AweBooking – Hotel Booking System


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Awebooking is a well-coded plugin with an excellent user interface, perfect for any hotel, hostel, motel, BnB or any kind of accommodation website. Awebooking brings you easiest way to setup any reservations quickly, pleasantly and easily, rent accommodations with detail services, receive online reservations.

Your customers will be impressed by how easy-to-use, fast and clear to check availability and send a booking request. However, it is not harder to use than any other hotel booking WordPress plugins. Moreover, we believe that it’s even much easier! And there’s a good reason for that: amount of time and effort that we invested in Awebooking to bring you the best hotel booking WordPress plugin ever.

You can see plugin demo here. We also provide WordPress admin demo if you want to take a look.

Plugin features

  • Room type and rooms
  • Multi locations
  • Extra services
  • Amentities
  • Pricing management
  • Room availablity management
  • Block dates
  • Multiple Rooms Booking
  • Booking Management
  • Booking Note
  • Check available widget
  • Email notification
  • Minimum/Maximum Nights
  • Tax
  • Shortcodes
  • Multilingual Ready
  • Fit With Your Theme
  • Developer Friendly
  • More features are on the way!

Premium features

You can check plugin description page here for detail features.

Premium themes



  • Room type list
  • Room type detail settings
  • Services list
  • Availablity rooms management
  • Pricing management
  • Booking list


  • From your WordPress dashboard, Visit Plugins > Add New
  • Query for awebooking
  • Activate AweBooking from your Plugins page. (You’ll be greeted with a Setup page.)
  • Visit Room type > Add new room type and create some room types. (You can always delete these later.)


Plugin & Support

Awebooking is a wonderful plugin to use. The support provided by awebooking plugin author is very very good. They are very supporting and helpful. They have helped me a lot in configuring awebooking plugin for room reservations.

Excellent support

The new Awebooking 3.x is totally dirrerent from old version 2.x. It’s no need for those whose websites still work well with 2.x to update ver 3.x. I struggled with some problems yet I received excellent customer service and support promptly. The support team is always friendly and helpful.

Terrible plugin, worse support, dangerous updates

Terrible plugin, even worse support. In order to check availability, the hotel manager can only view a single room type, on a single month at a time. We reported the issue and here’s how they supported us (mind the dates):

[pff-forum link redacted by moderator]

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. After a certain update, all room data were lost; luckily that was off-season and we could rectify the issue with no losses, but we really can’t afford to gamble with our customers bookings with each update Awethemes releases.

I don’t think I have ever come across a worse support experience. Steer clear.

Terrible support

Terrible support.
Demo does not work. They told us they fixed it and it still does not work. The documentation does not help either because it does not detail the list of rules, and for that reason we can not know if it is useful or not.
Very bad.

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Contributors & Developers

“AweBooking – Hotel Booking System” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



[v3.1.19] – [2018-12-14]

  • WordPress 5.0 with Gutenberg compatibility
  • Frontend: Force to showing single month in the datepicker in mobile
  • Auto delete “pending” bookings after 30 minutes from time created
  • Fixed add new booking in the backend when multi-hotels enabled
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.18] – [2018-12-01]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.17] – [2018-11-24]

  • Fixed: Booking not store the hotel ID
  • Fixed: Some search form bugs

[v3.1.16] – [2018-11-20]

  • Imporove admin Calendar
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.15] – [2018-11-05]

  • Added: Auto update checked-out status in booking
  • Fixed the gateway instruction in email and thankyou page
  • Prepare for v3.2
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.13] – [2018-11-01]

  • Fixed some issues about reservation.
  • Fixed display wrong price in email.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.12] – [2018-10-10]

  • Added: Validation on checkout.
  • Fixed: Bulk update availability calendar not work with only_days.
  • API Added: New class AweBooking\Component\Validation\Validator for the validation.

[v3.1.11] – [2018-10-04]

  • Fixed: Minor issues in the reservation.
  • Added: Intro [awebooking_rooms] and [awebooking_single_room] shortcode.

[v3.1.10] – [2018-09-26]

  • API: Added relationships API.

[v3.1.9] – [2018-09-19]

  • Change: Cancelled email now send to customer instead to admin.
  • New style for confirm dialog in admin area.
  • Continue improve multiple hotels.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.8] – [2018-09-13]

  • Added: Show terms on checkout.
  • Improve multiple hotels.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.7] – [2018-09-01]

  • Fixed tax issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.6] – [2018-08-21]

  • Fixed some template issues.
  • Fixed send email issue.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.5] – [2018-08-07]

  • Added: Remove selected room.
  • Fixed: Cannot send email when have multiple recipients.
  • Fixed: Trim zeros when “Number of Decimals” iz zero.
  • Fixed: Database upgrade issues.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.4] – [2018-08-02]

  • Fixed: Premium addons update not work.
  • Minor bug fixes.

[v3.1.3] – [2018-07-31]

  • Added: Widget Check Availability.
  • Fixed: The prices include tax not work as expected.
  • Fixed: Datepicker not working on mobile devices.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.2] – [2018-07-25]

  • Fixed datepicker not working when Elementor activate.
  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.1] – [2018-07-20]

  • Minor bug fixes

[v3.1.0] – [2018-07-19]

  • Release v3.1.0