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Bainternet Posts Creation Limits

this plugin helps you to limit the number of posts/pages/custom post types each user can create on your site.

3.2 Fixed locking access to press this. added a new action hook before the limited message is shown post_creation_limits_before_limited_message

3.1 fixed typo replace jquery live() with on().

3.0 Fixed undefined variable notice props to Austin Passy. Moved all hooks to a central function outside of the consructor. Moved all shortcodes to a central function outside of the consructor. Added plugin row meta.

2.9 Added Filters bapl_Count_filter for count to allow you to filter based on your own rules (other then what is set in the plugin). Fixed role change on rule edit.

2.8 Fixed post type "any" limitation bug.

2.7 Fixed Missing argument 2 for bapl::limit_xml_rpc() issue.

2.6 trash is now check in any status as well.

2.5 Added time span.

2.4 Added Any to post type rules.

2.3 Fixed HTML message issues. Added bapl_limited_message_Filter filter hook for message.

2.2.2 Globalized class var. added action hook for custom check.

2.2.1 Added casting to avoid errors on foreach calls

2.2 added filter shortcode for front end forms added filter hooks.

2.1 Fixed Multisite support. Added site specific (in a multisite) settings option. custom limit block message. select post status to count.

2.0 Hide add new whe limit is reached. auto migration from old limits to new rule system. 0(Zero) no longer means unlimited so its actually a sure block.

1.9 Admin UI remake. New Rule System.

1.8 added block by user id.

1.7 Re Coded in OOP.

1.6 none public update

1.5 none public update

1.4 none public update

1.3 none public update

1.2 none public update

1.1 quick bug fix

1.0 Major update, added custom blocked message feature. new limit by role feature. added multisite support.

0.6 Changed post Count function to speed it up.

0.5 added custom post type support and recoded most of it.

0.4 added options panel.

0.3 quick bug fix.

0.2 admin is now never limited.

0.1 inital release.

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.0
Last Updated: 2 months ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.3 out of 5 stars


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