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!This plugin hasn't been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

Auto ThickBox Plus

Automatically applies ThickBox script that overlays linked image, inline, iFramed and AJAX content on the page in simple effect.

Latest Version

  • FIXED: img element is broken HTML when the caption contains both apostrophe (') and greater-than sign (>) (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Modified Settings screen with CSS width properties and CSS3 Media Queries for small-width screen


  • NEW: Mobile beta support for small-screen devices such as iPhone, Android, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. This is experimental support so it may not work on some version of mobile browsers.
  • NEW: Enhanced Auto Resize feature so that it works even when resizing browser window, even when showing iframe/ajax/inline content. Then, changed "Enabled" option to "Image/HTML" option at "General - Auto Resize" setting.
  • NEW: "General - Mobile Support (beta)" setting that has "No Window Margin / No ThickBox" option and "Width/Height" option
  • NEW: "View - Margin - Window (Image/HTML)" option
  • CHANGED: Removed CSS hacks for IE6 from thickbox.css, by replacing CSS Expression with JavaScript
  • CHANGED: ThickBox window is displayed in the center of browser when resizing browser after resizing or drag-moving itself
  • CHANGED: Modified Settings screen
    • Added "Preview" links with ThickBox to "General - Display Style" setting
    • Defaults to "JavaScript" option instead of "WordPress Filters" option in "General - Auto ThickBox" setting, because ThickBox cannot be applied to codes output by current theme or plugins without using WordPress filters
    • Added "Image links to images" option to "General - Auto ThickBox" setting. It is useful when showing only image links with other than ThickBox.
    • Changed "Use WordPress built-in thickbox.js/css" checkbox to "Modified/Built-in ThickBox" drop-down list in "General - ThickBox Resources"
    • Replaced the word "Content" with "HTML"
  • FIXED: Invalid positioning on some mobile browsers such as older iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) and older Android, caused by not supporting position:fixed style.
  • FIXED: Title/caption bar misaligns by "Resize", "Expand/Shrink" and "Scale" when using "Effect - Title/Caption" option
  • FIXED: ThickBox window is not displayed in the center of browser due to hovering title when using "Effect - Title" option
  • FIXED: Even unused key events are consumed (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Gallery images cannot be displayed in gallery style with Cleaner Gallery


  • NEW: The following options in "Action - Mouse Click - Image"
    • "Open" - You can click an image to open it in new tab/window.
    • "Download (beta)" - You can click an image to download it. This is experimental feature so I'm not sure whether it works on all server environments.
    • "Expand / Shrink" - You can expand an image to actual size then shrink it to fit window, and vice versa.
  • NEW: "Mouse Wheel - Image - Scroll" option and "Mouse Wheel - Background - Scroll/None" option
  • NEW: "View - Size - Window (Content) - Width/Height" option. You can change the default size of ThickBox window with non-image, and it can be overridden with width/height parameters in URL.
  • CHANGED: Modified "Mouse Wheel - Image - Scale" option. Uses calculated size instead of CSS3 transform so now it is not buggy in Drag & Drop action and it works at all browsers, and it scales only an image not ThickBox window.
  • CHANGED: Resizes ThickBox window with keeping aspect ratio when dragging corners. Then resize handle is shown at the bottom right corner for usability.
  • CHANGED: Uses spinner controls (input:number) instead of text fields (input:text) in options for entering numerical values. input:number is introduced in HTML5 so now it works only at Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.
  • FIXED: "Mouse Wheel" actions do not work in Firefox since some time
  • FIXED: "Mouse Wheel - Image - Scale" action do not work in "Single Image" style
  • FIXED: First click on ThickBox window is not detected after drag & drop in Opera
  • FIXED: Still conflicted with themes that has body { position: relative; } style such as iFeature in IE8 or earlier
  • UPDATED: Added Italian (it_IT) translation (props Gianni Diurno) and Swedish (sv_SE) translation (props Lukas Häusler)


