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B09 Link to Existing Content

Improves the built in "Link to existing content" dialog. Provides filters, has optional shortcode support and improves searching.

About this Plugin

B09 Link to Existing Content is a small plugin that is ment to improve the wordpress "Link to existing content"-functionality.

  • Default Behaviour is seamless, just continue using the Link PopUp as always
  • New in version 1.5: Options Page to alter your personal settings
  • Consider installing the plugin Search Everything for full control over the search results when using "Link to existing Content"
  • Optional: Makes internal links more future-proof by using a shortcode with the post or taxonomy id. Just select the post you want to link to and click "Add Shortcode", and the shortcode gets pasted to your editor and automatically handled in your themes. This feature has to be activated by using a shortcode, as described below:
  • Filters for this plugin:
    • Control if the shortcode functionality should be active or not: link_to_existing_content_use_shortcode
    • Control which post types should be searched: link_to_existing_content_post_types
    • Control which taxonomies should be searched: link_to_existing_content_taxonomies

Filter API

For more information about the usage of filters with this plugin, have a look at it's source code or the FAQ. It is all documented there.

A short Note

This plugin is very young, so there might still be bugs somewhere in there. Before you give it a bad rating, help us to solve eventual issues by posting here to the support forum. That way, you will help the community much more than by just saying "it doesn't work, one star". Thanks.


If you think it works and you like the functionality, don't wait and rate it here! That way, it will stay alive.

Requires: 4.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.5
Last Updated: 2015-6-19
Active Installs: 300+


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