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Auto-hyperlink URLs

Automatically hyperlink text URLs and email addresses originally written only as plaintext.

5.0 (2016-01-26)

Highlights: This release revives active development of the plugin after many years and includes many, many changes. Backwards compatilibility has been maintained; it just handles things better and introduces a number of new features. Some notable changes: * Introduced setting and filter to support for preventing specified domains from getting auto-linked. * Introduced filter to support custom handlers to determine if and when text links should get auto-linked. * Improved text link detection and handling. * Links within <code>, <pre>, <script>, and <style> tags are no longer hyperlinked. * Improved support for language packs. * Fixed some minor bugs. * Added a boatload of unit tests to ensure the plugin functions as intended. * Changed to not open links in a new window by default. * Changed to no longer output the 'title' attribute.

Details: * New: Introduce setting to allow specifying domains that should not be automatically hyperlinked. * New: Add filter 'autohyperlink_urls_exclude_domains' for specifying domains to exclude domains from hyperlinking. * New: Add filter 'autohyperlink_urls_custom_exclusions' to support custom logic to determine if a link should be hyperlinked. * Hardening: Sanitize return value of get_tlds() to ensure safe usage in regex. * Change: Hyperlink links immediately preceeded by a comma, colon, semicolon, exclamation point, question mark, single quote, or double quotes. * Change: Refactor get_link_attributes() to assemble attributes as an array. * Bugfix: Prevent linking URLs and email addresses used within <code>, <pre>, <script>, and <style> tags. * Bugfix: Properly unregister the 'make_clickable' hooking of 'comment_text'. * New: Add help text to 'Auto-hyperlink comments?' settings checkbox to note that make_clickable() still runs if the checkbox is unchecked. * Change: Remove esc_attr() call from return statement of get_class() (it gets escaped in get_link_attributes()). * Change: Add $context arg to get_link_attributes() to handle either 'url' (default) or 'email' contexts. * Change: Add $context arg to 'autohyperlink_urls_link_attributes' filter. * Change: Add $title arg to 'autohyperlink_urls_link_attributes' filter. * Bugfix: If detected link ends in a question mark, don't treat it as part of the link. * Bugfix: Preserve original leading and trailing spaces in text throughout processing. * Change: Update plugin framework to 041 (too many changes to list). * Change: Remove support for 'autohyperlink_urls' global. * New: Add reset_options() to override parent so it also unsets instance variable. * Change: Better singleton implementation: * Add get_instance() static method for returning/creating singleton instance. * Make static variable 'instance' private. * Make constructor protected. * Make class final. * Additional related changes in plugin framework (protected constructor, erroring __clone() and __wakeup()). * Change: Add support for language packs: * Set textdomain using a string instead of a variable. * Remove .pot file and /lang subdirectory. * New: Implement true unit tests, migrating the existing makeshift tests and adding many more. * New: Adapt (with minimal changes) the entire unit test suite for core's make_clickable(). * New: Add checks to prevent execution of code if file is directly accessed. * Bugfix: Explicitly declare activation() and uninstall() static. * Bugfix: Add parent-defined arg to overridden options_page_description() to avoid PHP warnings. * Change: Re-license as GPLv2 or later (from X11). * Change: Reformat plugin header. * New: Add 'License' and 'License URI' header tags to readme.txt and plugin file. * Change: Use explicit path for require_once(). * Deprecate: Discontinue use of PHP4-style constructor. * Deprecate: Discontinue use of explicit pass-by-reference for objects. * Change: Remove ending PHP close tag. * Change: Minor documentation improvements. * Change: Minor inline documentation reformatting. * Change: Minor code reformatting (spacing, bracing). * Change: Use https for links to wordpress.org. * New: Add link to plugin directory page to readme.txt * Change: Tweak installation instructions in readme.txt * New: Create empty index.php to prevent files from being listed if web server has enabled directory listings. * Change: Note compatibility through WP 4.5+. * Change: Remove support for versions of WordPress older than 4.1. * Change: Update copyright date (2016). * Change: Update donate link. * Change: Update screenshot. * New: Add assets directory to plugin repository checkout. * Change: Move screenshot into repo's assets directory. * Add banner image. * Add icon image.


