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Bainternet User Ranks

Create and display user rank titles based on there post count, comment count or both.

How Can I Use the ShorCode?

Simple just add [user_rank] in your post content and if you want to get the rank of another user (default is post author) then just set user_id to the id of the user who's rank you want eg: [user_rank user_id="23"]

How Can I Use the Top ranked ShorCode?

Once again very simple just add [user_rank_top] which will get you a list of top 5 ranked users, you can change the number , item wrapper and container eg: [user_rank_top number="20" container="ol" item_wrapper="li"]

How Can I Style, Design the shortcodes output?

Both Shortcodes use a simple templating system which takes tokens and replaces them with the user data eg:

<div class="user_ranks">
    <div class="user_name">[user-firstname] [user-lastname]</div>
    <div class="user_title"><strong>[title]</strong></div>
    <div class="user_points"><small>[points]</small></div>

Just make sure you enter the template after the shortcode tag and add aclosing tag.

Nice, what are the shortcode template tokens that I can Use?

  • [title] - prints the user's rank title
  • [points] - prints the user's points
  • [user_login] - prints the user's login
  • [user_nicename] - prints the user's nicename
  • [user_email] - prints the user's email
  • [user_url] - prints the user's URL
  • [user_firstname] - prints the user's First name
  • [user_lastname] - prints the user's last name
  • [user_description] - prints the user's description/bio

How Can I Use the Top ranked template tag?

<?php $baur_plugin = new baur_Plugin();
$top_users = $baur_plugin->get_top_users($number);
foreach($top_users as $u){
    $user_info = get_userdata($u['user_id']);
    echo "User: ".$user_info->user_login. " Points: " . $u['points]. " Title: ". $u['title']. "<br/>";

Nothing is happening, whats Wrong?

Nothing you just need to call the plugin in your theme file something like this:

<?php $baur_plugin = new baur_Plugin();
$user_rank = $baur_plugin->ba_get_user_points($user_id);
echo "Points: " . $user_rank;?>

And you must set $user_id

Why do i get just the points?

You need to pass another parameter to the 'ba_get_user_points' function (Boolean , default false) to get an array that contains both Title and Points.

<?php $baur_plugin = new baur_Plugin();
$user_rank = $baur_plugin->ba_get_user_points($user_id,true);
echo "title: ". $user_rank['title'] . "Points: " . $user_rank['points'];?>

Once again you must set $user_id

Hot can i get top ranked users?

use get_top_users method with the number of top users you want , for example to get the top 5 use:

<?php $baur_plugin = new baur_Plugin();
$top_users = $baur_plugin->get_top_users(5);
foreach ($top_users as $user){
    $user_info = get_userdata($user['user_id']);
    echo $user_info->user_login . " title: ". $user_rank['title'] . "Points: " . $user_rank['points'];

Requires: 2.9.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 1 month ago
Active Installs: 90+


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