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Author Avatars List

Display lists of user avatars using widgets or shortcodes.


replaced parent::WP_Widget() with parent::__construct to remove php 4 constructors remove extract( $args, EXTR_SKIP and replaced with direct extracts Added user id to CSS Fixed Co_Author Plus listings

Added Hungarian Translation (by Otto Radics: Webmenedzser.hu - http://www.webmenedzser.hu)

Added filter (aa_user_level_for_editor) to allow control of who can see the tinyMCE editor button Added last_post_filter option to link options Fix the truncating of bio in single avatars Changed AA in filter names to aa

Fixed a problem with upgrading if you had bios

Set the bios to maintain line breaks

Fixed the random order if not logged in

deploy script failed to add new file

  • added the ability to truncate bio
  • added support for BuddyPress xprofile
  • add filter to post count number @props Andrew Minion

  • Whitespace reformat
  • removed trailing php closing from files

  • Fix mixed limmint cache ID


  • Added Ukrainian Translation (by Michael Yunat: Get Voip - http://getvoip.com)
  • Fixes around the cache id
  • Replaced Deprecated : is_site_admin() with is_super_admin()
  • Fixed path to tinyMCE js files reomved hardcoded path
  • fix static call when starting class


  • added a tile to the span arond the image.
  • disabled / delete the transit cache for logged in users to help clear them.


  • change the caching to use transits for SQL calls with a 1 hour refesh


  • Added support for tinyMCE version 4 ready for WordPress 3.9


  • Replaced the pre 2.6 wordpres widget code with the current widget API calls to enable visablity setting
  • CSS changed .multiwidget_author_avatars changed to .widget_author_avatars. This was caused by the widget API update
  • Added expemently support for Co-Author Pluss Plugin - the post count does not work for linked account - will take a patch that fixs it :-)
  • Moved the display option to the right column to make more room for roles
  • Split 'Recent Activity' and 'BudyPress last activity' (only shows when buddypress running) to septerate options in the advance ordering option
  • Split / removed 'Recent Activity' into sitewide (pages / custom page types / posts) and just posts (any old shortcode will call just posts)


  • bubfix removed an extra ' in a SQL select in get_user_last_activity() function. Thanks to "basaja" for the bug report.


  • Added Local User select to Single Avatar Shortcode creator
  • Replaced wp_specialchars() with esc_html()
  • Added BBPRESS_post_count as shortcode dispaly and sort options
  • Added show_email to shortcode display option
  • Added some translation updates
  • Fixed issue with TniyMCE breaking when using HTTPS
  • And a few other tidy ups
  • Added SQL fliter to only fetch the users for the rolls being requested rather than all users
  • Added caching to the main get_users function which will use an object cache if turned on


  • Wraped ordering code in "remove_accents" functions to to replace Uni-code accents with non unicode versions so sort works as expected.
  • Increased height of TinyMCE popup so content shows with scroll bars.
  • Replaced text donate links with image link.


  • Added display options for single Avatar options
  • Added donation link


  • Fixed a bug that stoped the loading of default CSS sheet for the plugin that I added a bug in in 1.6


  • Added the option to link to BBpress profile in the link to the shortcode and generator user_link=bbpress_memberpage
  • Fixed bug - the the shortcode generator was shown up in the tinyMCE edit if it was loaded on a page (BBpress forum posts) the popup was 404'ing so add a $pagenow != 'index.php' to make sure we are in the addmin section
  • Fixed bug causing the RTL layout to break




  • Fix a bug in the js code for the short-code generator in the tinyMCE editor.
  • It wasn't possible to set the show name / post count / biography options.