  • Re-implementation by extending C2C_Plugin_025, which among other things adds support for:
    • Reset of options to default values
    • Better sanitization of input values
    • Offload of core/basic functionality to generic plugin framework
    • Additional hooks for various stages/places of plugin operation
    • Easier localization support
  • Add c2c_test_autohyperlink_urls() to run suite of tests (currently 61 tests)
  • Full localization support
  • Improve text link detection
  • Move autohyperlink_truncate_link() to c2c_autohyperlink_truncate_link()
  • Deprecate autohyperlink_truncate_link(), but retain it (for now) for backwards compatibility
  • Move autohyperlink_link_urls() to c2c_autohyperlink_link_urls()
  • Deprecate autohyperlink_link_urls(), but retain it (for now) for backwards compatibility
  • Add second argument to c2c_autohyperlink_link_urls() and class method hyperlink_urls() to allow override of plugin settings
  • Ensure URLs get escaped prior to use in href attribute
  • Fix bug that prevented proper link truncation
  • Rename class from 'AutoHyperlinkURLs' to 'c2c_AutoHyperlinkURLs'
  • Wrap global functions in if(!function_exists()) checks
  • Explicitly declare class functions public
  • Save a static version of itself in class variable $instance
  • Deprecate use of global variable $autohyperlink_urls to store instance
  • In global space functions: use new class instance variable to access instance instead of using global
  • Note compatibility with WP 3.0+, 3.1+, 3.2+
  • Drop compatibility with versions of WP older than 3.0
  • Add 'Text Domain' header tag
  • Add screenshot
  • Add .pot file
  • Code reformatting (spacing)
  • Add PHPDoc documentation
  • Add package info to top of plugin file
  • Remove docs from top of plugin file (all that and more are in readme.txt)
  • Remove trailing whitespace in header docs
  • Update copyright date (2011)
  • Add Template Tags, Filters, and Upgrade Notice sections to readme.txt

3.5 (unreleased)

  • NEW:
  • Extract functionality into clearly defined, single-tasked, and filterable functions
    • Add get_class() with filter 'autohyperlink_urls_class' to filter class assigned to auto-hyperlinks (default is 'autohyperlink')
    • Add get_link_attributes() with filter 'autohyperlink_urls_link_attributes' to filter all attributes for auto-hyperlink
    • Add get_tlds() with filter 'autohyperlink_urls_tlds' to filter TLDs recognized by the plugin (a '|' separated string of tlds)
  • Add filter 'autohyperlink_urls_truncate_link' to truncate_link() to facilitate customized link truncation
  • Add strip_protocol setting to control if URI scheme should be stripped from auto-hyperlinks
  • Add 'Settings' link to plugin's plugin listing entry
  • Add Changelog to readme.txt
  • Move all global functions into class (except autohyperlink_truncate_link() and autohyperlink_link_urls(), which are now just single argument proxies to classed versions)
  • Rewrite significant portions of all regular expressions
  • Add hyphen to settings link text
  • truncate_link() and hyperlink_urls() now pass arguments inline instead of setting temporary variables
  • Memoize options in class
  • Add class variable 'plugin_basename', which gets initialized in constructor, and use it instead of hardcoded path
  • Update to current admin page markup conventions
  • Improve options handling
  • Add logo to settings page
  • Minor reformatting
  • Note compatibility through WP2.8+
  • Drop support for versions of WP older than 2.6
  • Change description
  • Update copyright date
  • Update screenshot
  • FIXED:
  • Change pattern matching code for email addresses to allow for emails to be preceded by non-space characters
  • Change pattern matching code for all auto-hyperlinking to better prevent linking a link within tag attributes
  • Use plugins_url() instead of hardcoded path


  • Overhauled and added a bunch of new code
  • Encapsulated a majority of functionality in a class
  • Added admin options page for the plugin, under Options -> Autohyperlink (or in WP 2.5: Settings -> Autohyperlink)
  • Added options so that default auto-hyperlinking can be easily configured
  • Added option to allow for user-specified TLDs
  • Added TLDs of mil, mobi, and cc
  • Added option to conditionally auto-hyperlink comments
  • Renamed existing functions
  • "~" is a valid URL character
  • Added class of "autohyperlink" to all links created by the plugin
  • Removed the A-Z from regexp since they are case-insensitive
  • Recoded some of the core functionality so as to execute only one preg_replace() call for everything (by passing patterns and replacements as arrays)
  • Added a note about the known issue of the plugin linking URLs that appear within a longer string in a tag attribute's value
  • trim() text before return instead of doing a substr()
  • Added nofollow support
  • Moved Class B domain preg to after explicitly URI-schemed links
  • Tweaked description and installation instructions
  • Updated copyright date and version to 3.0
  • Added readme.txt and screenshot image to distribution zip
  • Tested compatibility with WP 2.3+ and 2.5


  • Fix to once again prevent linking already hyperlinked URL


  • Plaintext URLs can now begin, end, or be all of the post and it will get auto-hyperlinked
  • Incorporated some WP1.3 regular expression changes to make_clickable()
  • Added “gov” and “edu” to the list of common domain extensions (for Class B domain support)
  • No longer displays the URI scheme (the “http://” part) in the displayed link text
  • Dropped support for auto-linking aim: and icq:
  • Prepended function names with “c2c_”to avoid potential future conflict with other plugins or the WordPress core
  • Changed license from BSD-new to MIT


  • Slight tweak to prevent http://blah from becoming a link


  • Complete rewrite


  • Initial release

Requires: 4.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
Last Updated: 12 months ago
Active Installs: 9,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


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