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!This plugin hasn’t been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Back End Instructions

Plugin for WordPress developers to provide easy "how to use" instructions to their clients.


  • Bugfix - search in the back end was messed up.


  • Bugfix - renamed a variable that was causing a conflict with other plugins.
  • Added German and Spanish translations. I don't speak German or Spanish, so if I'm off, please feel free to edit :)


  • made a few security fixes
  • updated the options table
  • removed the addition of the "first post" since it's really unnecessary
  • re-added the "Instructions" tab - but now it's optional
  • heavy rewrite of code to clean up and streamline
  • added css admin files (for custom "Instructions" tab to match user settings admin colors)
  • fixed the replacement brackets for shortcodes ("{{ }}") so the front-end instructions no longer parse them


  • Bugfix: swapped a custom loop for a custom query to fix a reported conflict with a WooThemes theme.


  • Bugfix: missing variable.


  • pluggable.php won't load until after ALL plugins have loaded, and only if needed.
  • removed the bei_query_vars function, as it was causing issues with filtering posts in the admin. (It was a function put in a long time ago to make sure the instructions ddn't show up in search results - but the function is no longer necessary as it's taken care of in the options page)
  • Fixed a jQuery conflict that was causing the "+" fields to not work.
  • Fixed issue with "xxxx characters of unexpected output" upon activation.
  • Updated "How To" video to show the new features, etc. (the old one was causing confusion - pardon my laziness!)
  • Fixed it so the initial "How To Use Back End Instructions" post isn't indexed in the search engines, because no one wants that.


  • Finally fixed the issue of the Instructions post type not showing up when WordPress SEO is installed and activated.
  • Fixed issue where radio buttons don't function in setting page when the Ultimate TinyMCE (by Josh Lobe - tested version 4.0.3, which was the only version I have access to) plugin is used.


  • Discovered an issue where instructions that were created before version 2.2 would not show up anywhere after the upgrade. My bad. Variable misnaming. It's now fixed.


  • tested in WordPress 3.5-alpha, minor bug fixes and code cleanup for the upcoming WordPress release.
  • tested in a Multi-Site environment, seems to work fine. (Please contact me if you find out otherwise, because my tests are only in a localhost environment.)
  • removed stylesheets because they actually aren't necessary anymore


  • some commits didn't take - partial upgrade. Trying again to get all the right files in there.


  • Further streamlined and updated code, removed unnecessary stuff. This makes this version of the plugin unusable for WordPress versions below 3.1.
  • Created options page for defaults
  • Can now provide shortcode instructions without parsing the shortcode.
  • Set up an option to allow you to display instructions on front end.
  • Set up an secondary option to make instructions that are shown on the front-end visible to everyone (public) or only to logged-in users (private).
  • Fixed the translation stuff by creating .pot file for easier translation, removed default .mo and .po files.
  • added capability for popping in an instruction to a list of specified pages.
  • edited the output in regards to the video: you can now show video AND text, instead of having the video replace the text.
  • updated/cleaned up readme.txt file.
  • created a banner for the plugins page (just for fun)


This is an "idiot's release" - I committed changes before I was supposed to - and committing uncovered bugs I didn't forsee. Totally my bad!


  • updated code to streamline and make it more efficient.
  • added an option to the database to check if the plugin is installed so the initial "How to Use" post isn't created over and over again, even after deletion.
  • updated/cleaned up the readme file.
  • removed the CSS and embed_loader files and folders.
  • updated the video embedding to use HTML5 Video.
  • because I'm an idiot and forgot to add the mo-po files for translation, I've added the mo-po files for translation.
  • it was pointed out to me that these items can be included in front-end search results. This issue is now fixed for both future and past installations.
  • cleaned up CSS to make it better match the default styling (classic admin theme)
  • fixed it so you don't see the flash of expanded content on page load (before the stylesheet kicks in and hides it)


  • further fixed "Notice" warnings - especially when adding a new one. *NOTE: there is some kind of bug with WordPress, custom fields, and auto-save. If your error-reporting is on, the AJAX responder in WP will show an error in a pink box. Don't worry about the error - it's just an annoyance for now, and only shows up when you add a brand-spankin' new instruction, after you give it a title. Everything still works fine.
  • Changed custom post type to reflect where you are (i.e. change "Add New Post" to "Add New Instruction", etc.)
  • removed the need for an additional plugin to hide the instructions menu option from lower-level users. Now anyone with "Editor" or "Administrator" level access will see the menu option, but anyone below that level will not.
  • removed the extra "Summary" section, since it's redundant. The Excerpt area works as the descriptions, and instead of having the post content replaced by video content, it'll just add to the video content, if so desired.
  • fixed it so you can specify a particular back-end page, or just a general area for an instruction to appear. (i.e. if you want soemthing to appear on "post-new.php" just enter that in the "Page Name" area, but if you want the instruciton to only appear on the "Add New Instruction" pagem, and not the regular "Add Post" pages, you put in "post-new.php?post_type=instructions".
  • added easier styling capability.


  • fixed issue where people were receiving "Notice" information when they had error_reporting turned on. These warnings were due to empty variables. (Once information was put in, they would go away, but on initial acitvation they would show because no info had been put in yet.) A minor annoyance that didn't affect the functionality of the plugin - now taken care of.


  • fixed issue where instructions were not showing up on individual posts (post.php)
  • repaired path to css and script files


  • added video and inserted a default post to show an example of use
  • double-checks and cleaning/fixing errors (mostly spelling and clarification) - finalizing for official release


  • fixed issue with other plugins that call pluggable.php and cause a conflict
  • added capability for targeting custom post types
  • added capability to use vimeo


  • tested for WordPress 3.1
  • cleaned up/streamlined terminal code


  • Fixed issue where instructions for the dashboard wouldn't show up upon initial login (dashboard).


  • First release.

Requires: 3.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.9.15
Last Updated: 3 years ago
Active Installs: 300+


3.8 out of 5 stars


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