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Awesome Surveys

End Of Life - do not use.

v2.1 El Valle de Jovel

  1. Feature Add ability to delete survey responses
  2. Feature Add custom HTML element to surveys
  3. Feature Option to add captchas to surveys
  4. Enhancement On multisite - if survey author does not have 'unfiltered_html' capability, generate the form on-the-fly for frontend output.
  5. Use built in filter when doing shortcode rather than filtering the content in the shortcode callback.


  1. FIX Single quotes break JSON encode/decoding - hopefully fixed
  2. Added a "translate" button to the survey options panel - if you have changed your site language since creating a survey, you can use this button to translate the static form existing_elements 3.Results display tweaks
  3. User Contributed: Added a button to reset default selection for radios/checkboxes
  4. User Contributed: Added Hungarian translation
  5. User Contributed: Redirect after survey completion now in the interface with the ability to designate a number of seconds before redirect


  1. FIX - improper escaping/unescaping


  1. FIX - in cases where values are escaped when json encoding - unescape those before json decoding


  1. Duplicate survey functionality was retaining the survey id of the survey that it was duplicated from resulting in less than desirable results. This has been fixed by updating the post content to ensure that the new old survey id is replaced with the new survey id in the form field


  1. implement/change escaping function used when echoing values into survey builder form
  2. fire the auth method update action prior to the 'responses saved' action


  1. Don't process survey response if survey is not published
  2. Don't save post meta "existing_elements" if json_decode of same fails
  3. Block user interface when adding survey questions
  4. Menu position has more precision in an attempt to avoid clashes


  1. Survey builder is now blocked by default and unblocked by JavaScript when loaded - this is an attempt to mitigate the "...bad array..." messages that are being reported


  1. fix for undefined offset when deciding whether to send email
  2. decode html entities in outgoing emails
  3. answer metrics have returned - thanks to github user naimkhalifa
  4. adds a 'countdown' option to textareas
  5. bugfix for 'duplicate not working'
  6. bugfix for 'required' textarea was breaking the form editor
  7. results screen pagination added
  8. fixed some non-translatable strings
  9. more information added to the results bar graphs
  10. CSS color tweaks to the results bar graphs


  1. yet another bugfix


  1. bugfix

v2.0 - Yemaya

  1. Major rewrite
  2. Surveys are now custom post types
  3. responses are each stored in post meta individually
  4. backward compatible to versions < 2.0, i.e. you can migrate older surveys to the new version and you old shortcodes will still work - authentication methods map back to the old survey ids


  1. Attempts mitigation of data loss
  2. Updated jQuery ui css


  1. bug fix - survey forms with special characters not properly json_decoded resulting in process response giving a bad request message - dev time 1 hour


  1. IMPORTANT Fixes a security vulernability. UPDATE NOW!!

v1.6 - La Barqueta

  1. New Feature Send emails on completion of surveys - 6 hours dev time, 0 hours of testing.
  2. Bug Fix JavaScript error when editing a survey question/answer and no changes made - 15 minutes dev/testing time
  3. Added wwm_as_admin_script_vars filter, through which one can change the number of answers available to questions with options (radio, checkbox, select) 15 minutes dev/testing time
  4. Danish translations provided by WordPress user heinohund


  1. Important If you use the Awesome Surveys CSV Exporter, please either update it to version 0.4 or de-activate it before updating Awesome Surveys.
  2. Fixes for results by user
  3. Enhancement - now requires confirmation when pressing 'reset survey'
  4. Now uses WordPress constant SCRIPT_DEBUG for dev/workflow purposes


  1. Changes how 'results by user' works

v1.5 - Las Lajas

  1. Adds 'view results by user' functionality
  2. German translations added
  3. Whoops...forgot to load textdomain for translations
  4. In an earlier version, I was using a closure or anonymous function - Earlier versions of PHP don't support such nonsense so that didn't work. Added a function which always returned true without the knowledge of some WordPress functions that accomplish this very thing. This has been updated with that.
  5. Lots of work done to improve loading of translations and jQuery validation messages since WordPress now uses a setting for 'WPLANG' and the constant is no longer used.
  6. Front end French translations started


  1. Improved handling of non-English characters in the 'Survey Results' tab.


  1. Bug fix - after re-ordering of questions, the 'edit question' & 'delete question' buttons would act on the wrong question. Thanks wordpress.org user vexweb for pointing this out.
  2. Following form submission the browswer window should scroll back to the top of the form - see this thread: https://wordpress.org/support/topic/scroll-back-to-top-on-submit
  3. Dutch translations added. Thanks wordpress.org user Mariavd for the translations


  1. Added frontend check to ensure that JavaScript validation messages file exists before trying to load it (defaults to English) - Shout out to Kirk! Thanks for the report.


  1. bug fix


  1. Added drag & drop re-ordering of questions. See this video for a quick demonstration.
  2. Metaboxes for news and ratings


  1. Attempts to add localized form validation messages if WPLANG is defined and the messages file exists for WPLANG


  1. admin javascript didn't update properly - fixed


  1. Bug fix - 'Edit Survey' was actually cloning survey in certain cases.


  1. New feature: Editing of questions/answers now available during the survey build process
  2. New feature: Clone a survey
  3. New feature: If a survey has no responses, it can be loaded into the survey builder and edited - questions can be added, answers can be added to questions
  4. frontend js/css now gets a version string appended
  5. frontend form is now rendered with the submit button disabled, it is then enabled by the included javascript. This is an attempt to alleviate the 404 errors that some users are experiencing - probably due to the javascript not loading for any number of reasons.
  6. There was no good reason to require survey names to be unique, will now allow duplicate names.


  1. New feature: conditionally edit survey authentication method
  2. New feature: edit the thank you method
  3. Added ability to redirect after survey submission (requires an addon)
  4. Attempts to provide meaningful feedback if survey fails to save
  5. Added uninstall.php
  6. Bug fixes
  7. Changed behaviour of the admin notice - can now be dismissed on a per-user basis
  8. Code cleanup of external library


  1. Fixed a bug where if two surveys were present on a page/post only the first one could be submitted
  2. Further improvments to error handling
  3. Further clean up of unneeded parts of the included PFBC package
  4. The survey form relies heavily on javascript. If javascript is not available, the form submit button is disabled
  5. Cleaner method of including js/css on admin pages implemented
  6. Added a filter for the admin panel tabs/content - This can now be extended
  7. Updated the jQuery validation plugin to stable release v1.13.0


  1. Editing of Survey Name, Questions and Options/Answers now available by clicking a link
  2. Surveys can now be deleted
  3. Option to not load included CSS has been added
  4. Removed heaps of unnecessary files from the included PFBC package
  5. Bug fix in call to wp_list_pluck (invalid argument supplied for foreach)


  1. Addresses the report of the "spinner" failing to go away in certain instances when the survey form is submitted
  2. Attempts to provide something resembling useful feedback if the survey submission AJAX request fails


  1. Bug fix on frontend output.
  2. Bug fix for bad 'maxlength' validation values on text boxes and textareas.
  3. This bug fix wouldn't have been possible without your bug reports. The users of this plugin ROCK!
  4. Even with the bugs, it worked better than healthcare.gov


  1. minor frontend styling changes


  1. Initial Public Release

Requires: 3.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.8
Last Updated: 10 months ago
Active Installs: 4,000+


3.6 out of 5 stars


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