Multi-Carrier Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce


Accurate Multi-Carrier Real-time Shipping Rates for the WooCommerce Cart

Registration at AuctionInc required to begin your free trial.

Our ShippingCalc Plugin for WooCommerce provides you access to our Shipping Rates API and allows you to integrate rates from multiple carriers (DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS) into your store. There are many advanced features in our WooCommerce Shipping Plugin such as drop-shipping from multiple origins, USPS flat rate box calculations, insurance,flexible handling, packaging material weight, and more. Our technology is especially unique in its capability to accurately generate rates for products or quantities that must be packed into multiple boxes.

Features Include:

  • Intelligent packaging for multiple products and quantities
  • Domestic and international services supported from any origin
  • Carrier accounts not required
  • Advanced capabilities for determining fit into USPS flat rate boxes
  • Separate configuration for packing materials weight
  • Automatically determines dimensional weight pricing
  • Supports both flat rate and carrier-calculated rates
  • Configure handling per product, package, or order
  • Charge handling by flat fee or percentage
  • Determine insurance cost based on value
  • Restrict products to selected carrier services
  • Discounts or free shipping based on the order price
  • Supports shipping from multiple locations by product
  • All accessorial carrier charges supported
  • Offer pickup or delivery based on zip code range

There are many available plugins to help merchants with shipping, but none with the capabilities we offer with our WooCommerce ShippingCalc Plugin, powered by AuctionInc’s patented shipping rate engine. “Take the guess out of shipping”, so the shipping prices quoted to your customers are accurate based on your unique business needs.

This plugin requires the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin as well as a subscription to AuctionInc.


  • Default plugin configuration settings
  • Product-level plugin configuration settings
  • Example of carrier configuration setting in your AuctionInc account


Installation Instructions

1. Install Plugin:
Automatic: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins => Add New. Search for “WooCommerce ShippingCalc” and click Install Now.
Manual: Upload the folder ‘auctioninc-shippingcalc-for-woocommerce’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory

2. Subscribe to AuctionInc:
Go to AuctionInc and register for our “Woocommerce Cart ShippingCalc Plugin”. Two Week Free Trial after you register!

3. Complete AuctionInc Setup Wizard:
Complete the brief AuctionInc Setup Wizard after you register.

4. Activate ShippingCalc Plugin:
In your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce => Settings => Shipping => AuctionInc and enable the Shipping Method

5. Enter your Plugin Configuration Settings:
Enter the required fields. You will find your AuctionInc Account ID on
your AuctionInc Product Subscription page.

Do I need an AuctionInc account to use this plugin?

Yes. To register, please go here. You must register first before you can begin to utilize the plugin.

Which AuctionInc product should I subscribe to?

You should subscribe to our WooCommerce
ShippingCalc Plugin
. This is the only subscription that you need.

Do I need to complete the AuctionInc Setup Wizard?

Before our plugin can begin to generate rates in your cart, you need to
complete our brief Setup Wizard in your AuctionInc account. This will
collect your prefrerred shipping services and other settings that drive
the rate calculations.

Where can I find my AuctionInc Account ID?

You can find your Account ID on your AuctionInc Product Subscription page.

I have completed the Setup Wizard, enabled the Plugin, filled in the settings on the Plugin configuration page, and I am not seeing any shipping rates in my cart. What is wrong?

If you have selected Carrier Rates as your default Calculation Method,
you must have product weights configured for your WooCommerce products.

How can I specify calculation settings for some products that are different from the default plugin configuration settings?

Any AuctionInc settings that you configure on your Product page will override your default plugin configuration

How can I get more Help?

Please consult our HelpDesk, email, or just give us a call toll-free at

I love your plugin! How can I tell others about it?

Thanks! Please consider posting a review.


Architecture is ALL Wrong

I downloaded and played with this plugin and if you have a site with more than 50 products, this plugin is architected all wrong. All the settings are at the product level! This is wholly unworkable and unscalable for any real e-commerce site with 100’s or 1000’s of products.

There are no rules at the site or product category level.

There are no ways to integrate your credentials for various carriers (e.g. UPS, Fedex)

There are almost no real features.

Terrible and very expensive at $20/month. Their corporate site is unusable to boot. You log in, but there are no features to use! You can’t edit your credit card, cancel your account, change user name, etc. Completely unusable website and plugin.

Good Product, Great Support.

Product works well, and support responds quickly.
At first I did not like the pricing structure $19.95/mo for 1000 calls, and then $29.95/mo for 10,000 calls. but after analyzing a bit more, other plugins were going to cost me $69 per site and I needed UPS & USPS on 4 sites, so this will be cheaper in the long run. If you use USPS Flat Rate Boxes, be prepared to add-on the 4.95/mo to give you the flexibility you need. We strictly use Flat Rate SM, MED, LG boxes only, and the default plugin without the add-on compares the flat rate against the priority rates, which does give the most accurate rate, but for us are only offering the flat rate boxes.

Better than separate plugins

I had separate plugins for shipping with USPS, UPS and FedEx. They worked fine, but I wanted to add DHL and it seemed silly to have so many plugins running. Tried this one and found it very easy to set up. When I did have a question, tech support (I always seemed to get Doug) was terrific. Most of the time he actually answered the phone and when I had to leave a message I got a call back within 15 minutes.
Lots of documentation on how to set up everything.
Highly recommend.

Amazing, a must have plugin!

This is a must have if you ship or dropship through USPS, UPS or Fedex. Not only does the plugin work as advertised, the support is out of this world. Always someone right there to help and they know their stuff. Any issues are fixed in minutes. Rates given are perfect once it is set up correctly. Get this plugin now!

Trail ware? Really WordPress?

As a long time user / contributor I find it offensive that crappy trial-ware lole this plugin is allowed in the WordPress Repository. GTFO. Go peddle your crap to DotNetNuke or PHPNuke users. Oh wait everyone stopped using them because they suck and let things like this in their repository.

Perhaps it’s time to jump ship on WordPress as well?

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Contributors & Developers

“Multi-Carrier Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



version 1.13 [4-18-17]

  • Improved: added full support for variable products

version 1.12 [8-17-16]

  • Bugfix: updated form validation for alpha-numeric fields

version 1.11 [6-24-16]

  • Bugfix: revised function signature for WooCommerce 2.6

version 1.10 [3-28-16]

  • Improved: revised error management

version 1.9 [2-25-16]

  • Improved: added default module configuration selections

version 1.8 [2-3-16]

  • Bugfix: no shipping for countries that do not require postal code

version 1.7 [1-19-16]

  • Improved: Lot Size support added to product-level configuration

version 1.6 [6-25-15]

  • Improved: new calculation method Domestic Free
  • Improved: FixedRate detail in packaging data
  • Improved: added DHL domestic services to OnDemand selection
  • Bugfix: FixedFee2 incorrectly set to FixedFee1
  • Bugfix: FixedFee2 not allowing setting to 0

version 1.5 [3-2-15]

  • Bugfix: fix for transient expiration

version 1.4 [11-6-14]

  • Bugfix: minor fixes for some STRICT warnings from the latest php version

version 1.3 [10-20-14]

  • Bugfix: unselect of on-demand and accessorial fees fixed.

version 1.2 [10-13-14]

  • Bugfix: issue with packaging data appearing in seller order detail.

version 1.1 [9-21-14]

  • Bugfix: “headers already sent” error: removed closing php tag in
  • Bugfix: corrected some typos.

version 1.0 [8-5-14]

  • initial release