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Autoptimize speeds up your website and helps you save bandwidth by aggregating and minimizing JS, CSS and HTML.


First of all; Happy holidays, all the best for 2015!!

  • New: support for alternative cache-directory and file-prefix as requested by a.o. Jassi Bacha, Cluster666 and Baris Unver.
  • Improvement: hard-exclude all linked-data json objects (script type=application/ld+json)
  • Improvement: several filters added to the API, e.g. to alter optimized HTML, CSS or JS
  • Bugfix: set Autoptimize priority back from 11 to 2 (as previously) to avoid some pages not being optimized (thanks to CaveatLector for investigating & reporting)
  • Bugfix (in YUI-CSS-compressor-PHP-port): don't convert bools to percentages in rotate3D-transforms (cfr. bugreport on Github)
  • Bugfix: background images with a space in the path didn't load, reported by johnh10.
  • Bugfix: SVG image with fill:url broken after CSS optimization as reported by Tkama
  • Updated translation for Swedish, new translation for Ukrainian by Zanatoly of SebWeo.com
  • Updated readme.txt
  • Confirmed working with WordPress 4.1



  • "Inline and defer CSS" allows one to specify which "above the fold CSS" should be inlined, while the normal optimized CSS is deferred.
  • Inlined Base64-encoded background Images will now be cached as well and the threshold for inlining these images has been bumped up to 4096 bytes (from 2560).
  • Separate cache-directories for CSS and JS in /wp-content/cache/autoptimize, which should result in faster cache pruning (and in some cases possibly faster serving of individual aggregated files).
  • CSS is now added before the -tag, JS before (and after when forced in head). This can be overridden in the API.
  • Some usability improvements of the administration-page
  • Multiple hooks added to the API a.o. filters to not aggregate inline CSS or JS and filters to aggregate but not minify CSS or JS.
  • Updated translations for Dutch, French, German, Persian and Polish and new translations for Brazilian Portuguese (thanks to Leonardo Antonioli) and Turkish (kudo's Baris Unver)
  • Multiple bugfixes & improvements
  • Tested with WordPress 4.0 rc3


  • Updated to lastest version of CSS minification component
  • Improvement: for multi-sites the cache is now written to seperate directories, avoiding one site to clean out the cache for the entire installation. Code contributed by Joern Lund, kudo's Joern!!
  • Improvement: add WordPress plugin header to autoptimize_helper.php_example to make it easier to enable it as a module
  • Improvement: nonce and post_id are added to default configuration for JS exclusion
  • Improvement: explicitely exclude wp-admin from being Autoptimized
  • Bugfix: plupload.min.js, syntaxhighlighter and "adsbygoogle" are excluded from JS aggregation.
  • Bugfix: avoid double closing body-tags when Autoptimize adds JS to HTML as reported by Can
  • Bugfix: make .htaccess compatible with both Apache 2.2 and 2.4 (http://wordpress.org/support/topic/feature-request-support-generating-htaccess-files-for-apache-24?replies=3)


  • Bugfix: code in inline JS (or CSS) can be wrapped inside HTML-comments, but these got removed since 1.8.2 as part of a bugfix.



  • Improvement: more graceful failure when minifier classes exist but method does not, based on bug-report by Franck160
  • Improvement: deferred CSS is also outputted in noscript-tags
  • Improvement: differentiate between Apache version in .htaccess file as suggested by iMadalin
  • Improvement: also aggregate protocol-less CSS/JS URI's (as suggested by Ross)
  • Improvement: disable autoptimization based on parameter in querystring (for debugging)
  • Bugfix: some CSS-imports were not being aggregated/ minified
  • Bugfix: add CSS before to avoid breakage when title includes other attributes (e.g. itemscope)
  • Bugfix: make sure javascript or css between comments is not aggregated as reported by Milap Gajjar
  • Tested with WordPress 3.9 (beta 1)
  • Updates in FAQ


  • bugfix: CSS in conditional comments was not excluded from aggregation as reported by Rolf and bottapress



  • improvement: remove cache + options on uninstall as requested by Gingerbreadmen
  • improvement: set .htaccess to allow PHP execution in wp-content/cache/autoptimize when saving optimized files as PHP, as suggested by (David Mottershead of bermuda4u.com)[http://www.bermuda4u.com/] but forbid PHP execution when saving aggregated script/css as static files (except for multisite).
  • bugfix: avoid Yoast SEO sitemaps going blank (due optimization of Yoast's dynamically built XML/XSL) as reported by Vance Hallman and Armand Hadife. More info on this issue can be found on my blog.
  • smaller changes to readme.txt


  • improvement: extra checks in CSS @import-handling + move import rules to top of CSS if not imported successfully, based a.o. on bug reports by ozum and by Peter Stolwijk
  • improvement: check if JS and CSS minifier classes exist and only load if they don't to avoid possible conflicts with other themes or plugins that already loaded minifiers
  • tested and approved for WordPress 3.8 (beta1)




  • New: disable autoptimizatoin by putting part of your HTML, JS or CSS in between noptimize-tags, e.g.;
<!--noptimize--><script>alert('this will not get autoptimized');</script><!--/noptimize-->
  • Added extra check to prevent plugin-files being called outside of WordPress as suggested in this good article on security.
  • Added small notice to be displayed after installation/ activation to ask user to configure the plugin as well.
  • Added Persian translation, thanks to Hamed T.