  • NEW: "General - Auto ThickBox - WordPress Filters/JavaScript/Disabled" option. Auto ThickBox had worked only in content, excerpt, comments and widget tests due to WordPress filters (hooks). Now using JavaScript, the feature can work in whole page such as front page, header/footer, contents output by themes or other plugins. You can also disable it if unnecessary.
  • NEW: "Mouse Wheel - Image - Scale (beta)" option. This is experimental feature so it is a little bit buggy in Drag & Drop action and it works only at modern browsers that support CSS3 transform such as IE9.
  • NEW: Enabled "Screen Options" menu to show/hide meta boxes in Options page
  • CHANGED: Improvements on custom <script>/<style> tags
    • Places not only thidkbox.js but also the custom tags depending on "General - ThickBox Resources - Header/Footer" option
    • Outputs <!-- Auto ThickBox Plus --> comment before the custom tags for readability
    • Combined multiple <script> tags output into one for readability
  • CHANGED: Changed "Gallery - Caption" item to "Image - Caption" item in "Text - Caption" option. Supports also image caption that is not in WordPress Gallery.
  • FIXED: Conflict with themes that has body { position: relative; } style such as iFeature
  • FIXED: Conflict with NextGEN Gallery 1.9.5 that declares #TB_window { z-index: 9999 !important; } style. By this code background has been in front of ThickBox window because background z-index is 10100 in Auto ThickBox Plus. Then all you can do is click background to close ThickBox window, and prev/next buttons and links do not work.
  • FIXED: PDF cannot be opened in IE and Firefox because "onload" event won't be triggered (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Removes whitespaces from both ends of gallery caption (regression in v1.5)
  • FIXED: Improved Right-to-Left (RTL) support in Options page when using Persian and so on
  • FIXED: Workaround for the issue that Media Uploader does not work in WordPress 3.3.3 or later
  • FIXED: The word "First/Last" are not translated in ThickBox window because WordPress translations are split into locale.pot and admin-locale.pot since WordPress 3.4. Thereby the word "First/Last" had translated only in Options page.
  • UPDATED: Added Persian/Farsi (fa_IR) translation (props Mohammadi) and Spanish (es_ES) translation (props Juan Antonio Peón), and updated French translation (props JB Prévots) and Japanese translation


  • NEW: "General - Display Style - Set a different gallery-id for each WordPress Gallery" option. You can use "Gallery Images" style in WordPress Gallery even when using "Single Image" style.
  • NEW: "General - Auto ThickBox" otpion
    • "Text links to images" (replaces "ThickBox on Text Links" option)
    • "Links with target attribute" - class="thickbox" is not added to links with target attribute by default
  • NEW: "General - No ThickBox" option. You can specify class names that ThickBox is not applied. (e.g. nothickbox)
  • NEW: "View - Border - WordPress Gallery" option
  • NEW: "About" meta box in Options page
  • NEW: Adds class="thickbox" to links automatically when URL contains "TB_iframe" or "#TB_inline". You can omit class="thickbox" in iframe/ajax content.
  • CHANGED: Separated "View - Border" options into width, style and color options
  • CHANGED: Improved Media Uploader called from "Select a File" buttons in "Image" option
    • Uploaded images are now collected and shown in "Gallery" tab
    • Replaced "Insert into Post" button with "Insert Image" button
  • CHANGED: Supports "TB_iframe" parameter without value. ThickBox does not check a value of "TB_iframe" parameter in fact. ThickBox opens as iframe content even when "TB_iframe=false".
  • FIXED: tb_show() function had lost the compatibility with original ThickBox (regression in v1.5)
  • FIXED: Title bar does not have enough height in empty title (regression in v1.5)
  • FIXED: Scroll bar is hidden in newer Google Chrome when opening external URL as iframe content with Zoom/Fade effect
  • FIXED: At "Effect - Speed" option, text filed has lost focus (caret) in Firefox when clicking it
  • UPDATED: Added French (fr_FR) translation (props Jean-Bastien Prévots) and updated Japanese translation
  • UPDATED: readme.txt (Supprt Me, FAQ, Localization, etc.)


  • NEW: "General - ThickBox Resources - Header/Footer" option. You can place ThickBox script in header/footer. For instance, select "Footer" at the option when you use Head JS.
  • NEW: "Effect - Title/Caption - Zoom/Slide/Fade/None" option. Title/caption can be showed/hidden by hovering the mouse over ThickBox window.
    • Added "Title/Caption - Hide initially" option
  • NEW: Multiline (line breaks) are supported in caption/title. LF (&#10;/&#x0A;), CR (&#13;/&#x0D;) and CRLF (&#13;&#10;/&#x0D;&#x0A;) codes in caption/title are replaced with <br />.
    • e.g. <a href="image.png" title="line1&#10;line2&#10;line3">
  • NEW: ThickBox accepts width/height/modal parameters in image content also
    • e.g. <a href="image.png?width=100&height=100&modal=true">
  • CHANGED: Supports a gallery that contains images with same URL. ThickBox had regarded images with same URL as one image. Now ThickBox checks images with an object instead of its URL.
  • CHANGED: Some improvements on "Mouse Click" action in a gallery that contains only one image
  • CHANGED: In iframe/ajax content, uses close keys set in options instead of fixed ESC key
  • FIXED: In Firefox, an image in a gallery that contains only one image cannot be opened under certain condition
  • FIXED: In iframe/ajax content, close key (ESC) cannot be disabled with modal parameter (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: anchor-utils filter does not detect an empty anchor tag (e.g. <a name="test"></a>), props Olivier Burgard. If an empty anchor tag is in front of a link, "thickbox" class won't be added to the link then ThickBox window won't be opened by clicking it. (Auto Thickbox bug)
  • FIXED: "Transparent" checkboxes cannot be unchecked when using Color Picker (regression in v1.1)
  • UPDATED: Dutch translation (props Michel Bats) and Japanese translation