  • Added Italian translation (by Nata Strazda)


  • Added fix for buddypress which was using thumb instead of full versions of images.
  • Added support for network admin area (new in WP 3.1)
  • Added dutch translation by RenĂ© (wpwebshop)
  • Fixed bug with min_post_count in shortcode


  • Fixed a number of styling issues
  • Fixed bug with capabilities (WordPress 3 multisite)
  • Removed deprecated functions


  • Fixed compatibility with WordPress 3.0 (and its new multisite feature)
  • Fixed BuddyPress integration
  • Added feature to show avatars of commentators
  • Added feature to sort by firstname or lastname


  • Added feature to show a user's biography next to the avatar
  • Added feature to limit shown users by a minimum number of posts
  • Added feature to show a user's number of posts
  • Added Italian translation (by Gianni Diurno)


  • Fixed javascript issues with widget settings page and shortcode wizard in WordPress 2.8
  • Fixed support for translations
  • Added German translation
  • Added feature to sort by recent user activity (requires Buddypress)


  • Added filters to allow modification of userlist templates
  • Added "BuddyPress? Member Page" to the list of pages which a user can be linked to
  • Changed get_avatar() call so that it works with buddypress


  • Fixed a spelling mistake which prevented the plugin from loading


  • Improved inline function documentation
  • Fixed bug which caused a faulty name attribute for checkbox lists with only one choice. Now the "show name" option is working as exptected again.
  • Removed by-reference variable which causes PHP 4 parse errors


  • Removed invalid characters from uninstall.php (fixes uninstall behaviour).
  • New feature to link users to their website or blog (wpmu).
  • Added new feature to allow specification of a sort direction for sorted user lists.
  • Changed string-based sorting to case-insensitive (strcmp -> strcasecmp).
  • Added feature to sort users by date of registration.
  • Optimised UserList filtering.
  • Fixed numeric sorting issues (user_id and post count)
  • Added "order by number of posts" feature
  • Removed user role from avatar title.


  • Fixed bug which caused the plugin to crash in PHP 4.
  • Added uninstall.php to remove plugin related data when the plugin is deleted.


  • Fixed bug which caused other tinymce plugins to stop working.
  • Improved way of detecting a wpmu install.


  • Implementation of tinymce plugin.
  • Removed personalised jquery ui script and added just the packed ui.resizable.
  • Changed script and stylesheet handling (using register&enqueue functions with proper dependencies).
  • Refactored the "resizable avatar preview" script code into separate file.
  • FormHelper: Added option to generate textareas.
  • FormHelper: Added option to show expanded choice fields "inline".
  • Added improved function for cleaning up a value to be used as html id attribute.
  • AuthorAvatarsForm: added methods to ease generation of tabs and two-column panes.
  • AuthorAvatarsForm: added new renderField methods for shortcode type, email and alignment (used in show_avatar wizard).
  • Various Documentation updates and cleanups.
  • Refactored widget form field generation into new AuthorAvatarsForm.class.php to ease devevlopment of shortcode wizard.
  • Refactored form field generation code into new FormHelper.class.php.
  • Fixed size and position of blog selection box on sitewide admin page. Changed the name of is_wpmu() function to safer name AA_is_wpmu().
  • Removed "Group by blogs" checkbox for users without the blog selection filter.


  • Fixed method chaining error that caused a critical syntax error on PHP 4


  • Added "show_avatar" shortcode
  • Small MultiWidget fix by Dan Cole
  • Refactored [show_avatar] shortcode into new file ShowAvatarShortcode.class.php to keep it all nice and tidy.
  • Added basic blog filtering feature.
  • Added classes for settings and sitewide admin
  • Added sitewide setting for the blog filter
  • Updated update mechanism in AuthorAvatars.class.php
  • Added "Group by blog" feature


  • Added new shortcode feature.
  • Fixed small bug in update procedure (version 0.1 to 0.2)


  • Fixed error that broke some javascript on "edit post" pages in wordpress 2.7


  • Widget: added avatar preview image to the control panel
  • Widget: added option to link the user/avatar to their respective "author page"
  • Widget: hiddenusers also allows user ids now (e.g. 1 for "admin")
  • Refactored the plugin to use Alex Tingle's "MultiWidget" class

Requires: 3.0 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.3.1
Last Updated: 4 months ago
Active Installs: 10,000+


4.8 out of 5 stars


3 of 12 support threads in the last two months have been resolved.

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