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AutoNav Graphical Navigation and Gallery Plugin

Creates lists/tables of text/thumbnails/links to posts, pages, taxonomies, attachments, custom post types, image directories.


  • Minimal changes; adjusted Widget plugin to same version number.
  • GitHub is locus for current development.


  • Adjust multiple page handling to latest versions of WP.


  • Add appropriate after_widget (Thanks Anatoli Vladev)


  • Thumbnails with exact filenames are correctly preferred over filenames that happen to have the sought name at the start (prefix) or end (suffix). Thanks, Paul Burton of adetirum.co.uk.


  • Three new CSS classes complement the existing subpages-cell:
    • subpages-item for all items in a list, including current
    • subpages-item-current only for the link to the currently displayed page
    • subpages-cell for all cells in a table
    • subpages-cell-current only for the link to the currently displayed page
  • Eliminate undocumented requirement for postid parameter with display="posts".
  • Remove spurious brace in pages class.
  • Add ids= argument for compatibility with standard [gallery] shortcode.
  • Siblings of a top-level page, are other children of the homepage.
  • Lists will use the class given in the class= argument directly, without appending "-list" and the enclosed items will omit the class entirely. This enables, for example, using the popular FlexSlider or similar plugins like this:

    [autonav display="list" class="slider"]

    For full information on sliders, consult your plugin's or JavaScript's documentation.


  • Typographical error in 1.5.3


  • In WordPress 3.4.2 and earlier, sites which were created or moved from one webhost to another, without proper write privilege on the uploads directory, could result in AutoNav not being able to determine the uploads directory. Detect this and insert a comment containing WP's internal error, as an aid to help the user find the problem.


  • Added target parameter. For example, for images to open in a new window:

    [autonav display='images' target='_blank']


  • Correct handling of start, count parameters for attached images


  • Special case of postid=-1 to select attachments from all posts/pages.

  • Support both the Media Tags and Attachment Taxonomy plugins.


  • Support 'postid="category:*"' for posts in the same category as the current post or page. Also works with category__in, category__and, category__not_in -- as:

    [autonav display="posts,list,nothumb" postid="category__in:*,cakes"]

    which would display posts which are either in the same category as the current post/page, or which are in the cakes category.


  • Support category slugs in category__in, category__and, category__not_in


  • Images with name "0" were incorrectly being chosen for thumbnails.


  • In display= parameters, permit "no" prefix to suppress behavior, e.g.: display="posts,list,title,nothumb"
  • Use


p> tags within table elements, not list items. * Display=posts supports same include= syntax as display=pages. * exclude= parameter supports post/page slugs and page paths. * New argument plain (e.g., display="posts,plain,thumb,notitle") places output items inside a


div> tag instead of an unordered list.


  • id= argument is handled the same as postid= argument, for compatibility with WP's [gallery] shortcode.
  • Support postids category__and, category__in, category__not_in, tag__and, tag__in, tag__not_in, tag_slug__and, tag_slug__in (see http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/get_pages) and status keyword for standard (or custom) status types.
  • Missing-image and other errors displayed inside an autonav-error span element, so their display can be disabled.
  • Support custom post type and taxonomy names with dashes
  • Additional filters autonav_get_thumbnails, autonav_thumb
  • New filters for extensions like NextGEN Gallery thumbnail support, and for taxonomy-images plugin. These are then implemented in auxiliary plugins, or theme files.


  • Correct '0' to empty string for default value of post_id.


  • For display="posts", postid="cakes:lemon" will select posts in the "cakes" taxonomy if it exists, otherwise it will select posts by the "cakes" custom field.
  • Output an HTML comment with some information for missing images, instead of broken IMG tag.
  • Adds filters: autonav_select, autonav_display_select, autonav_html, autonav_create_list_item, autonav_create_table_item, autonav_create_page_links for use with add_filter().
  • Provide link to this Readme file from the Admin screen.


  • WordPress SVN release of 1.3.9 after several betas


  • Resolves "Incorrect size specified" error immediately after installation, by setting default size_* parameters.
  • For posts, postid can use custom taxonomies; for pages, postid can be a page's path (e.g., "recipes/desserts" -- NOT merely the slug!), or "author:Todd,Mary" or "custom-field-type:value"
  • When listing posts, normally the current post is excluded: Use 'self' to include it.
  • Add 'family' parameter to select all children, grandchildren, etc. pages
  • Add 'page' parameter to link attached images to the attachment page
  • Add 'nolink' parameter for no linking at all
  • Additional crop origins at upper-left and top-middle
  • subpage_thumb custom field permits paths relative to the WP uploads directory.
  • Changed handling of pics_only when display="list"; formerly pics_only was forced to 0 for lists, but now it can be specified. If you set pics_only to 1 in the admin screen, you must now explicitly override that default when invoking [autonav display=list].
  • When thumbnail cannot be created, replace output content with text of destination URL and a comment about which file could not be created.


