FedEx Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce


FedEx Real-time Shipping Rate Management for WooCommerce

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Our FedEx Plugin for WooCommerce provides highly accurate real-time domestic and international rates from FedEx in your WooCommerce store, with variety of capabilities including: drop-shipping from multiple origins,insurance calculations, flexible handling fees, packaging material weight, and more. Our technology is especially unique in its capability to accurately generate rates for products or quantities that must be packed into multiple boxes.

General Features Include:

  • Intelligent packaging for multiple products and quantities
  • Domestic and international services supported from any origin
  • Separate configuration for packing materials weight
  • Automatically determines dimensional weight pricing
  • Supports both flat rate and carrier-calculated rates
  • Configure handling per product, package, or order
  • Charge handling by flat fee or percentage
  • Determine insurance cost based on value
  • Restrict products to selected carrier services
  • Discounts or free shipping based on the order price
  • Supports shipping from multiple locations by product
  • Offer pickup or delivery based on zip code range

FedEx-specific Features Include:

  • Retail, dropoff, one-time pickup and regular pickup rates
  • All required and optional accessorial fees are correctly calculated
  • “Local” Fedex rate engine provides rates even when FedEx is down
  • Flat rate box pricing support for Priority International
  • Accurate packaging for international destinations
  • Piority Overnight Saturday service
  • FedEx account not required, but supported if you have one

This plugin requires the WooCommerce plugin as well as a subscription to AuctionInc.


  • Enable Shipping Method in WooCommerce
  • Default plugin configuration settings
  • Product-level plugin configuration settings


1. Install Plugin:
Automatic: In your WordPress dashboard, go to Plugins => Add New. Search for “auctioninc fedex”, and click Install Now.
Manual: Upload the folder ‘auctioninc-fedex-shipping-calculator-for-woocommerce’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

2. Subscribe to AuctionInc:
Go to AuctionInc and register for our “FedEx Plugin for WooCommerce”. Two Week Free Trial after you register!

3. Complete AuctionInc Setup Wizard:
Complete the brief AuctionInc Setup Wizard after you register.

4. Activate Plugin:
In your WordPress dashboard, go to WooCommerce => Settings => Shipping => FedEx and enable the Shipping Method.

5. Enter your Plugin Configuration Settings:
Enter the required fields. You will find your AuctionInc Account ID on your AuctionInc Product Subscription page.


Do I need an AuctionInc account to use this plugin?

Yes. To register, please go here. You must register first before you can begin to utilize the plugin.

Which AuctionInc product should I subscribe to?

You should subscribe to our FedEx Plugin. This is the only subscription that you need.

Do I need to complete the AuctionInc Setup Wizard?

Before our plugin can begin to generate rates in your cart, you need to complete our brief Setup Wizard in your AuctionInc account. This will collect your prefrerred shipping services and other settings that drive the rate calculations.

Where can I find my AuctionInc Account ID?

You can find your Account ID on your AuctionInc Product Subscription page.

I have completed the Setup Wizard, enabled the Plugin, filled in the settings on the Plugin configuration page, and I am not seeing any shipping rates in my cart. What is wrong?

If you have selected Carrier Rates as your default Calculation Method, you must have product weights configured for your WooCommerce products.

How can I specify calculation settings for some products that are different from the default plugin configuration settings?

Any AuctionInc settings that you configure on your Product page will override your default plugin configuration settings.

How can I get more Help?

Please consult our HelpDesk, email, or just give us a call toll-free at 866.323.8833.

I love your plugin! How can I tell others about it?

Thanks! Please consider posting a review.

Contributors & Developers

“FedEx Shipping Calculator for WooCommerce” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



version 1.3 [8-17-16]

  • Bugfix: updated form validation for alpha-numeric fields

version 1.2 [6-24-16]

  • Bugfix: revised function signature for WooCommerce 2.6

version 1.1 [3-28-16]

  • Improved: revised error management

version 1.0 [03-05-16]

  • initial release