  • new javascript-debug option to force the aggregated javascript file in the head-section of the HTML instead of at the bottom
  • YUI compression & CDN are now deprecated functionality that will be removed in 1.7.0



  • fix for IE-hacks with javascript inside, causing javascript breakage (as seen in Sampression theme) as reported by Takahiro of hiskip.com
  • fix for escaping problem of imported css causing css breakage (as seen in Sampression theme) as reported by Takahiro as well
  • fix to parse imports with syntax @import 'custom.css' not being parsed (as seen in Arras theme), again as reported by Takahiro
  • fix for complex media types in media-attribute as reported by jvwisssen
  • fix for disappearing background-images that were already datauri's as reported by will.blaschko
  • fix not to strip out comments in HTML needed by WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache (e.g. mfunc)
  • added check to clean cache on upgrade
  • updated FAQ in readme with information on troubleshooting and support
  • tested with WordPress 3.6 beta


  • Yet another emergency bugfix I'm afraid: apache_request_headers (again in config/delayed.php) is only available on ... Apache (duh), breaking non-Apache systems such as ngnix, Lighttpd and MS IIS badly. Reported by multiple users, thanks all!


  • fixed stupid typo in config/delayed.php which broke things badly (april fools-wise); strpos instead of str_pos as reported by Takahiro.


  • You can now specify scripts that should not be Autoptimized in the admin page. Just add the names (or part of the path) of the scripts in a comma-seperated list and that JavaScript-file will remain untouched by Autoptimize.
  • Added support for ETag and LastModified (essentially for a better pagespeed score, as the files are explicitely cacheable for 1 year)
  • Autoptimizing for logged in users is enabled again
  • Autoptimize now creates an index.html in wp-content/cache/autoptimize to prevent snooping (as proposed by Chris)
  • bugfix: removed all deprecated functions (reported by Hypolythe and diff by Heiko Adams, thanks guys!)
  • bugfix for HTTPS-problem as reported by dbs121
  • bugfix for breakage with unusual WordPress directory layout as reported by Josef from blog-it-solutions.de.


  • bugfix: add CSS before opening title-tag instead of after closing title, to avoid CSS being loaded in wrong order, as reported by fotofashion and blogitsolutions (thanks guys)


  • first bugfix release by futtta, thanks for a great plugin Turl!
  • misc bug fixes, a.o. support for Twenty Twelve theme, admin bar problem in WP3.5, data-uri breaking CSS file naming


  • Add support for inline style tags with CSS media
  • Fix WordPress top bar


  • Add workaround for TinyMCEComments
  • Add workaround for asynchronous Google Analytics


  • Add workaround for Chitika ads.
  • Add workaround for LinkWithin widget.
  • Belorussian translation


  • Add workarounds for amazon and fastclick
  • Add workaround for Comment Form Quicktags
  • Fix issue with Vipers Video Quicktags
  • Fix a bug in where some scripts that shouldn't be moved were moved
  • Fix a bug in where the config page wouldn't appear
  • Fix @import handling
  • Implement an option to disable js/css gzipping
  • Implement CDN functionality
  • Implement data: URI generation for images
  • Support YUI CSS/JS Compressor
  • Performance increases
  • Handle WP Super Cache's cache files better
  • Update translations


  • Add workaround for whos.among.us
  • Support preserving HTML Comments.
  • Implement "delayed cache compression"
  • French translation
  • Update Spanish translation


  • Add workaround for networkedblogs.
  • Add workarounds for histats and statscounter
  • Add workaround for smowtion and infolinks.
  • Add workaround for Featured Content Gallery
  • Simplified Chinese translation
  • Update Spanish Translation
  • Modify the cache system so it uses wp-content/cache/
  • Add a clear cache button


  • Add workaround for Vipers Video Quicktags
  • Support tags without media.
  • Take even more precautions so we don't break urls in CSS
  • Support adding try-catch wrappings to JavaScript code
  • Add workaround for WordPress.com Stats
  • Fix a bug in where the tags wouldn't move
  • Update translation template
  • Update Spanish translation


  • Add fix for DISQUS Comment System.


  • Add workaround for mybloglog, blogcatalog, tweetmeme and Google CSE


  • Support localization
  • Fix the move and don't move system (again)
  • Improve url detection in CSS
  • Support looking for scripts and styles on just the header
  • Fix an issue with data: uris getting modified
  • Spanish translation


  • Write plugin description in English
  • Set default config to everything off
  • Add link from plugins page to options page
  • Fix problems with scripts that shouldn't be moved and were moved all the same


  • Disable CSS media on @imports - caused an infinite loop


  • Support CSS media
  • Fix an issue in the IE Hacks preservation mechanism
  • Fix an issue with some urls getting broken in CSS


  • First released version.

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.1.1
Last Updated: 2015-1-24
Active Installs: 60,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


53 of 76 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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