  • Thumbnails were not always cropped when requested
  • Handle case of displaying a "thumbnail" that is exactly the size of the full-size image.
  • Fully support WordPress sizes (thumb, thumbnail, medium, large), user registered sizes, and AutoNav size settings (size_small, size_med, size_large).


  • Support orderby="meta:subpage_title" and other custom fields


  • Add subpages-image class to images
  • Permit display="posts:foods" to display custom posts of type "foods"
  • Added Sharpness factor and image quality level
  • Better memory handling, with imagedestroy while resizing images
  • Explicitly specifying an image, even if thumbnail-sized or smaller, will work (so long as it does not end in a size; "foo.jpg" OK but "foo-64x64.jpg" will be skipped)


  • Add sharp parameter to use resize instead of resample.


  • Correct handling of order, orderby, and count parameters in various combinations of display="posts"
  • Add modifier "image" which, used as: [autonav display="posts,image"] will create a link to the (thumbnail) image for the post, rather than to the post itself.



  • Support Jonathan Christopher's Attachments plugin



  • Add 'paged' parameter. Correction on page selection (formerly, the start and count parameters were applied twice, resulting in too few pages being displayed)


  • Plugin activation hook to create default settings, or otherwise provide reasonable defaults for new parameters. This should eliminate plugin failures even when admin does not go through Settings screen.


  • Ability to select posts by "tag:x", "author:x", or "category:x" where "x" is a numeric id or text (tag slug, author name, or category name); or a series thereof ("5,7,9" to select posts in category 5, 7, or 9; or "cakes+vanilla" for posts tagged with both cakes and vanilla; see query_posts() in codex for details) Example: [autonav display="posts" postid="tag:7"]


  • Escaped attribute values on alt=""
  • Add background parameter for later support of transparency in PNG images
  • Support display=posts parameter, to display posts instead of pages or attached images.
  • Alternate text and title text for attached images, as set in admin screens, is used.


  • Handle edge case of no pictures to display


  • Add optional "siblings" parameter, e.g., [autonav display="images,siblings"] which will select the current page's siblings (other children of the same parent). Also "self" parameter which when used with "siblings" will include the currently displayed page in the list of siblings.


  • Remove superceded v2.9.0 beta functions
  • If a page defines the custom field 'subpage_excerpt' or has a manual excerpt defined, that will be displayed when the 'excerpt' parameter is included with 'display' (e.g., "[autonav display=list,excerpt]" )


  • W3C validation, correct case of incorrect table and row markup nesting
  • Caption parameter added (be sure to go thru Settings screen in admin and save settings, even if not changed, to permit new parameter)
  • Picture 'alt' tag will be title if available


  • Resolve incompatibility with Windows-hosted paths


  • Improve admin screen formatting.
  • Add option for default number of columns.
  • Compatibility with 2.9.0beta and 2.9.0rc1


  • Move options under Settings in adminstration screens
  • Could not pics_only option unless checked in admin screen
  • Images with subpages_thumb were not displayed in some cases


  • WordPress 2.9: If you select a thumbnail in a page's edit screen, that thumbnail will pre-empt the "choose the first attached image" logic, although specifying a subpage_thumb custom field still has priority.


  • When listing pages with display=images or display=list and specifying a postid= parameter, each item in the postid= list will:
    • if the page has children, list that page's children (with display=list) or the children's thumbnails (with display=images)
    • if the page has NO children, list that page or its thumbnail.


Corrected typo


  • Regard menu_order in attached files list.
  • Permit parameter: order=desc to display attached files in descending attachment order.
  • Corrected handling of images with capitalized extensions (e.g., .JPG)
  • postid= parameter accepts multiple values. For example: [autonav display=images postid=7,15] will display a table consisting of thumbnails linked to the child pages, of the pages with ids 7 and 15.


  • Add postid="n" parameter.
  • Attached images with a menu_order of less than -100 will not be displayed. This is the "Order" you can set in the media library.


  • Display=attached could result in error; corrected.


  • Resolve resize warnings when PNG images included


  • Add page exclude parameter


  • Initial version on wordpress.org

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.2.13
Last Updated: 2 years ago
Active Installs: 1,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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