  • CHANGED: Moved <script src='thickbox.js'> tag from footer to header. Now ThickBox works in themes without calling wp_footer() function.
  • FIXED: Auto ThickBox Plus had lost the compatibility with WordPress 3.2.1 or earlier. Now the plugin is compatible widely down to even obsolete WordPress 2.7, and tested up to WordPress 3.4-alpha.
    • ThickBox window size is completely wrong when showing images in WordPress 3.2.1 or earlier
    • The width of title bar is smaller than inline/AJAX content in WordPress 3.0.6 or earlier
    • Close/Loading image paths are incorrect when using built-in ThickBox in WordPress 3.1.4 or earlier
    • Click event handlers are triggered by drag-moving images in WordPress 2.9.2 or earlier
    • In Options page, several options using JavaScript/CSS are not effective in WordPress 3.2.1 or earlier (e.g. PostBox, Color Picker, Color Preview, UI Slider, Media Uploader, etc.)
    • In Options page, most content is not output in WordPress 2.9.2 or earlier
  • FIXED: Caption margin/padding are wrong when background color is specified (regression in v1.2)
  • UPDATED: readme.txt (NextGEN Gallery, FAQ, Usage, Special Thanks, etc.)


  • NEW: "Action - Mouse Click - Clickable Range" option
  • NEW: The following "View" options
    • Position - Window - Fixed/Absolute
    • Border Radius - Image
    • Opacity - Thumbnail
  • NEW: "Text - Title/Caption" options. Now title/caption can be retrieved from several elements/attributes in chosen order. For instance, title can be set to empty, and caption can be set to gallery caption.
  • CHANGED: Modified the code of Loading image option when the image is in external domain or allow_url_fopen = Off in php.ini
  • FIXED: ThickBox window is not opened by clicking link after mouse up outside browser window in drag
  • FIXED: Link/Dynamic pseudo-classes (:link, :visited, :hover, :active and :focus) are enabled even in inline/ajax content (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Several bugs on invoking ThickBox from inline/AJAX content (ThickBox bug)
    • In inline content, new content is added to the bottom of current content
    • In AJAX content, ThickBox window is not displayed at the right position, and has no "Transition" effect
    • In AJAX content, multiple click event handlers are bound redundantly
  • FIXED: Uncaught exception occurs when opening images (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: '?' / '&' before "TB_iframe" parameter remains in iframe source URL (ThickBox bug)
  • UPDATED: Dutch translation (props Michel Bats) and Japanese translation


  • NEW: The following "View" options
    • Position - Title/Caption - Top/Bottom/None
    • Font Size - Title/Caption/Navigation
    • Background Color - Window (Content)
    • Margin - Image
  • CHANGED: Improved ThickBox UI
    • Used larger font size and set top margin in navigation menu
  • CHANGED: Applied "Border Radius" option to iframe/ajax window (including title bar)
  • FIXED: The following bugs on ThickBox UI
    • Caption and close button are not displayed in the exact vertical center (ThickBox bug)
    • ThickBox window is not displayed in the exact center of browser window (ThickBox bug)
    • Rewrote sizing algorithm of iframe/ajax window accurately (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Compatibility with cache plugins is enabled only when WP_DEBUG is true
  • FIXED: Replaced white blank.gif with transparent blank.gif
  • FIXED: Does not output <script> tag when built-in thickbox.js is enabled
  • UPDATED: Japanese translation


  • NEW: Improved Options page UI
    • Farbtastic Color Picker and Color Preview at color options
    • jQuery UI Slider at "Opacity" option
    • WordPress Media Uploader at "Image" options
    • "Transparent" checkbox at "Background Color" options, "None" checkbox at "Border" and "Box/Text Shadow" options
  • NEW: Compatible with cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache and Head Cleaner (ThickBox bug)
  • CHANGED: Broke down auto-thickbox.php into modules (auto-thickbox-options.php, auto-thickbox.js/css)
  • UPDATED: Dutch translation (props Michel Bats) and Japanese translation


  • NEW: Supports animation effects (beta)
    • Open/Close/Transition - Zoom/Slide/Fade/None
    • Speed - Fast/Normal/Slow or arbitrary value
  • NEW: Improved Options page UI
    • Uses meta boxes to drag to change order, and click to toggle open/close
  • CHANGED: Loading image option accepts the URL without scheme and host (i.e. started with '/')
  • FIXED: iFramed content is not shown smoothly in Google Chrome and Safari (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Jump to current page with double click on image (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Scroll bar appears and gray overlay shifts when closing ThickBox window in IE6 (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Shortcut keys with Shift key do not work (regression in v0.9)
  • UPDATED: Dutch translation (props Michel Bats) and Japanese translation


