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AWeber Form by ContactUs.com

The Aweber Form Plugin by ContactUs.com creates newsletter signup forms for Aweber users to grow their email newsletter list.

  1. What are the pros of using your plugin? ContactUs.com Aweber plugin allows you to obtain newsletter subscribers in an easier and more effective way. With our multiple templates, our plugin allows you to approach potential newsletter subscribers in a non-intrusive way. Our templates designs have been worked carefully, so people can easily find them and think of them as an opportunity to stay in touch with you.
  2. If I input my Aweber credentials on the plugin, will they be stored on your end? Absolutely not. The reason the plugin asks for your credentials is to connect your account with the plugin. Your ContactUs.com account will store your API Key and ListID. However, it will not store any of your login credentials.
  3. What kind of implementation can I find? The Aweber Plugin by ContactUs.com, serves either a proactive tab or an embedded form on the page(s) you choose. It also allows you to customize the implementation, so you can decide what to have, on each page of your WordPress website.
  4. How many subscribers can I get through this plugin? How many newsletter subscribers you sign-up will depend on how many visitors you have to your website. Our goal with this plugin is to generate more sign-ups in proportion to your overall web traffic. The plugin achieves this by offering more proactive form placements and using better-designed form templates.
  5. Can I use both ContactUs.com Contact Form Plugin and ContactUs.com Aweber Plugin at the same time? Currently it’s only possible to use one plugin at the time. We are working so it can be possible to use both plugins on your site at the same time. We will notify you when that goes live.
  6. Where do I get my Authorization Code? To generate your Authorization code, go to the plugin, and click on “Get Authorization Code” then you will have to input your Aweber credentials, once that is done you will get it.
  7. I can access the plugin with no problem, but if I log out from it by clicking the “Unlink” button, when trying to access it again, it asks for the authorization code once more, why is that? The Authorization code is valid for a one time use; however, you can retrieve a new one by repeating the same process. Go to “Get authorization code” input your Aweber credentials and you will get it once again.

Below are links to answer additional questions about:

  • Logging into you ContactUs.com account (here)
  • Setting up a new form (here)
  • Managing your leads (here)

Requires: 3.4 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.6.1
Last Updated: 2014-4-23
Active Installs: 90+


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