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Community Lite Video Chat

The Community Lite video chat plugin for WordPress handles the basic integration between WordPress and AVChat - a powerful video chat platform.

2.0.6 (11.02.2016)

  • include_once for Mobile_Detect.php prevents Fatal errors when that calss is used by other plugins/themes as well

2.0.5 (11.02.2016)

  • Name changed to "Community Lite Video Chat"
  • More contextual copy and better arrangement for errors in backend area (Enter Chat)
  • Removed Java Script/Flash Player requirements text from backend area (Enter Chat) when AVChat was missing

2.0.4 (11.02.2016)

  • Fixed "Undefined index: user_email" notice in frontend
  • Fixed "Undefined index" notices when saving permissions

2.0.3 (22.09.2015)

  • Updated the plugin for WordPress 4.3.1 and above

2.0.2 (10.03.2015)

  • Small bug fix

2.0.1 (09.03.2015)

  • Corrected small typos
  • Prepared plugin for the new AVChat 3.6 release
  • Updated links and description accordingly

2.0.0 (19.01.2015)

  • The plugin now has it's own menu in the WP backend (previous: inside Settings)
  • Interface redesign for the plugin's backend area
  • Plugin's settings have now been reorganized in a tabbed menu
  • All options are now explained in detail, many with examples
  • Fixed small bugs and typos
  • Included a feedback form where you can send your questions or suggestions
  • You can now access AVChat's admin area from the WP backend

1.4.3 (05.09.2014)

  • Fixed issue with only admins getting access to the chat by default (and only to the user interface) when 1st installing the plugin. Now all user roles have access by default to the chat user interface and the admin to the chat admin interface.
  • Changed wording from "You do not have sufficient privileges to access this page" to a softer "USER_ROLE can not access the chat"
  • Upped the Flash Player requirement in the JS code to 11.4 (AVChat Build 3396 needs it)
  • Updated installation instructions and description
  • Updated supported WordPress version to 4.0
  • Replaced "AVChat Software" mentions with "avchat.net"
  • Removed all AVChat trial mentions from description since at the moment AVChat can not be obtained under a 15 days trial anymore.

1.4.2 (14.01.2014)

  • Fixed security issue

1.4.1 (28.10.2013)

  • Fixed issue with tablets not receiving the mobile version *
  • Fixed issue with permissions not loading correctly in some cases *
  • Fixed issue with "Headers already sent" error when using AVChat in pop up *
  • Visitors and logged in members can not change their chat username (visitors get a random visitor_XYZ username) *
  • Admins do not get 99 maxRoomsOneCanBeIn, 99 maxStreams and unlimited freeVideoTime anymore. All their abilities are controlled from the WP backend *

1.4.0 (10.05.2013)

  • Updated plugin description in WP Plugins backend area
  • Added FP 11.1 requirement to match the FP requirement in the recent 2330 AVChat 3 build: http://avchathq.com/blog/avchat-build-2330-introduces-h-264-support/
  • Better detection for missing JavaScript and Flash Player version
  • Better AVChat 3 files detection
  • Better mobile device detection
  • FB application ID is now sent to AVChat 3 even when the plugin is configured to open AVChat 3 in a pop-up
  • Removed default FB app id
  • Better JS code for opening up AVChat 3 in an pop-up window
  • WP Administrators are now granted access by default, through a pre-checked permission, to the admin area of AVChat 3 (admin.swf)
  • Fixed issue that made it impossible to deny WP Administrators access to the admin area of AVChat 3 (admin.swf)
  • Fixed issue that prevented the permissions from being applied to WP Administrators
  • Default visitors usernames will now have the "visitor_" prefix instead of the "user_" prefix
  • The admin column was not present in the AVChat 3 Settings & Permissions page
  • Better explanation of AVChat 3 permissions and options in the AVChat 3 Settings & Permissions page

1.3.3 (11.04.2013)

  • fixed some minor typos including removing the "PRO" from the plugin name as it shows up in the WP backend

1.3.2 (06.03.2013)

1.3.1 (21.02.2013)

1.3 (17.12.2012)

  • NEW! HTML5 mobile version, now available for iOS and Android. Automatic recognition of mobile version.
  • Added support for Administrators user role.
  • Don't miss new messages. Now you will see if you have notifications in the browser tab, while browsing other tabs.
  • Fixed issue with chat appearing lower on the page.

1.2.1 (29.11.2012)

  • Added support to know when the AVChat files are not copied into the plugin directory.
  • Fixed bug with javascripts missing.
  • Removed padding in AVChat Settings in WordPress backend.
  • More explicit texts in AVChat Settings in WordPress backend.

1.2 (27.11.2012)

  • Added Facebook integration.
  • Added iPad detection.
  • Added new "Visitors" column to better control what a visitor can have access to.
  • Added lots of new features in WordPress backend.
  • Now the changes made to the background are made from the style.css and not from the WordPress backend settings.
  • Fixed the bug where guests can access the admin area of AVChat.
  • Fixed the bug where the added user roles were not recognized by the AVChat and were not saved the changes made in WordPress backend.

1.1 (29.10.2012)

  • Fixed bug with "session already sent".
  • Fixed the bug where IE didn't recognize the path to the video chat and couldn't log in.
  • Updated the documentation.

1.0 (12.06.2012)

  • First release in WordPress plugin directory.

Requires: 3.2 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.1
Last Updated: 11 months ago
Active Installs: 400+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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