Mastodon Autopost


They are posted in the form:
[Post title] [Post URL]

Find the plugin settings: Settings > Mastodon Autpost Settings

Just set your credentials and your post preference and lean back. The rest is done in the background and you don’t have to care about it.

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:
* Mail:

Do you want to help translating this plugin in your language? Just contact me! Trust me, it’s super easy. You do not have to be a programer.


Mastodon PHP API

This project is using a modified Mastodon PHP libary based on the work of yks118


Thanks to
* Ricardo Gomez Angel – Background Image (CC0)
* Flaticon– icon used in the logo (Flaticon Basis License)
* Wikipedia – Mastodon logo used in the logo (CC0)


Special thanks to Chris Riding for inspiring this plugin with his original gnusocial project (GPLv2)


  • Mastodon Autopost settings page


Can I decide per post if I want to autopost it?

Yes. Since version 1.1 you see a settings box in every post.

Does the plugin send you my login data?

The plugin never transmits any data to me, or anyone else than the gnusocial node you set in the settings!

Contributors & Developers

“Mastodon Autopost” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Decide per post if you want to toot it to mastodon

1.0.1 &

  • Added easy method for internationalization (get_text)
  • New translation: Deutsch

1.0.1 &

  • Show notfication if post gets tooted


  • Inital Plugin
  • New Functions: post on update, post only on publishing