styles updated for twentyeleven based themes
  • [UPDATE] Switched to wrapper function for $ instead of $ = jQuery.noConflict();
  • [UPDATE] JavaScript functions moved inside an object literal

v1.1.2 (6/14/2011)

  • [UPDATE] Settings moved to separate class
  • [UPDATE] Updated WordPress requirement to 3.0. Listing it at 2.9 in previous versions was a mistake.

v1.1.1 (6/11/2011)

v1.1 (6/5/2011)

  • [NEW] Addresses are automatically geocoded
  • [NEW] Default markers used when no featured image set
  • [NEW] Default settings saved to database upon activation

v1.0 (5/29/2011)

  • [NEW] Initial release

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.3
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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