  • NEW: Supports "Drag & Drop" action. Now ThickBox window can be moved/resized by drag.
    • Added "Drag & Drop - Window (Image/Content) - Move/Resize" options
  • NEW: "Auto Resize" option. Auto Resize feature can be disabled if you prefer.
  • CHANGED: Optimized global option variables. Brought together multiple variables as an object literal.
  • FIXED: Some bound event handlers does not removed. It causes memory leaks. (ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Hides dotted lines around the left/right side of image for IE6/7 when clicking links
  • UPDATED: Minified thickbox.js with Closure Compiler (reduced about 15% file size)
  • UPDATED: Japanese translation


  • NEW: Supports more mouse/keyboard actions, and added related options
    • Mouse Click - Next, Prev / Next (click on the left/right side of image)
      • Close, None, Loop (click on the first/last image)
    • Keyboard Shortcuts - Home / End
  • NEW: "Image" options to specify arbitrary images for Prev/Next, Close, Loading, etc.
  • CHANGED: Set links to CSS Reference (MDN) from "View" option label
  • CHANGED: Shrank padding-bottom of ThickBox window when displayed in "Gallery Images" without caption
  • CHANGED: Uses uncompressed thickbox.js/css when WP_DEBUG is true
  • FIXED: Loading image is not displayed in the exact center of browser window (ThickBox bug)
  • UPDATED: Japanese translation


  • NEW: Supports more mouse/keyboard actions, and added "Action" options to Options page
    • Mouse Click - Close, None
    • Mouse Wheel - Prev / Next, None
    • Keyboard Shortcuts - Esc, Enter, < / >, Left / Right, [Shift +] Tab, [Shift +] Space, BackSpace
  • NEW: Uses WordPress translations as much as possible
    • Now ThickBox window is localized to more than 70 languages
    • e.g. Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italy, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.
  • CHANGED: Suppresses redundant <script>/<style> tag output
  • UPDATED: Japanese translation


  • NEW: "View" options in Options page
    • Font Family & Weight, Text Color, Background Color, Border, Border Radius, Opacity, Box Shadow and Text Shadow
  • NEW: "Reset" button in Options page
  • NEW: Added "Support" and "Donate" links to Plugins page
  • CHANGED: Switches padding-bottom of ThickBox window depending on Single/Gallery style
  • FIXED: Auto Thickbox corrupts links with custom data-* attributes (Auto Thickbox bug)
  • FIXED: Image is not displayed in the exact center of ThickBox window (ThickBox bug)
  • UPDATED: Added Dutch (nl_NL) translation, props Michel Bats
  • UPDATED: readme.txt (Usage, Installation, Screenshots, Customization, etc.)


  • CHANGED: Improved URL string generated by "Full iFrame support" in Auto Thickbox
  • FIXED: Supports AJAX content. Internal files are displayed on the page without iframe. (Auto Thickbox & ThickBox bug)
  • FIXED: Supports Twenty Eleven theme (ThickBox bug)


  • FIXED: Supports inline content (#TB_inline) on the page (Auto Thickbox bug)
  • FIXED: Supports URL has '?' parameter such as default permalinks and post/page preview (ThickBox bug)


  • NEW: Added optimized (compressed & tweaked) resources (thickbox.js, thickbox.css)
    • The file size is reduced by about 25%
    • Supports BMP and WebP image formats (now no need to tweak built-in thickbox.js)
    • Rounds corners and shrinks padding-bottom of pop-up window
  • CHANGED: Replaced "additional CSS load" option with "optimized resources load" option
  • UPDATED: Deleted additional CSS file (auto-thickbox.css)


  • NEW: Added additional CSS file (auto-thickbox.css), and "CSS load" option
  • NEW: Supports BMP and WebP image formats
    • Note: To pop up WebP image requires to tweak thickbox.js
  • NEW: Added meta links to Plugins page (Show Details, Settings, Contact Me)
  • UPDATED: Include screenshot images in release zip


  • Initial release (based on Auto Thickbox v.2.0.3)
  • NEW: By default, overlays images in not "Gallery Images" but "Single Image" style
  • NEW: By default, automatically also applies ThickBox to text links to images (text enclosed with link tag)
  • NEW: Auto ThickBox Plus Options in Settings menu
    • Default Display Style (Single Image or Gallery Images)
    • ThickBox on Text Links (Auto or Manual)
  • UPDATED: Added French, Japanese and Romanian translations
  • UPDATED: Added missing MO files of Czech, German and Portuguese

Requires: 2.7 or higher
Compatible up to: 3.4.2
Last Updated: 2012-10-11
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.5 out of 5 stars


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