Auto Post WooCommerce Products


This plugin will enable you to automatically send a WooCommerce product as a post to your social media account. The post will include the product’s title description, product’s url, your hashtags, and will specify if the item is on sale and if so can include the percentage discount amount. The image will automatically be pulled from the product’s url.

The product’s long url will be shortened with Bitly (you will need a Bitly API generic user code).

You will also need Twitter and Bitly API Codes to allow auto posting. You can aquire these by following the instructions in the help section of the plugin.

Plugin Features

  • Ability to automatically post your WooCommerce products to Twitter.
  • Post on a schedule by selecting one of the timeframes.
  • Very easy setup! Once setup is completed the plugin will run itself on your schedule.
  • Plugin is self contained in that it will not change or alter any products or WooCommerce settings.
  • You choose which products are posted by selecting the categories the product is assigned to.
  • The schedule can be paused at any time by just by selecting the option on the schedule tab.
  • Includes an uninstaller to clean up all database entries used by this plugin.
  • PRO Versions now available!


  • Twitter API codes.
  • Bitly Generic access token.
  • Enter Your Hashtags
  • WooCommerce Product Options.
  • WooCommerce Product Options.
  • Products being posted to social media.
  • Setting the CRON schedule.
  • Help and Support Page.
  • Actual Posting.
  • Pro Plan Options
  • Click Analytics


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Install from the WordPress plugin repository. (recommend method)
  2. Or download the zip file from WordPress and upload to your plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin through the Plugins page in WordPress.
  4. Enter your *Twitter and Bitly API information on the Settings pages.
  5. Select the categories of products to post and set your schedule.
  6. Requires WooCommerce v3.0 or higher. Tested up to v3.3.1
  7. Update your product’s Short Description to be used in the social media posts.


  • English (default) – always included.
  • Espaņol es_ES – included.
  • .pot file (auto-post-woocommerce-products.pot) for translators is included.



How do I correct the times shown in the plugin?

If the times showing in this plugin are wrong, please check to make sure your time zone is correctly set in WordPress. In the admin menu, select the SETTINGS menu, and then GENERAL. Scroll down the page to TIME ZONE and make sure your city is selected. (NOTE: If you are running this plugin in a testing environment on a localhost server, set the time to UTC which will be your localhost server time.) If it is not the correct city, change it and save your settings. When the page reloads double check that the time zone city and your LOCAL time are correct. This should adjust the times shown in the plugin.

If your time zone city was correct and your local time is correct on the WordPress settings page, then you may have a plugin that is affecting your default time zone. To see if this is the case, deactivate (just deactivate, do not uninstall or delete) each of your other plugins one by one until you find the one causing the issue. If you can not find a solution then please submit a bug report.

Why is the title of my product being truncated?

When your product title is shortened, you will see two periods at the end; “..” which signifies it has been truncated. This process is due to either the length of your title, the length of your hashtags or a combination of both. Twitter posts must not exceed 280 characters, so to keep within that amount we trim some off the title only to make it fit.

How can my language translation be included?

There are two options to have this plugin translated into your language. The first option is to use the .pot file in the languages folder and translate the phrases yourself. The second option is to contact me to have your language included.

Contributors & Developers

“Auto Post WooCommerce Products” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • 02/12/2018
  • Fixed minor error showing in the WP error_log; “calling get_woocommerce_product_list() arguments required is 1, none used.”
  • Added status widget to WP Dashboard!
  • Added thumbnail images to the product listings.
  • Adjusted a few font/color settings.
  • Fixed bug in the function to determine if at least one product category has been selected.
  • Removed the info bar above the tabs and below the plugin name. Created a much cleaner look!
  • Removed the FAQ section in the Help tab. There is a link that section on the website.
  • Added Ajax functionality to some on the options.


  • 01/17/2018
  • Fixed the superscript notation above the Bitly links column for the Stats tab. Should be on Referrers column.
  • Fixed issue with total clicks data not displaying at bottom of the stats tab.
  • Corrected issue checking for LOCALHOST server. Bitly will not accept urls from localhost.
  • Fixed bug in checking that all options are set for at least one social media account.
  • Last post box on Schedule tab is now hidden when the schedule is paused.


  • 01/12/2018
  • Adjusted for Twitter’s extended 280 character Tweets.
  • Enhanced the appearance.
  • Added support to clean up memory and decrease page load time.
  • Plugin will now use the Short Description from your product pages in the media postings!
  • Plugin can now add product meta data tags to your product pages for Twitter!
  • PRO versions are now available!


  • 11/27/2017
  • Made a few changes to the layout to accomodate other languages.
  • Spanish Translation (es_ES) now available.


  • 11/22/2017
  • Added css class to input checkboxes; was missed and affects all admin pages.
  • Added function to verify WooCommerce is active and installed; else disable plugin.
  • The main tab to show is now the Schedule Tab.
  • Removed the randomizing of the product’s url to prepare for Bitly URL tracking data!
  • Made adjustments to the product listings on the WooCommerce tab. Now only shows the parent products on variable items.


  • 11/15/2017
  • Added missing logo to the HELP tab.
  • Repaired LICENSE and README files.
  • Completed code setup for language translation.
  • Made a few minor appearence changes.
  • Added the ability to select all categories with a button click.


  • Initial Release 11/08/2017