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Basic Bilingual

Makes managing your blog with two languages less cumbersome.

Version 1.3.5

  • Fixing several bugs in rewrite rules and adding a workaround for a WordPress bug that prevented the %lang% rewrite tag to work properly

Version 1.3.4

  • Fixing a bug that prevents old exerpts to show

Version 1.3.3

  • Preparing for language packs

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed side effects with the media library
  • Using only one option to save all the plugin's settings

Version 1.3.1

  • Updated Spanish translations

Version 1.3

  • Updated all translations

version 1.2.2

  • Fixing bug with bb_the_other_excerpt template tag.

version 1.2.1

  • Changes for WordPress 4.3

version 1.2

  • Added Serbo-Croatian translations.
  • Added Dutch translations.
  • Fallback mechanism to load language files in a smarter way.

version 1.1

  • Double and single line-breaks in excerpts are respectively converted to <p>...</p> and <br/> tags (like for the content).
  • Support for "language" column and filter in the dashboard.
  • Support for rewrite tag %lang% to be used in permalink structures.
  • Support for archive pages based on the language of the post (eg. /language/en/).
  • Support for language based archive templates (eg. language-en.php, language.php).
  • Support for URL based filtering of archive pages (works for dates, tags, categories, authors and post type archives and for search). For example:
    • en/category/uncategorized to list uncatgorized posts in English.
    • fr/author/admin to list posts written in French by the admin user.
    • es/2013 to list all post in Spanish written in 2013.
    • en/search/hello+world to search for English posts containing hello world.

version 1.0

  • Excerpts in multiple languages.
  • Option to filter excerpts based on Accept-Language HTTP header.
  • Migration from prior versions.
  • Deprecated template tags.

version 0.5

  • Rewrite plugin to use classes and modern WP features.

version 0.4

  • Modified the be fully compatible with the last WordPress versions: drag the language and other-excerpt boxes -- code provided by Luca Palli (27.09.2009).
  • Add the "Allow empty language" option on the new Options page -- code provided by Luca Palli (27.09.2009).

version 0.33

  • Fixed a bunch of stuff, code provided kindly by Tim Isenheim.
  • Half-arsed attempt to make the interface look prettier (30.01.2009).

version 0.32

  • Replaced the ugly "language box" in the admin section with a pretty DBX box. Drag it to the top of the page!

version 0.31

version 0.3

  • Added stripslashes to get rid of slash problem
  • No need to add template tag anymore for other-excerpt -- added automagically (30.11.2007)
  • Added class to excerpt first-child

version 0.21

  • Fixed for WP 2.0 by replacing $postdata->ID with $post->ID (31.12.2005)
  • Cosmetic changes to the edit form (03.01.2006)
  • added hooks to deal with pages (03.01.2006)

version 0.2

  • Fixed update bug for other-excerpt (function name was wrong in action statement!) 28.01.2005

version 0.1

  • Initial release

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 100+


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